Wonderful DIY Paper Origami Butterfly

This paper butterfly is just awesome.How to make an origami butterfly ? It’s easy , and is also a fun action toy , you can use colored paper or decorate it with colored pencil or crayons . Isn’t it amazing how one can take a simple square sheet of paper and turn it into something . Just follow the above step by step instructions carefully.
HERE VIDEO : https://youtu.be/X4L5nDDgEEk

Wonderful DIY Beautiful Yarn Filigree Butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYFVIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-1VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-2 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-3 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-4 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-5 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-6 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-7 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-8 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-9 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-10 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-11 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-12 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-13 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-14 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-15 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-16 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-17 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-18VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-19 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-20 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-21 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-22 VIEW IN GALLERYHow-to-Make-Beautiful-Filigree-Butterfly-with-Yarn-23Add a pretty yarn Filigree Butterfly to wall, decorations, cards, gift box and scrapbook pages…and more . It’s wonderful ! You just need draw the butterfly template on a piece of paper and then glue the threads on it to form the shape of a butterfly, easy ? and be sure use your favorite color yarn to get your personal butterfly !

You will  need:

Wonderful DIY Lovely Fabric butterfly

VIEW IN GALLERYfabric origami butterfly F
These butterflies is very beautiful . I’d like to make a hairclip for my daught. And also as a brooch, any other fashion accessories, wrap treats and toys for the perfect last piece of a gift . They are made out of rectangular pieces of fabric, folded into little butterflies. It’s origami with fabric! This makes them quick and easy to make.

You’ll need:
Fabric scraps in two colors. It’s best to use some thin cotton fabric (non-stretch in any case!)

Wonderful DIY Butterfly Greeting Card

VIEW IN GALLERYbutterfly greeting cardVIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Greeting Card M
Send your sincere wishes upon butterfly wings. Create this beautiful greeting card in stead of the one bought in stores. It as a token of good luck. I am sure your friends will love it!

Wonderful DIY Butterfly Flowers From Egg Carton

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Flowers from egg carton F

How to make an egg carton butterfly flower ? Here it is ! Egg carton flower crafts are a great way to recycle paper pulp egg cartons. And it is also a fun spring craft for kids .Have your child paint and color the flowers. …Enjoy your wonderful time !

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Flowers from egg carton M

Wonderful DIY Butterfly Footprint Artwork

VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Footprint Artwork M

Doing butterfly footprint creation is a fun experience. It becomes all the more pleasurable if you involve your babies or kids in this simple canvass work. Anyone who loves to bring homemade gifts to someone celebrating a special occasion will certainly go for this unique artistry.

Materials to be used include rainbow stamp pad, card stock, marker, and picture frame. Of course, remember you also need the wiggly feet of your baby or kid. The rainbow stamp pad is non-toxic which makes it generally safe to use in babies.

Make sure that your baby or kid is in a very good mood so your butterfly footprint won’t result in a very messy colour combination. Once you have stamped those chubby feet, just hold them still before pressing the colour marks slowly on the card stock.

When the footprints are beautifully stamped, you can use your creativity to put antennas and maybe the name of your baby if you decide to keep it. Otherwise, you can choose to write the name of the person who will receive this awesome gift.

To make it appear like it’s done professionally, put your beautiful creation inside a picture frame. This way, the butterfly footprint artwork can be placed on top of the shelf or can also be installed on the wall.VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Footprint Artwork

15 Creative DIY Valentines for Kids

Ever since we were kids, we’ve loved the Valentine’s Day tradition of giving everyone in the class a little card to let them know they’re appreciated. Each year, we used to spend hours writing the names of all the kids in our class on cute, gimmicky little cards filled with hearts and silly love puns.

Now that we’re adults, we help our kids do it, but you can probably guess the difference between the ones we handed out then and the ones we help our kids with now: elevated crafting skills.

Check out these absolutely adorable DIY Valentine’s Day cards that are perfect for creating with your kids and probably a little more unique than the rest of the cards the kids in their classes will find on their desks on the morning of February 14th.

1. Tootsie pop butterflies

VIEW IN GALLERYTootsie pop butterflies

We love how many different kinds of candy are available in bulk around Valentine’s Day, even though Halloween still takes the cake when it comes to sweet seasons. That’s part of the reason we love the idea of actually make a kids’ Valentine out of candy! Eat, Craft, Parent guides you through the process of transforming a Tootsie Roll lollypop into a butterfly thanks to a couple of paper wings.

2. Curly paper hearts

VIEW IN GALLERYCurly paper hearts

These curly little paper hearts look adorable as a garland like How About Orange has them here, but you can also use that same technique to make just the hearts themselves and then glue them to the front of cute construction paper Valentine’s Day cards! The kids they give them to will love how textured and 3D their cards are.

3. Tootsie pop roses

VIEW IN GALLERYTootsie pop roses

Did you love the idea of making a Valentine out of Tootsie Pops but your kids gave out butterfly themed cards last year? Then here’s an alternative idea from Skip to My Lou! Grab some brightly coloured cupcake liners covered in cute patterns and layer them just like the tutorial says to make them into flowers! The Tootsie Pops will be the delicious centre.

4. Picture pop Valentines

VIEW IN GALLERYPicture pop Valentines

Oh, are you still stuck on the Tootsie Pop idea but you still haven’t seen the one that just quite takes the cake for you? Then grab your camera and your kids and take some silly pictures! Juggling With kids suggests doing a mini photo shoot where your kids are holding one fist out, making little cuts above and below their fist, and sliding a lollipop through so it looks like the picture is holding the treat out to whoever they give the Valentine to.

5. Crayon heart Valentines

VIEW IN GALLERYCrayon heart Valentines

As if the fun of making a Valentine’s Day card wasn’t enough, this awesome hands-on crafts from Chef Messy shows you how to make a little rainbow crayon that each person getting a card can actually draw with! The tutorial shows you how to break and melt down old pieces of crayon and mould them into a cute heart shape.

6. Celery stamp flower Valentines

VIEW IN GALLERYCelery stamp flower Valentines

Have you ever done vegetable stamping crafts with your kids before? Whether your answer is yes or not, we think you’ll want to try it after seeing these cute little flower-shaped paint prints by Woo Home! The way the celery stalks curve when you cut the leafy end off looks like a pretty flower if you dip them in paint and print them flat on a page and the design looks great on big Valentine’s Day cards in scenarios where you can’t give everyone a big bouquet of flowers!

7. This Much Valentine

VIEW IN GALLERYThis Much Valentine

Have you and your kids ever folded paper accordions? We used to make those for all kinds of crafts when we were little, but we hadn’t thought of using them in Valentine’s until we saw this cute idea on A Day in My Life! Glue a traced paper hand on each end of your paper accordion so your kids can show each person in their class just how much they care for one another.

8. Crayon shaving hearts

VIEW IN GALLERYCrayon shaving hearts

Perhaps your kids want to make a Valentine for their teacher that’s a little different than the lovely construction paper creations they made for all their classmates? Then try making something decorative that can be hung up instead! These crayon shaving hearts look almost like a piece of stained glass, letting the light shine through ever so slightly if you hang them in the window. Check out how they’re made on Skip to My Lou.

9. Yarn wrapped hearts

VIEW IN GALLERYYarn wrapped hearts

Whether you use them as embellishments for your Valentine’s Day cards or make them into cute little brooch pins like 2 Little Hooligans did, these little yarn wrapped hearts are practically too cute to pass on making. If you’re a knitter or you’ve built up a stash trying to teach your kids to crochet over the last couple years, they’re also a great excuse to use up any red or pink yarn ends you might have lying around.

10. Heart puppet Valentines

VIEW IN GALLERYHaert puppet Valentines

Kids love to play with things no matter the season, even when they’re in school. Their awesome imaginations can turn just about anything into a toy, including a Valentine’s Day card! That’s why we thought these heart-shaped little finger puppet Valentine’s by Disney Family were such a cute idea. Simply cuttong two holes near the bottom instantly makes the heart a character, especially if you add googly eyes and a smile.

11. Puzzle piece picture frame

VIEW IN GALLERYPuzzle piece picture frame

We love the idea of giving everyone in the class a Valentine’s Day card because it’s good to spread joy equally and make everyone feel included, but there’s no harm in spoiling your very best friends a little. Your kids might want to make something a little extra special for the friend they’ve known the longest or spend the most time with. Try something fun like this little puzzle piece picture frame by All Kids Network that would make great locker decor.

12. Heart shaped pipe cleaner pencil toppers

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart shaped pipe cleaner pencil toppers

Are you looking for something very quick and simple to tape to each child’s Valentine without having to break the bank or buy lots of supplies? Try making these super simple but totally fun little pencil toppers featured on Pinterest! Simply bend and fold the pipe cleaners into a heart shape and then spiral the tails down the end of the pencil so the hearts wave around in the air when the kids write.

13. Decorated paper bag Valentines

VIEW IN GALLERYDecorated paper bag Valentines

Perhaps your kids’ class is pretty small and you know that none of the children have food allergies so you’re safe to send wrapped treats to class? Buy a set of miniature brown paper bags and let your kids decorate them with drawings, stickers, and whatever else they like and then fill each bag with some candy. Woo Home‘s baggy Valentines turned out adorable and yours will too!

14. Cupcake liner heart ribbons

VIEW IN GALLERYCupcake liner heart ribbons

We talked about cupcake liner roses already, but that’s not the only kind of cupcake liner Valentine’s Day craft you can make with your kids! If that doesn’t appeal to you, try making each child in the class a little achievement ribbon instead. They’ll get to wear the sparkly hearts with pride all day knowing that someone though of them. See the idea in more detail on Urban Comfort.

15. Cupid’s arrow Valentines

VIEW IN GALLERYCupid's arrow Valentines

Did you like the idea of giving each child a fun pencil to write with in class but you don’t have any pipe cleaners left? Then try dressing the pencils up like little Cupid’s arrows instead Mommy Enterprises shows you how to attach a pointed end and a little feather-shaped tail, and they even have a free printout for you in case you’re not comfortable free-handing shapes!

Have you made other Valentine’s Day cards with your kids that they loved creating and giving to their family and friends? Tell us how you did it or link us to pictures of your work in the comments section!

15 Creative Yarn Projects that Look Awesome

As avid yarn crafters with tons of experience in knitting and crochet, we’re always looking for awesome new ways to use out leftovers and yarn scraps. There are just so many different things they’re useful for besides the needles and hook! That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for cool, creative yarn projects that we’ve never tried before.

Check out this list of 15 awesome yarn based DIY projects that have caught our eye well so far in our search, and that we can’t wait to try!

1. Quick and easy yarn tassels


If you’ve never made simple yarn tassels before then we’re very sorry to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something very fun indeed! We like this particular tutorial from Red Ted Art because it’s clear enough that even our kids can follow along. This is actually how we taught them to make tassels for the very first time.

2. Pretty pastel wall hanging


Of course, you don’t have to follow the same colour scheme that you see here in this tutorial, but we sure did because it looks like a pastel dream! This tutorial from Sweetest Digs shows you how to make a beautifully easy yarn fringe wall mobile that has dimensional shape and visual appeal thanks you a dowel and a metallic crafting ring.

3. Yarn wrapped cereal box photo frame


Are you feeling very intrigued indeed by the idea of getting your kids in on the whole crafting with yarn thing, but you’re just not sure that they’re quite ready for tassels and you can’t help wondering whether there might be an easier technique out there? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at yarn wrapping! This tutorial from Hazel and Company that teaches you how to make yarn wrapped picture frames from upcycled cereal box cardboard is the perfect example of what we mean.

4. Cute yarn bird


Are you actually quite experienced in alternative yarn crafting besides just knitting and crochet, so you’re looking for something that’s at least slightly more challenging? In that case, we think you just might be the perfect person to give this adorable little yarn bird outlined step by step on Cut Out and Keep a try!

5. Easy finger knitting butterfly


Have you ever wondered whether there might be a way to teach your kids the basics of knitting in simpler steps, because they’re showing an interest but they’re not quite ready for the needles yet? Then we’d absolutely suggest teaching them how to finger knit! Start out by giving this adorable finger knit butterfly tutorial from Red Ted Art a try.

6. Yarn Dorset buttons


As enthusiastic and experienced knitters, we’re always on the lookout for new DIY ways to add to the things we knit by making even more embellishments and features to add to the designs. Imagine how thrilled we were, then, when we came across these fantastically decorative Dorset buttons outlined step by step on Studio Knit!

7. Yarn hat ornament


Has working with yarn always reminded you of winter and chilly weather? Then we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Felt Magnet made these fantastic little yarn ornaments that are simply but strategically made to look like little winter hats. Whether you add them to a DIY figurine or strung up like a Christmas tree ornament, the effect will be just as cute!

8. Yarn wrapped farm animals


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of doing some yarn wrapping but you’re just not sure that you have a need for any more DIY photo frames? Well, if your kids are big animal lovers like ours are, we have a feeling you’ll get a real kick out of the way Little Hands Crafting used a similar technique to make these super fun yarn wrapped zoo animals in all different shapes and colours. The yarn is the fur or hair!

9.  DIY decorative yarn balls


Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across something a little more decorative or abstract looking than you’ve seen so far? In that case, we wonder whether you might prefer to make something like these awesome structurally decorative yarn balls outlined step by careful step on Cut Out and Keep!

10. DIY ball of yarn wreath


Are you actually such an avid knitter, like we’ve talked about, that it’s pretty much the first thing your friends would say you’re known for in your social circles? Then we have a feeling you’ll think this next idea from Michaeli Marler is a real hoot. Check out their tutorial to see how they made their yarn scraps into a funny little knitting themed door wreath!

11. Yarn woven Christmas ornaments


Did we actually catch your attention quite well when we started talking about the idea of making yarn based Christmas ornaments and hanging decor but you’re just not sure that the miniature winter hats we showed you earlier on our list are quite your style? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Live, Craft, Eat used simple weaving techniques to create these beautiful Christmas stars instead.

12. Macrame yarn garlands


Just in case you’re still interested in making some kind of decor piece but you’re not entirely sure that you want it to be seasonal or themed, here’s a fantastic way to simply add some yarn based colour to your space! Take a better look at Smile and Wave DIY to see how these super fun easy macrame yarn garlands were made.

13. Easy woven yarn cups


Are you feeling quite keen on the idea of introducing your kids to simple weaving techniques, but they’re still quite young and you can’t help feeling like you’ll need a slightly easier idea than the ornaments we showed you earlier? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at how Fave Crafts made these adorable colour blocked and woven cups that are great for holding flowers or writing utensils!

14. Long perfect beaded tassels


Has your favourite idea on our list so far actually been the one for making little yarn tassels, but it’s you who wants to make them, rather than your kids? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make a slightly classier looking version that you might use to embellish a knitting project or make a bookmark to give to a friend! Either way, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how TL Yarn Crafts made these lovely, longer shaped tassels that feature nice wooden beads.

15. Brushed yarn tutorial for amigurumi


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to find something extra unique that the average knitter or crochet enthusiast probably hasn’t tried before but you just haven’t seen the thing that has quite caught your eye well yet? Then we think you’ll find this next idea from Chrisette Designs very interesting indeed! They teach you the simple steps for brushing out your yarn until it’s textured more like roving in order to use it in crafts like making amigurumi scenes.

Have you made other kinds of fantastic and super fun yarn crafts before that you were very happy with indeed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

15 Cute Branches, Sticks, and Twigs Crafts

Just because the colder weather has started slowly rolling in where we live doesn’t mean our kids aren’t still playing outside as much as they possibly can! In fact, they’re total nature lovers all year round, which is why we’re always looking for new ways to incorporate natural elements into the crafting we do together, since DIY projects are our little ones’ other favourite thing besides enjoying the great outdoors.

If you’re just as interested as we are in the idea of making things from nature then we think you should check out this list of 15 awesome crafts we’ve found involving sticks, twigs, and branches!

1. Twig-Tac-Toe


In our house, some of the very best crafts that go over the most successfully are the ones that involve not just making something, but making something that our kids can continue to use afterwards too. It’s like they get to do two activities in one! We recently helped them make this fantastic Tic-Tac-Toe game that’s created entirely from twigs. Get the full details for making one of your own on Fireflies and Mud Pies.

2. Wooden whistle from a carved stick


Are you feeling very intrigued indeed by this concept of making a twig or branch project that your kids can continue playing with after, but you know you’ll do most of the crafting process since your kids are so young and you’re feeling up for a bit of a challenge? In that case, if you’ve ever had any experience with whittling or carving, then we’d defintiely suggest taking a look at how Growing Family made these fully working twig whistles!

3. Twig based butterfly sun catchers


Even though your kids adore nature are they also the kind of colour lovers who want to make just about everything they make look like rainbows? In that case, we have a feeling they’ll get a huge kick out of this fantastic butterfly sun catcher craft that uses a twig as the butterfly’s body! Find out how it’s done in just a few simple steps thanks to Sponge Kids.

4. Twig and pom pom people


While we’re still here talking about twig based crafts that your kids can spend time making and then still play with afterwards, here’s a great tutorial that will teach you how to make funny little puppets! We love the way Motheropedia made these cute little twig people that that have painted on eyes and sparkly pom pom hair glued right on top.

5. Yarn weaving on a twig frame


Are you the kind of crafter who adores various types of yarn based arts like knitting, weaving, and crochet and you’re interested in getting your kids into those as well, but they’re still very young and not quite ready to pick up the needles or the hook? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Eco Kids’ Art not only set up a weaving activity for their kids to try, but also incorporated nature by making the frame out of a series of twigs!

6. Twig and spinner leaf dragonflies


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across a craft that lets you and your kids work with not just twigs but also other elements of nature as well? Then perhaps you’ll get along a little better with something like this twig and spinner leaf dragonfly outlined step by step on Filth Wizardry! We love the way they added colours by hand painting the dragonfly once it’s built.

7. Stick and leaf people


Were you actually quite enamoured with the idea of making a twig person, but you’d much prefer to work with more nature while you’re embellishing it, rather than adding things like googly eyes and pom poms? In that case, we’re convinced that this tutorial from Mum in The Madhouse might be a little more up your alley!

8. Twig and twine photo frame


If you’re going to put in all the effort it takes to make something nice out of sticks, would you rather create something you can put on display and show off a little bit? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a long a little better with something like this DIY photo frame made entirely of twigs. See how it’s done in more detail on Sponge Kids.

9. Tree bark owls


While we do understand that tree bark isn’t actually the same thing as a branch, we thought that these little tree bark owls were so darn cute that we just couldn’t resist including them on our list anyways! Fireflies and Mud Pies shows you how to make these little creatures, as well as how to glue them to a twig to make them look like they’re sitting on a branch in a tree.

10. Twig sailboats


Just in case you’re still looking for twig crafts that also fall into the category of being DIY toys that your kids can continue to play with once they’re done, here’s a cool project that will float! Take a better look at this fantastic step by step tutorial from Mini Eco that teaches you how to make a little wooden branch sailboat with a fun paper sail and embroidery floss lashes around the ends like an actual raft.

11. Painted twig bouquet


Perhaps you’re still feeling intrigued by the idea of adding some colour to the nature that you’re planning on working with in your craft but you just haven’t seen anything that’s quite as colourful as you were really hoping for yet? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Homemade Ginger made this gorgeous twig bouquet that they customized by hand with paint to give each branch all kinds of stripes and colour blocks.

12. Stick puppets


We know we’ve already talked about two different kinds of little stick people or stick puppets on this list, but this particular kind featured step by step on The Best Toys for Toddlers was so cute when we saw it that we just couldn’t resist including them anyways! The moment we saw the googly eyes and the way they used scrap fabric to make their stick people little clothing, we were hooked. We actually made these with our kids last week and they were a huge hit.

13. Twig tree canvas art


When you originally started thinking about the idea of crafting with twigs and sticks, did you actually have something a little more artistic in mind, rather than something that’s a more like a practical craft or DIY project? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along a little better with something like this multimedia twig canvas art featured on Bunnings Warehouse! Their tutorial shows you how to put the twigs down like trees and then embellish the branches with all different things as “leaves”, like buttons or scrap fabric.

14. Painted ombre stick heart mobile


In the category of stick and twig crafts that quality more as art and decor rather than kids’ projects, here’s another wall adornment for your consideration! If you’d rather not make something flat and on a square base, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at something like this ombre painted and heart shaped twig mobile instead! You’ll find a full guide for making this project happen on Helena Nord.

15. Horizontal painted twig heart mobile


Has the heart shaped twig mobile we just showed you actually caught your attention so well that you feel almost decided, but you can’t help wondering whether you might be able to create one that’s a little more quirky and unfinished looking, since you’re a huge fan of kitsch and novelty, rather than looking quite so finished and almost store bought? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll be a big fan of this horizontal painted twig and wire version of the concept! Daily HeART shows you how it’s done.

Have you made other kinds of stick crafts before that you and your kids really enjoyed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!

Colorful and Cute: 15 Neat Crafts Made with Candy

When it comes to keeping candy around the house, we’ll totally admit that we’re known for boasting the best stash on the whole block. Even our kids know that there’s always candy around, but we’re lucky that they’re very good at only asking for a sweet snack in moderation! Of course, eating something yummy isn’t the only reason we like to have candy on hand on a regular basis. We actually also find that it makes for one of our kids’ favourite DIY and crafting supplies!

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the idea of making fun crafts with candy as we originally were, if not more, here are 15 of the best tutorials along those lines that we’ve bookmarked lately.

1. Candy butterflies


Would you like to make something with candy that’s simple enough for your kids to help you with and fun enough that they’ll want to make them for all their friends? Well, especially since it’s springtime, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Mom Endeavours made these adorable Starburst and Skittle butterflies! These make great favours for birthday parties.

2. How to make a candy train


Perhaps your kids are very much the kind of children who would love to make something cute and recognizable from their candy but you’re also convinced that they’d prefer something mechanical and with some power, rather than whimsical butterfly? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like these adorable candy trains! Get the full details for making it happen on One Hundred Dollars a Month.

3. Valentine’s Day candy jars


Are you the kind of avid crafter who loves bookmarking ideas that are suitable for any holiday or season, even if that’s not the one you’re in right now, just to make sure you always have a wealth of ideas? Then we think you’ll understand why we recently bookmarked these adorable Valentine’s Day themed DIY candy jars from Eat, Move, Make that are filled with chocolate but shaped like old fashioned bubblegum machines!

4. Candy cane and marshmallow snowmen


If you’re going to make something delicious from candy, would you prefer to make it something that has a bit of a flavour contrast and texture experience? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Baby Gizmo combined marshmallows and minty fresh candy canes to make these fantastic Christmas candy snowmen!

5. Stained glass candy sun catchers


What if you were actually hoping to find a tutorial that will help you actually change the form of the candy in a really crafty and hands on way rather than just putting it together in different shapes? Well, that’s precisely what this fantastic melted candy sun catcher tutorial outlined step by step on Mission: To Save shows you how to do, working with shapes and colours in interesting ways to make something that resembles a sweet tribute to stained glass.

6. Edible braided friendship bracelets


Do you happen to know all too well that any craft that gets made with candy around your kids is actually going to get eaten immediately, so you’re kind of just looking for something more fun and temporary right off the bat? In that case, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Mom Skills shows you how to make a braided friendship bracelet out of colourful Air Heads (or any other soft strip candy) cut into strips!

7.  Candy bouquet


Perhaps you’ve actually been looking around for a DIY candy idea that’s more careful presentation than craft because you’re looking to give someone you love a simple but lovely sweet gift to congratulate them for something? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Thrifty Fun made this fantastic and super fun looking candy bouquet!

8. Paper flower suckers


Did you actually really enjoy the earlier suggestion we have of making some kind of cute candy bouquet for someone you love but you think you’d prefer that the idea of some kind of slightly more crafty element to it rather than just being an arrangement of affixed candy? In that case, we think you might prefer the way The Crafty Blog Stalker made this lollipop bouquet that uses paper to really make each sucker look like a flower!

9. Peppermint candy bowls


When you stared thinking about ways to get crafty with candy, were you actually picturing something where you get to change the candy or somehow use it like an actual crafting supply, rather than just presenting it creatively? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way Design Sponge carefully melted swirled mints to make these adorable peppermint candy bowls.

10. Rock candy rings


Have you actually tried to move away from crafting with candy itself when you get creative with  your kids because they always end up making a sticky mess and eating most of the supplies, but you also know that candy is their favourite thing so you’re still looking for a way to incorporate candy in some way? In that case, we think you’ll quite like the way Loom Love made these rings that just look like rock candy instead!

11. Edible candy “beaded” bracelets


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about candy jewelry but, if you’re going to have anything to do with candy when you craft, you’d much prefer to actually use the real thing? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how She Knows used candy like beads to make these adorable bracelets!

12. Valentine’s candy airplanes


Did we actually really pique your interest when we started talking about the earlier idea of making a candy train because your kids really like vehicles and mechanics but you know their very favourite way to travel is by plane? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along much better with this tutorial from Make The Best of Everything that shows you how to make adorable customized candy planes!

13. Candy Christmas trees


Just in case you’re the kind of person who likes to bookmark DIY ideas from other seasons so that you’re totally prepared with a stash of great crafting tutorials once the holidays arrive, here’s a concept to hang onto until Christmas! We love the way Upstate Ramblings used different types of candies to make wonderfully colourful miniature Christmas tree decorations.

14. Sugared candy cane cookie cutter tree decorations


Perhaps you’re finding yourself looking through our list and still thinking about the idea we showed you that involved melting down peppermint candies to make something new but you’re just not sure you’ll ever use a candy bowl like that tutorial outlined? Then here’s a similar but alternative idea for your consideration! Check out how Home Cooking in Montana used similar techniques to make these fun shaped Christmas tree decorations out of those same peppermint candies.

15. Candy corn owl craft


Have you actually been looking for a way to use up some of the leftover Halloween candy that your kids had been saving and then forgot about because now it’s too stale to eat? Well, if candy corn is amongst their stash, then we think Crafty Morning might have just the idea for you! Take a better look at their tutorial to see how they made this funny little owl with candy corn feathers and feet.

Flower Power: Cute Floral Kids’ Crafts for Spring, Summer and All Year Long!

When it comes to celebrating spring, our kids get excited every single year and immediately want to run outside and play in the sun. Unfortunately, however, spring is actually a very wet time of year and the rain keeps them inside more often than they’d like. On those days, we like to use crafts to help them celebrate the excitement of a season change instead! That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for awesome floral themed spring crafts for them to try out over the next few weeks.

Just in case you love the idea of collecting spring kids’ craft ideas for your little ones just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best floral tutorials that we’ve come across so far in this year’s search!

1. Sparkly cupcake liner and glitter flowers


In our house, the kids adore turning regular kitchen supplies into all kinds of new things, making pretty simple for us to keep them amused because we often already have whatever they need lying around. This cupcake liner flower project is the perfect example of what we mean! Teach Mama shows you how to make it happen using the liners, construction paper, and sequins.

2. Stripped paper flower bouquet


Have you actually been hoping to find a few ways that will help you keep your kids busy with only really simple craft supplies, like construction paper, because you’ve been too busy to restock some of the fancier things lately and you know they’re likely to want to craft at any moment? Then we think you’ll appreciate the way Crafting Hours made these lovely construction paper flowers using cutting, pasting, and folding techniques!

3. Folded circle paper flowers


Here’s an awesome craft that kind of combines a lot of the simple ideas we’ve talked about so far, all in one place! We really enjoy the way Twitchetts outlines the process of turning a series of colourful paper circles into 3D flower petals in just one fold, gluing one sides to the paper til you’ve got a whole flower you can illustrate a stem for.

4. Egg carton flowers


Were you a pretty big fan of the concept of using what’s already in your kitchen but you think you might prefer to make it an opportunity for upcycling instead of just using something you might actually need later? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how iHeart Arts n’ Crafts made these cute little flowers using paper straws and an empty egg carton!

5. Layered tissue paper flowers


Are your kids actually a little bit older and therefore able to practice a little more patience in their crafting? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like these layered tissue paper flowers featured step by step on Easy Peasy and Fun! They show you how to create the petals until the flower is voluminous on the end of your popsicle stick.

6. Rainbow paper Dahlia wall flowers


Are you really loving both the idea of making layered flowers and the idea of making them out of colourful construction paper but you can’t help feeling like your kids would feel more amused if what they got to make was nice and big, rather than being as small as some of the ideas you’ve seen so far? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Craftaholics Anonymous used paper rolling techniques to make these fantastic Dahlia flowers that they hung on the wall for spring!

7. Finger print flowers with a moving butterfly


In our house, the positively most popular crafts are those that can be played with in some way when they’re done and those that involve some element of mess. Luckily for all of us, this super fun and super easy paper plate project from The Joy of Sharing involves both of those things! Their tutorial shows you how to make a flying popsicle stick butterfly and some fingerprint flowers for it to flutter through.

8. Felt, button, and straw flowers


If you’re going to make some cute flowers with your kids to put on display, would you rather use softer materials like fabrics because you’ve been trying to introduce them to new materials besides just construction paper and markers? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Happiness is Homemade made these cute layered felt flowers with button centres and paper straw stems! We love the way they look all together in a vase like this.

9. Bobble bouquet


Just in case you’re very much into the idea of making cute bunches of flowers but you’re looking for something that will have some fun movement and used easy things you probably already have in the crafting drawer, here’s an awesome tutorial from Red Ted Art for making pipe cleaner bouquets! We love the way the curl in the pipe cleaner lets the flowers bounce around.

10. Easy coffee filter flowers


Have the ideas that have caught your attention the most so far actually been the ones that involve upcycling some kind of simple kitchen supply into something crafty and pretty, but you don’t have any cupcake liners right now? Then reach for the coffee filters instead! Spark & Pook shows you how to make a bouquet of flowers that’s created by paint dying and layering coffee filters in a super simple way.

11. Plastic water bottle flowers


We’ve shown you a number of ways to make flowers from the things you probably have sitting in your recycling box by now, but that doesn’t mean those are your only options! If you’d rather repurpose plastic, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Kid Friendly Things to Do cut off the bottom of a series of water bottles and painted the pieces to look like petals.

12. Pressed flower and leaves craft


If you’re going to get into the world of floral springtime crafts with your kids, would you much  rather craft with actual flowers wherever possible? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest teaching your little ones how to properly press and dry fresh flowers and leaves and then turn them into stunning pasted art and illustration, just like 5 Minutes for Mom did here.

13. Hand sewn yarn and pom pom flowers


Maybe you’ve been on the lookout for simple kids’ crafts that use the beginner’s version of techniques that they might develop into more specialized skills when they’re older? This fantastic yarn sewing flower craft from Hello, Wonderful is the perfect example of what we mean. Your kids will be doing sewing, cross stitch, and embroidery in no time but, for now, here’s a cute way to help them add easy stitched colour to a flower!

14. Bottle cap flowers


Have you actually got a number of plastic bottles that you fully intend to turn into flowers like we showed you above but now you’re looking at all the lids from those bottles and wondering whether those might be used for something as well? In that case, we think you’ll really appreciate the way iHeart Crafty Things made this simple little flower project from some bottle lids, arranging them carefully to be glued down and decorated with glitter glue.

15. Easy yarn tassel flowers


Did we really grab your attention when we started talking about yarn crafts because you’re an avid knitter and you always have plenty of scrap yarn lying around for your kids to get creative with? Then here’s another idea for your consideration, just in case you’d like to collect more than one technique! Bren Did shows you how to make very simple yarn tassels and how to fasten them to the tops of pipe cleaners so you can put them in a vase just like the real thing.

Recycle for a Greener Tomorrow: Amazing Things to Do with Empty Tin Cans

Tin cans might not seem like the most exciting thing in your house but, believe it or not, they’re actually a really crafty resource to have around! We’ve stumbled across quite a number of amazing ideas recently that were made from tin cans and we were so impressed that now we’re kind of obsessed with the idea. That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for new concepts to make with the things from our recycling box, rather than just putting them by the curb!

Just in case you’re feeling about as intrigued by the idea of getting crafty with tin cans as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the designs that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

1. Pop can earrings


Having access to a can that already has some colour to it is a blessing because it’ll help you add some extra personality to your project where most metals just give you silver finishes to work with! That’s exactly what The Beading Gem used here to create the flowers in their lovely tin can earrings, letting the red of a pop can stand out against the silver to really grab people’s attention.

2.  Pop can candle holder


Particularly if you’ve always had a love for things that are slightly more industrial themed in their aesthetic, here’s a project that will help you make something more old fashioned in function but metal and modern looking in style! We love the way Aurelia’s Little Room carefully curled stripped pop cans in to make a candle holder that’s almost steampunk in its finished look.

3. Sparkly pop can lanterns


Just because you’re making something out of recycled metal doesn’t mean it can’t also be a great example of glitz and glam! This lovely hanging lantern project from Guidecentral is the perfect example of what we mean. They show you how to make the right cuts and bends in the metal to let a tea light candle show through, as well as how to add sparkles to the strips for some excitement!

4. Pop can keychain


Perhaps the idea of making something from a branded pop can that once held your favourite soda really appeals to you, but mostly because you like the design and logos rather than just the bright colour of the metal? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a really big kick out of the way Diary of A Crafty Lady made these little heart shaped pop can keychains, sealing the metal with resin to soften the cut edges.

5. Beautiful pop can fall leaf wreath


Not everything made from tin cans has to be pop culture inspired or industrial looking! It’s actually quite possible to make something very pretty and delicate looking as well. This stunning metal leaf fall wreath created carefully by Saved by Love Creations is the perfect example of what we mean. Their tutorial even shows you how to change the colours of the leaves!

6. Festive pop can stars


Have you long admired vintage Americana style stars that are often seen in places like old farmhouses or traditional hotels that have been downtown for a century? Well, buying the authentic thing can get a little pricey, so we’d suggest starting with this impressively accurate looking DIY version that Milo Made shows you how to created from different kinds of metal can.

7. Pop can butterfly wind chimes


Just like most metals, the metal that pop cans are made from will make a light tinkling sound if it taps against another kind of metal, making it a great material for wind chimes! That’s why we were so pleased to stumble across this cute little DIY wind chimes idea from Made by Marzipan! Their tutorial teaches you how to cut the butterflies out of pop cans.

8. Tin can cookie cutters


In our house, baking cookies together is one of our kids’ very favourite things to do but we often find that they want to create shapes that we don’t own cookie cutters for and they’re too little to freehand it successfully. That’s why we also love following this tutorial from DIY Home Sweet Home to make custom cookie cutters from pop cans in any shape we please!

9. Tin can pin cushion


If you ask us, one of the best things in the world is when one crafting project makes one of our other DIY projects a little easier to do! That’s why we thought this tin can pin cushion was such a neat idea. Not only do we get to make it, but we get to keep on using it afterwards while we make other things! Get the full details for making one of your own on Design Sponge.

10. Cute tin can crown


Perhaps your kids’ absolute favourite thing to do at home is actually play dress up, so some of the most popular crafts in your house are ones that they can make now and wear after? In that case, we have a feeling this absolutely stunning tin can crown, outlined in detail thanks to Robin Dudley Howes, will be right up your alley! We love the way they embellished it with old jewelry.

11. Summertime tin can lanterns


Did we actually really catch your eye when we mentioned tea light candle lanterns made out of tin cans but you’re just not sure that the previous style we showed you was quite the one for you? In that case, perhaps you’ll get along better with this hole punched design version outlined step by step on Inhabitat instead!

12. Tin can craft caddy


Has your favourite idea so far on our list actually been the one where we talked about using your DIY skills to make something that will help you make even more things later on? In that case, we think you simply must look at the way Cynthia Shaffer made an entire craft caddy out of tins cans! It even turns, Lazy Susan style, to make the things organized into each different can accessible.

13. Outdoor drink holders


Have you ever been spending time in the backyard with your kids and wished that you could put your cold drink down at the end of the yard where you’re playing a game with them, rather than leaving it in the grass where it might get kicked over or walking all the way back to the patio to put it on the table? Then we think you’ll really enjoy the way Positively Splendid made these awesome drink stands using tin cans that have been decoupaged and attached to the end of poles embedded into the grass.

14.  Mini tin can grill


Just in case nothing you’ve seen so far has been quite as unique and functional as you were hoping for when you started venturing into the world of tin can crafts, here’s a design that will actually help you make yourself food! We’re completely obsessed with the way Dian Thomas outlines the steps for making an actual working miniature frill from a simple tin can, some tinfoil, and a bit of  grating.

15.  Outdoor tuna can lantern


Perhaps you’re kind of intrigued by the idea of making something involved a tin can on the end of a pole because you see so many possibilities for your backyard but you’re not convinced you’ll actually use the drink stands? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how In My Own Style made these fantastic vintage looking glass lanterns out of shallow rounded tuna cans!

Fun Fruit and Vegetable Stamping Projects to Try With Your Kids

Lately, they’ve been totally obsessed with the idea of vegetable stamping. They tried it once at summer camp when the weather was still warm and they’ve been talking about it ever since, so we’ve spent quite a bit of time lately making sure to look up as many different vegetable stamp projects as we can possibly find.

Just in case you think your kids would enjoy vegetable stamping just as much as ours do, if not more, here are 15 fantastic and super creative ideas for making it happen in different ways, thanks to the time we spent searching the Internet high and low!

1. Celery stamp rose cake


When we started talking about using vegetables as a stamp, we’re certain your mind probably wandered to kindergarten classroom style crafts where you use the veggies to make an imprint on construction paper thanks to acrylic paints. There are, however, some more unique- and also more edible- projects out there that you’ll probably get as much satisfaction out of as your kids, if not more! Just in case you all adore baking together, here’s a way to combine that with your goal of doing more veggie stamping, thanks to The Cake Blog! They show you how to stamp a fondant covered cake with adorable roses by cutting a bundle of celery and strategically covering the newly exposed ends in edible paint.

2. Stamped apple basket from actual apples


Have your kids always been big fans of apples? Perhaps you’re actually been looking for an artistic way to make them appreciates apples even more than they already do so they might eat them a little more readily or a little more often. In either case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Premeditated Leftovers used actual apples to make a stamped painting and construction paper craft that looks like a basket of apples freshly collected from an orchard.

3. Magically appearing citrus prints


Are you completely sure your kids will enjoy making fruit and vegetable stamped prints with paint but they’re also slightly older and you want to make sure the craft will really hold their interest, so you’d prefer to find an idea that has a little something extra? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Pink Stripey Socks did this halved lemon stamping idea using a technique that starts out invisible and allows the prints to show up magically before your eyes! Our kids enjoyed this technique for hours, making the stamped prints over and over again.

4. Carrot stamped bugs


Throughout the course of being parents, we’ve certainly learned that little kids love bugs. Even the ones who don’t really want to touch or be near them because they actually find them a little bit scary usually enjoy watching them skitter or fly around. Our kids are no exception, so we were pretty pleased indeed to come across these fantastic bug shaped carrot stamping ideas featured on Artsy Momma! We love that they show you how to make different kinds, carefully cutting little notches in the surface of your carrot to change it up from bumblebees to lady bugs.

5. Celery printed rainbow fish


Are you actually in a little bit of a hurry and looking to keep your kids amused with some vegetable stamping while you cook in a way that requires minimal amounts of cutting and shaping on your part? Then why not make your image with a vegetable that has a nice, unique natural shape to it? We think both you and your kids will adore the way Crafty Morning used lots of colours and the natural arcing shape of celery sticks to make the scales of a rainbow fish!

6. Printed oranges collage


Were you a pretty big fan of the idea of stamping citrus fruits onto paper because you’ve always loved the way a halved orange looks, but you’re just not sure that your kids are ready for the bit of extra concentration the magical appearing stamps that we showed you made with lemons earlier? Then maybe you’d prefer to just do some simple paint and orange stamping instead! We love the way Pink Stripey Socks used different colours of paint to make multicoloured stamps and arranged each one to make a grid shaped collage.

7. Stamped onion snails


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about veggie stamped ideas that use the natural shape of whatever vegetable you’re using, but you can’t help but wonder whether there’s a veggie out there that would let you use its natural shape and its natural texture to get the visual you’re looking for? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Fun Handprint Art made swirling, spiralled snail shells using onions. Add the little head, eyes, and tails and voila!

8. Potato stamped mice


Are you actually hoping to keep the concept as easy as possible for your little kids, so you’re looking for something with a simple shape that they can turn into just about anything? Well, we’d definitely suggest using rounded, halved potatoes in that case and to get you started, here’s a super cute tutorial from Glued to My Crafts that shows you how to turn the circular prints into adorable mice! We let our kids add ears, tails, whiskers, and features by finger painting.

9. Potato stamped pandas


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about simple potato stamp prints because you like how easy they are so you’d prefer to stick to those and just find your kids all kinds of different cute designs to turn them into? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest giving these cute little rounded panda bears a try! Check out how I Heart Arts and Crafts made them happen in just a few simple steps.

10. Brussel sprouts stamped bunny craft


Just because you’re intent on doing some easy veggie stamping with your kids doesn’t mean you have to make the entire shape, or even just the base of the shape, out of the main stamp your veggie makes, especially if you’re working with something very small. You can also use small veggies to give something you’ve made some texture! We love the way I Heart Crafty Things gave their cut-out construction paper bunny some fur by using Brussel sprouts cut in half.

11. Fruit stamped lunch bag


If you’re going to do some fruit stamping, would you actually prefer to make something a little more permanent and usable than what you’ve seen so far? Well, just because you’re doing it with your kids doesn’t mean you can’t create art that you’ll actually use! We love the way Hello Wonderful immortalized the shapes of their fruits by stamping them onto a canvas tote bag and letting them dry, just to give the bag a little bit of personality. We’ve made these covered in all kinds of fruits!

12. Potato stamped ladybug cards


Just in case you’re still thinking about just how versatile and simple a stamp a potato can make but you could use some more ideas to really stretch the idea, here’s another one from Glued to My Crafts for your craft idea stockpile! They show you how to half the potato and then half it again to make a skinnier shape than the other tutorials have shown you so far. That shape will be your lady bug, and you can follow the rest of their instructions to make the jar, the branch, and the card!

13. Okra and string bean flowers


Just because they’re our favourite kind to do, here’s another tutorial that will let you use the natural shapes and textures of a vegetable to make some pretty images! Artsy Craftsy Mom guides you step by step through the process of using okra to make flowers and butterfly wings, while also using string beans to make the grass, flower stems, and butterfly bodies! Our kids loved how quick this art was to make, so they made plenty of them and covered the walls on a rainy day.

14. Cut carrot shaped stamps


Are carrots the only you have to work with right now but you know that your kids would really prefer to make stamped art in different shapes than just the little circles a cut carrot usually results in? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Essentials made careful, simple cuts in the sides of their carrot’s cut surface to create a cute flowery shape, where the cuts look like petals.

15. Bell pepper shamrock stamps


Just in case you were a big fan of the rounded, almost petal-like looking shape of the okra idea we showed you earlier but you don’t often buy okra because no one in your house ever really likes eating it, here’s a larger idea that will get you almost the same effect! We love the way How Wee Learn created four leaf clover and shamrock shapes by cutting a bell pepper in half and dipping the surface of the edges in paint.

Hang em’ in Style: Cute DIY Mobiles for Babies’ Rooms

When we were expecting our first child, we went into a very creative nesting process indeed. We spent weeks making over one of the bedrooms in our house until it looked like a lovely fairytale place fit for a little prince or princess. It was very important to us, however, that we make as much of the room as possible, getting very crafty and DIY about the details of the room and the pieces we included. One of the things we loved the process of choosing the style and hand crafting the details of the most was the mobile that we hung over the crib!

Just in case you’re as in love with the idea of making your new baby a creative mobile as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the most creative and adorable ideas that we came across in our search!

1. Pretty beads and whimsical feathers


Have you started building a sort of dreamlike, whimsical aesthetic in your baby’s new nursery that involves a bit of sparkle and texture but also some elements of nature, so you’re looking for a DIY mobile that will somehow fit in well with all of those things? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Dreamkeepers made a stunning hanging mobile inspired by lovely dream catchers, featuring lovely, fluffy feathers and beads that hang down above the crib in a beautiful way.

2. Green leaves and felt flowers


Are you actually expecting a spring baby, so you’re looking for a DIY mobile design that will let you harness the beauty of the season they’ll be born in… without bringing allergens into the room? Then perhaps this lovely felted flower and leaf design outlined step by step on Lia Griffith is the kind of thing you’re looking for! We love the way they strung the leaves and blossoms and different heights so the piece looks almost like a lovely garden full of flower laden vines.

3. Colourful yarn wrapped balls


If you’re going to make yourself a mobile from scratch, would you definitely prefer to use whatever you’ve got easy, affordable access to? Well, if you’re an avid knitter or crochet enthusiast like we are, then we’d be willing to bet you’ve got lots of spare and scrap yarn to work with, which means you’ve got just about everything you need to make these fantastic yarn wrapped balls in different colours and sizes, all arranged like hanging decor from a base hoop. Get the full details for making one of your own like this on Homedit!

4. Raining flowers


Are you still thinking about how much you loved the two different spring themed hanging mobile ideas we’ve shown you so far but you’re just not sure you can choose between them because you’re actually such big fans of the elements in each one? Well, who ever said you have to choose between the two? Instead, we’d suggest taking a look at how Studio Barw made a beautiful spring mobile that has both blossoming flowers and crystal bead raindrops hanging down. Honestly, we’re feeling a little bit calmer just looking at this piece!

5. Felt moons and stars with wooden beads


If you’re going to hang something wonderful and friendly over your baby’s crib, would you rather theme it after the night sky so your baby has a calming sleep, even if they’re just taking an afternoon nap? Then we have a feeling this adorable moons and stars mobile, made of felt and lovely naturally stained wooden beads, might be your best choice! Made It guides you step by step through the process of stringing it up so it hangs perfectly.

6. Happy DIY owls


Would you rather make your baby a little animals themed mobile but, since it’s a hanging mobile, you think birds might be the best bet? Well, we’ve seen plenty of adorable designs that featured cute flying friends, so we’ll totally support you in that creative choice! Take a look at how Tracy DIY Mom made these cute little hanging felt owls that look like they’re flying around the room in a gust of wind and leaves.

7. Hot air balloons


Are you actually quite experienced in hand stitching, to the point that you feel quite confident making something a little more detailed and intricate? Well, if you’re feeling up for a slight challenge without taking on too much at once, we think perhaps you might be the perfect person to give this adorable hot air balloons mobile outlined step by step on How Joyful a try! We love the way they also included a few fluffy looking clouds to really drive the aesthetic home.

8. Paper lantern bunches


Despite the fact that you’re set on the idea of making some kind of ceiling hang decor, are you open to different designs and constructions than just the kinds you’ve seen hanging above the crib itself? In that case, we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at how The Fancy Life created a cluster of awesomely bright, super textured paper lanterns in different sizes for a sort of celebratory looking piece.

9. Colourful card stock circles


Despite the fact that you’re decorating a baby’s nursery, are you actually quite intent on making something that follows a slightly darker colour scheme and perhaps a more minimalist design? Then we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at how Decor and The Dog made these adorable little paint chip circle garlands in different sizes and coordinating colours! Who says babies can’t appreciate the visual appeal of a little artistic shape and colour expression?

10. Paper butterfly chandelier


Does the idea of creating simply shaped cut-out mobiles actually really appeal to you but you think you’d much prefer a lighter colour scheme and perhaps a fancier looking, more whimsical shape? In that case, we think these lovely little creamy coloured card stock butterflies might make a better mobile for you and your little one! Michelle Brunner shows you how to make a much denser mobile with many more hanging shapes so that you really create a whole impressive flock of butterflies.

11. Simple Sunny Birds


Just in case you’re still totally enamoured with the idea of adorable little shapes in a simple cut-out or silhouette style but you just haven’t quite seen a shape that’s kept your attention yet, here’s another little avian themed design that also gives you an additional bird alternative to the felt owls we showed you earlier on our list. The Love Bugs shows you how to cut the right shapes and put them together to make the little birds. We love the way they crossed two branches at the top to make the base of the mobile, as though one of the birds might flit up and land delicately on one of them at any moment.

12. Bright pom pom chandelier


Did your ears perk right up when we started talking about mobiles made of yarn but you’re actually not sure the wrapped, soaked, and structure yarn balls we showed you earlier are quite the kind of project you’re looking for? Well, if you’d prefer something a little more unique and kitschy than anything we’ve shown you so far, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Small for Big made this totally funky, brightly coloured mobile from differently sized yarn pom poms. We love how great a scrap yarn craft this design makes!

13. DIY yarn stars


Just in case you’re having trouble choosing between the super fun yarn ideas we’ve shown you so far but also the adorable night sky idea that would make any bedtime a nice time, despite the fact that you’re not really a sewing enthusiast, here’s an awesome combination idea that will let you make adorably colourful wrapped yarn stars instead! Audra Kurtz guides you step by step through the process of yarn wrapping an embroidery hoop as the base and creating cute little dangling stars to hang at the end of each wrapped section.

Exciting and Colorful: Great Crafts Made With Paint Swatches!

When it comes to crafting and getting creative with new materials, we’re open to trying pretty much anything! Part of why we love the world of DIY so much is that you really can transform just about anything into something exciting, new, and even more useful than it was before. The way we just gathered up all the old paint swatches from when we were planning out our kitchen renovation and turned them into several different awesome homemade projects is the perfect example of what we mean! The added bonus of this particular upcycling craft is that, no matter what you make, it’s guaranteed to be brightly coloured.

Just in case you’re as interested in the concept of crafting with your old paint swatches as we were, if not more, here are the best ideas to browse through and try out at home –

1. Paint sample fringed flowers


Have you always been the kind of crafter who believes you can make flowers out of literally anything? Then here’s one more idea for you to try your hand at, just for another style in your exciting, eclectic DIY bouquet. Take a look at how Margaret Meyer transformed full shade strips into awesome fringed flowers in just a few surprisingly simple steps.

2. Circular layered paint chip art


Are you a huge fan of the wonderfully saturated colour that different shades of paint swatches have but you’d rather cut them into different shapes than just working with the squares or the strips that you got them in originally? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate the way The 3 R’s created awesome framed art by layering differently sized circles on top of each other to look almost like rainbow paint drops.

3. Paint chip name garland


We’re not quite sure that we could ever pinpoint why, but we’ve always just absolutely loved buntings and garlands. Whether you’re hanging them for a party or just decorating your space with them because they’re fun, we adore finding new ways to make them from all kinds of things. It’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that we made sure to find a way to make a cute garland from paint swatches too! Art Bar shows you how to cut and paste together a name and hang it up on a string for a cute, colourful personalization of your room.

4. DIY paint chip animals


Perhaps you have little kids who adore all kinds of crafts, but who are particularly enthusiastic about simple cut and paste ideas since they’re simple, something they can do on their own, and something they can make pretty much anything with? Then we have a feeling your family will get along very well with these paint swatch animals outlined step by step on Mermag. They show you how to make the colourful animals stand by using the thicket texture of the swatch cards to your advantage.

5. Mini gift boxes from paint samples


In addition to making your family and friends gifts whenever you can, are you although the kind of thorough DIY gift giver who quite enjoys making the package and gift wrapping you put those things in as well? Then we’ve definitely found a tutorial that we think you’ll get a lot of use out of! Check out How About Orange to take a closer look at how these adorably colourful paint swatch gift boxes were made.

6. DIY paint chip ombre necklace


As weird as it sounds, we’ve actually always loved the full ombre effect featured in paint chips and swatch cards so much that we’ve frequently wished we could wear them. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we stumbled upon this fantastic DIY necklace idea that actually lets you do just that! By Wilma shows you how they made theirs with a lovely overlapping arrow shaped design.

7. Ombre paint swatch wreath


Are you definitely feeling the most intrigued by all the ombre and colour gradient ideas you’re seeing on this list, but you’re still kind of a classic crafter who would rather make a DIY home decor piece that’s a little more traditional? Then maybe a wall or door wreath would be a little more up your alley. We love the way Style At Home used teal and green colour gradients in a leaf shape to create a lovely gradient effect, but you could recreate this same design in all kinds of colours and still make something that looks absolutely beautiful, even if leaves are not usually pink or purple!

8. Paint sample hole punch art


Perhaps you’re not really interested in upcycling your old paint swatch cards in a way that overtly repurposes them as a whole, but you just can’t make yourself throw out such good card stock in nice, bright colours? Then perhaps you can use them as hole punch ombre kits, kind of like Everyday Cookies did here on their beautifully embellished thank you note envelopes! No matter what you stick them to or what shape you punch out, you’ll get a lovely colour way effect.

9. Rainbow paint swatch flower garland


Are you actually so fond of the idea of making brightly coloured little card cut outs from your paint swatches but you’d rather create something a little more decorative and a little less temporary than what we showed you above? Well, if you’re also a fan of the party garland idea we were talking about earlier, then we think perhaps these super cheerful butterfly bunting strings outlined from start to finish on Little Bit Funky might be the best choice for you!

10. Heart paint chip canvas art


If you’re going to harness the beauty of one lovely colour way by repurposing paint swatches, would you rather go all out and gather a whole bunch of full gradients and turn them into hole punch art? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how I Heart Organizing did just that by cutting out whole ombra series’ of hearts and sticking them in colourful rows across several canvases.

11. Paint swatch and resin pie chart pendant


If you’re going to paint paint swatch jewelry, would you rather do it in a way that’s a little more unique or kitschy, possibly even enough to make people ask you about it? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Do Small Things With Love made these funny pie chart inspired necklaces by covering differently sized and and coloured slices of paint swatch cards in clear resin.

12. Stunning paint swatch and ribbon chandelier cover


Did you perhaps really enjoy the basic concept of the paint lampshade idea that we showed you a little earlier on our list but your personal style and decor taste are slightly more flouncy and girly than what you saw there? Then we have a feeling you might get along a little better with this stunning paint swatch chandelier cover idea outlined on Rhiannon Bosse instead! Cover a pendant light with it to make it into an actual chandelier or hang it like a mobile, as-is, to let people just appreciate how beautiful paper can be when it’s arranged with some ribbon in a chandelier style.

Macaroni Takeover: Fun-tastic DIY Pasta Crafts

Kids love to spend their days being creative and expressing their inner artist. Being a parent sometimes means constantly having to come up with fun and innovative ways for your kids to be creative, because this very same curiosity that makes them so fascinated with crafting also makes them bored very quickly and on to the next one! Creating with dried macaroni is always a good option. Chances are you already have them in your pantry and there are many DIY macaroni crafts to choose from!

1. Stained Glass Pasta 


The windows in your home could always benefit from some childlike decoration. If you’ve been eyeing the concept of stained glass, here’s a great opportunity to let your kids create it for you. The plot twist lies in the pasta! Find out the secrets at Babble Dabble Do.

2. Bow Tie Pasta Butterflies 


Help your kids celebrate the arrival of spring by making Crafty Morning‘s super adorable bow tie pasta butterflies with them! Kids are mesmerized by butterflies, thanks to the unique colors and patterns on their wings, so this is the perfect opportunity for them to create some special butterflies themselves!

3. Pasta Frames 


Dried pasta can be used as decoration, to spice up greeting cards or painting frames! Let your kids pick the shape of the macaroni, so that they’ll be that much more excited to use them! We love how Pink Stripey Socks used pasta wheels to decorate DIY frames!

4. Clay and Pasta Art 


Spring is bringing so many days of sunshine that your kids will be able to spend playing in the backyard, but it’s also the season of rain, so when you and your little ones are stuck inside, you can craft the time away! Start with this clay and pasta art by Buggy and Buddy!

5. Pasta Tassel Pendants 


Macaroni necklaces are a timeless piece of jewelry that is so very basic but we all consider it the most valuable because it was made by the kids! Pysselbolaget shares a fun way to give the classic pasta pendants a little twist by pairing them up with a colorful tassel!

6. Pasta Fish Craft 


One of the best things about crafting together with your kids is that you can turn any art project into a learning experience. As you’re making these pasta fish by I Heart Crafty Things you can teach your kids all about different types of fish and how they live. Combining fun with education always pays off!

7. Pasta Christmas Tree 


December is still some time away but it’s never too early to pin ideas to your Christmas Pinterest board! This year, your little ones can be involved in the making of Christmas cards, thanks to the brilliant idea for macaroni Christmas trees by The Best Ideas for Kids!

8. Macaroni Lace Hearts 


Some of the best macaroni crafts are those that don’t look anything like macaroni at all. Your kids will be so impressed when they see the end result; it’s going to give them so much confidence and love to keep chasing their passion for crafting! This pasta lace hearts by Abc & Garden Peas are a lovely example!

9. Macaroni Mermaid Wreath 


Is your toddler going through a serious mermaid obsession right now? We’ve all been there! Show them your support by setting aside some time to make this mesmerizing mermaid wreath from dried pasta! The final result looks absolutely stunning and you can find the whole process at Babble!

10. Pasta Pumpkin 


One way to get kids into crafting is to make projects that are seasonal and popular. This how your kids will always feel a part of something important, something that gets everyone excited – like Halloween! Check in with Posh Lil Divas to get the tutorial for this wonderful pasta pumpkin!

11. Pasta Rainbow 


Seeing a rainbow is such a lucky moment, it’s no wonder that kids are always so excited about them! If they haven’t seen a rainbow in a while, maybe you can help them make it? You’re going to need some macaroni, paint and the instructions by Lille Punkin’!

12. Pasta Angels 


Little angel ornaments are one of those pieces that are always welcome in our home, all year round. They have an incredibly serene appearance and remind us of the essence of what’s important in life. Encourage your kids to help you make these pasta angels by Exquisitely Unremarkable!

Classic and Creative: DIY Handkerchief Invitation Designs

Call us nerdy, but we’ve always been obsessed with vintage handkerchiefs. Beyond the fact that they’re stunning bits of culture and history in and of themselves, they’re also incredibly versatile when it comes to up-cycling! Believe it or not, there are all kinds of creative things you can transform a simple handkerchief into. One kind of project in particular, however, has caught our attention especially well as of late and we just cannot stop looking at options even though we don’t have that many events to invite people to. We’re completely enamored by handmade handkerchief invitations!

1. DIY vintage hanky invitation with matching label


Have you got a stunning set of vintage handkerchiefs with cute borders and lovely details that you’d happily create elsewhere in your home or crafting endeavours because you like it so much? Then we have a feeling this lovely DIY invitation idea might be right up your alley! Download and Print guides you through the process of designing, templating, and printing out custom invitation labels for your envelopes that match the border of your handkerchief perfectly.

2. Rubber stamp and lace hanky wedding invitations


Perhaps your pretty vintage hanky is rather plain and you’d like to keep whatever invitation details you add to it quite simple because you don’t want to detract from the lovely, delicate looking lace all around the border? In that case, we think you might prefer this simple ink stamp idea featured on Oh So Beautiful! They show you how to add event details using careful but simple stamping techniques.

3. Vintage handkerchief with a frayed edge


Is the event you’re planning for actually going to be the perfect example of “rustic chic” in aesthetic, so you’re absolutely looking for a hanky invitation design but you’d also like to find one that’s a little less fancy looking than what we’ve shown you above? In that case, whether you’re buying vintage hankies and customizing them or making your own from scratch just to look vintage, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way The Antique Door frayed the edges of theirs before adding text!

4. Botanical print hanky invitation


Did we catch your attention when we started talking about plain handkerchiefs because yours is are completely plain and you’re actually looking for a way to help jazz them up a little and give them a bit of visual interest? In that case, we think you might find this botanical border idea outlined on Wedding-O-Mania very interesting! Their tutorial guides you through the process of creating a similar border to the one you see here, but in the colour of your choice.

5. Stamped border and message vintage handkerchief


Were you a pretty big fan of the idea of stamping words and details onto your hanky invitation because you’ve always been a stamp enthusiast and you have a wide collection of fonts, florals, and finer shapes? In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at how Oh So Beautiful Paper used stamps to create a detailed, delicate, and vintage looking border all the way around the edge. Using a light brown ink reinforces the pretty vintage effect!

6. Mismatched hanky invitations


Do you have all kinds of different handkerchiefs but no repeats or pairs that really match each other? Well, if you ask us, that’s completely okay! Especially if the event you’re making the invitations for is a family function, most people will simply concentrate on how pretty your finished product looks and how much effort went into making the invitations yourself, rather than giving any thought to whether or not theirs matched the next person’s. Take a look at how Junebug Weddings made this adorably mismatched set!

7. Funny hanky wedding favour


Besides making great invitations, customized vintage handkerchiefs also make fantastic wedding favours! Just because you’re giving them as a gift, however, doesn’t mean you have to change them up too much. Try choosing a set of plain hankies you love just the way they are and instead attaching a funny tag about wedding tears to the corner, just like Something Turquoise did here.

8. Illustrated handkerchief invitations


Have your DIY and artistic skills actually always lied more in the area of sketching, illustrating, and drawing by hand? Well, what if there was a way to combine that with the idea of making your own handkerchief invitations? We’re pretty pleased to tell you that, thanks to this cute tutorial on i-DIY, there is! Now you can reprint your very own art onto the fabric instead of just stamping or having to re-draw the image on every single one by hand.

9. Hand written handkerchief notes


Then again, what if you wanted to draw right on the handkerchiefs because creating art on different unconventional mediums is actually your very favourite kind of DIY to do? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this idea featured on I Do DIYs! They’ve created a little handkerchief love note rather than an invitation, but we’re sure you can see how the basic idea transfers.

10. Home printed hanky invitations


Are you actually a little bit pressed for time and in need of many DIY custom hankies, so much so that you’re just not sure you’ll have time to get them all done by hand? In that case, maybe learning how to print onto fabric at home is the best idea for you! This tutorial from Offbeat Bride is a great resource for printed hanky invitations because it shows you how to make it happen with nearly any image or font, making them completely customizable.

11. Vintage hanky inspired love letters


Were you originally intrigued by the idea of handkerchief invitations but you didn’t have time and now you’re looking for another way to incorporate hankies into the celebration? Perhaps you actually did send those DIY hanky invitations out but you’d like to keep that theme up throughout the rest of the event? Either way, we think these awesome handkerchief love notes hung on a faux clothesline are a great idea! Eat Drink Chic made theirs for a pair of newlyweds so their guests can leave them lovely little greetings, but you could customize yours for any occasion or guest of honour.

12. Monochrome handkerchief


We’ve shown you a few designs now, made in a number of different ways, that involve more than one colour in the stamping, printing, or hand drawing of the event information, images, and borders. If your intention is to try and stick with a purely vintage looking aesthetic, however, then including a lot of colour might not actually get you the kind of satisfactory finished product you’re looking for. Instead, we’d suggest taking a look at how Wedding-O-Mania made lovely looking monochrome hanky invitations, keeping things within a strict colour scheme and on a plain background.

13. Vampire bite handkerchief party invitation


We’ve talked a whole lot about weddings, birthdays, and other such pleasant events, but what if you were actually searching for ideas well in advance of Halloween so you can throw the coolest Halloween party ever? Perhaps you actually are preparing for one of the traditionally jovial events we just listed, but you’re simply choosing to give it a darker theme than usual? Well, if you’ve ever loved vampire fiction, then we have a feeling you’ll be very intrigued by these blood stained handkerchief invitations featured on The Basics!

14. Embroidered monogram handkerchief


When you started thinking about making a DIY handkerchief invitation, were you actually hoping to include something a little more handicraft based, perhaps putting your needlework skills to good use? Then maybe this embroidery based monogram invitation idea featured on Purl Soho is the project for you! Besides being completely adorable, this is a great idea for beginners who are just learning how to cross stitch or embroider because it’s very simple, despite being so cute to look at.

15. Envelope folded and ribbon tied hanky invitation


Perhaps you actually already have invitations printed but you still kind of have your heart set on incorporating handkerchiefs in some capacity? Then maybe this adorable folded handkerchief envelope idea is a great alternative for you! We love the way Bumblebee Linens outlines not only how to fold the hanky to make the envelope but also how to keep it closed and in place with a pretty silk ribbon.

For Your Inner Child: Best Sock Puppet Projects for Kids of All Ages!

As kids, our playrooms and bedrooms had plenty of differently decorated sock puppets all over the place, just waiting for our next play or skit idea to come along. We had a blast collecting old socks that our family members weren’t using anymore and giving them features, personalities, and characters of their own. Now that we have kids of our own, we’re lucky that they’ve taken an interest in crafting and DIY projects as well, so we’ve collecting tutorials and resources with the intention of teaching them how to make our favorite things too.

Just in case you’re as interested in the idea of making sock puppets with your kids as we were, here are 15 of the best tutorials, designs, and character ideas that we’ve come across since the days of making our own from our dad’s old sport socks!

1. Funny feather sock puppets


Any time you make a sock puppet, there are obviously some basic steps you’ll take that are probably close to the same each time. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’ embellish things a little to make them a lot more fun than usual! We love the way Ana DIY Crafts made their puppets look party ready by adding feathers in place of hair. That in combination with their big, wide eyes made our kids laugh hysterically when we made these.

2. Sock puppets with yarn hair


Would you actually rather add some hair to your sock puppets so you can make them look like colourful little people with the same real hairstyles you might see if you looked around the room? Then maybe you’d have a better time using brightly coloured yarn instead of feathers! Taking Care of Monkey Business shows you how to tie, style, and attach the hair to your sock at any length you want to create all kinds of fancy hair-dos.

3. No-sew horse sock puppet


Just because you’re making sock puppets doesn’t mean you have to make them look like people! In fact, you don’t have to make them look like humans at all. Red Ted Art suggests making funny little animals instead and guides you through the simple process of making yourself a sock puppet horse. They show you how to attach facial features, attentive little ears, and yarn for a mane.

4. Sock puppets with ribbon hair


By now, you can probably tell that making creative hair might actually be our very favourite part about making sock puppets, no matter what character we’re making. It’ll come as no surprise, then, that we have another funky hair option for you here! Check out how Learning 4 Kids made their sock puppets some completely awesome hairdos using differently coloured and textured ribbons.

5. DIY monster puppet with a fuzzy sock


Have you taken a look around your house and discovered that the only socks you have available for upcycling are brightly coloured fuzzy ones and you’re just not sure what kind of puppet to make with those? Well, Cincy Shopper is here to save the day! They show you how to turn that fuzzy sock into a funny little monster with dinosaur spikes, spots, and even a bowtie. We’re also huge fans of the way they used googly eyes and fuzzy crafting pom poms to make the eyes!

6. Cat sock puppet with ping pong ball eyes


Have you been scrolling through and realizing that your favourite part of most of the puppets we’ve shown you so far is actually the eyes, and you like them best when they’re huge and cartoonish? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love this funny cat puppet outlined step by step on Ana DIY Crafts. They show you how to use ping pong balls to make big, friendly eyes that will always make your sock puppets look excited to see you.

7. Sock, felt, and yarn puppet


Perhaps your least favourite part of making sock puppets has always been the folding trick involved getting their mouths to stay inverted by folding the toe in on itself? We’ve definitely made sock puppets before where the mouths unfold as our kids are making them talk and playing with them, so they have to stop periodically and poke that material back in. That’s why we thought this tutorial from Fiskars that teaches you how to actually stitch a little mouth into your puppet using felt was such a good idea! The way the felt is inserted will help the puppet keeps its shape all on its own.

8. Butterfly sock puppet


Are you still scrolling through our list and thinking about how much you liked the idea of making sock puppets that aren’t actually humans at all? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Joann made themselves an adorable little butterfly puppet instead! They show you the steps for making bright, colourful wings from shapes cut out of foam paper, and they also show you how to attach them to the back of the sock itself.

9. Ping pong dog sock puppet


If we’re going to talk about a range of animal puppets and show you how to make one that looks like a cat, it only makes sense that we show you one that looks like a dog too! Just like in the cat tutorial, Ana DIY Crafts shows you how to make the basic shape and features out of a sock and some felt, but they also go above and beyond to show you how some big, friendly eyes can be made out of plastic ping pong balls.

10. Dragon sock puppet


Have the mythical creatures like the dinosaurs and monsters actually been the sock puppet ideas that you know your kids would be the most excited over so far, but you’re still scrolling through in hopes of finding even more fun imaginary creatures to add to their toy box? Then we think we might have found just the tutorial for you! Check out how Welcome to The Mouse House made this funny little dragon with button eyes that looks like it’s breathing fire.

11. DIY foam and sock puppet with funny teeth


By now, you’ve probably realized, just like we did, that making a sock puppet doesn’t have to mean that a basic sock is the only thing you use in the process. Sometimes we actually feel like tackling an even bigger, more fun project and making something that’s got a little more shape or personality to it than a plain sock folding in the classic style allows for. That’s why we loved this foam and felt puppet idea featured on Ana DIY Crafts so much. We can’t get over how funny the little foam teeth are!

12. Funny princess puppet with pigtails


In our house, the most popular characters in just about any game, story, movie, or make-believe scenario are always the princesses. Our kids just love the entire concept and the way they’re always overcoming challenges to save the day at the end of the story! That’s why we just knew we had to find a way to help them make a princess puppet no matter what. Luckily for all of us, Welcome to The Mouse House stepped in to save the day! Check out how they made this funny little princess with long pigtails using socks, felt, yarn for hair, and buttons for eyes.

13. DIY mouse sock puppet


So far, in the big eyes and ping pong balls category of sock puppet making, we’ve shown you how to make a dog and a cat. If you think about classic stories and how animals behave in movies, however, you probably know just as well as we do that there’s someone missing in that combination; the mouse! That’s why we were so glad to come across this adorable big-eyed mouse puppet tutorial featured on Ana DIY Crafts as well.

14. Pirate sock puppet


If you’re going to have a classic storybook character like a princess on your puppet roster, would you prefer to give your kids balance and have a male storybook classic as a puppet option too? Then maybe your kids would enjoy this funny fierce pirate to play with as well! WikiHow guides you step by step through the process of making it happen, complete with a fuzzy little beard and an eye patch to make him look extra fierce. Don’t be scared to play around with these ideas and make princes or girl pirates too!

15. Zombie sock puppet


When we first started our search, we were definitely mostly looking for ideas that we knew would mostly appeal to our kids so that we could help them get crafty in a productive way they’ll be able to play with after. The more we explored tutorials online, however, the more we found awesome ideas that were so funny even we would get a kick out of both making and playing with them. This hilarious zombie puppet made from a fuzzy sock is the perfect example of what we mean! Get more details from Jimill.

13 Creative DIY Ideas to Decorate with Handprints 

You don’t need much to make a handprint – just a little paint and your own palm. It’s such a simple form of art but handprints are one of the most personalized and beautiful decorations. They’re especially loved by kids, because they always love an excuse to get their hands messy! Here are some joyful DIY ideas to decorate with handprints! 

1. Father’s Day Handprint Gift 


Kids definitely love getting gifts, but they also love to be involved in making them! Before the next Father’s Day rolls around, help them make this beautiful handprint gift that’s going to make daddy so very proud! You can find all the details at Live Craft Love.

2. Handprint Keychain 


If you’re always losing your keys, you’re in a serious need of a memorable keychain that you’ll always be able to spot from a mile away. It’s even better if it has a sentimental value, because you’ll be sure to keep an extra eye on it! We think the handprint keychain by Grey House Harbor is the best choice!

3. Handprint Coasters


Can’t get your kids to use coasters no matter what? It’s time to get creative – literally! Challenge them to help you make handprint coasters as seen at Dwelling in Happiness and watch how excited they’ll be every time they get to use them after that!

4. Handprint Jellyfish Art 


A handprint can be a great starting point for an artistic creation. When you turn it upside down and add some eyes it can resemble a super adorable jellyfish! If this sounds like something you’d like to try with your kids, Made to be a Momma shares the tutorial.

5. Handprint Mug 


We all have that one mug that is totally plain and every time we drink from it we wish it had some more decoration! You don’t have to break out all of your crafting materials for this one, because you’ll only need the artwork of your own handprint. See the whole process at Life as Mama!

6. Handprint Wall Sign 


Being a part of a big family means you’ll sometimes have to fight for your individuality to be seen. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate every single family member and give them their honorary place than with this big handprint wall sign we found at The Idea Room!

7. Handprint Tote Bags 


Tote bags are easily one of the most functional accessories! They are very spacious and totally chic! Buying a few completely white and undecorated tote bags is a great budgeting hack because you can let your kids release their creativity all over them! See the behind-the-scenes at Nifty Mom!

8. Handprint Butterfly 


Butterflies are all about transformation and changing. If you’re currently trying to teach your kids a lesson about the cycles of life or maybe they’re just in awe of butterflies because of their appearance, check out this unique DIY handprint butterfly shared by I Heart Crafty Things!

9. Mother’s Day Handprint Gift 


It’s not just the dads that can enjoy getting a special handprint gift from their little ones – thanks to the tutorial we found at Little Family Fun, moms can get a beautiful handprint gift as well! Dearest dads, now it’s up to you to organize crafting time with the kids and surprise mommy with the end result!

10. Handprint Ornament 


Every year we collect a ton of ideas for various ornaments that you can hang on your Christmas tree, but perhaps none of them are as one-of-a-kind as your little one’s handprint. You can even make one ornament each year to see how their palm grows over the years! Get all the details at Sincerely Jean.

11. Metallic Handprints 


If you’re planning to use the handprints as wall art, to bring some personalized decoration into your living space, opting for metallic tones is a great idea. It’s a sure-fire way to give the handprints a modern and glamorous appearance! Make Life Lovely will guide you through the process.

12. Handprint Spider 


A lot of kids are afraid of spiders and if that’s your little one as well, perhaps you can introduce them to the little creature in a friendlier and more artistic way by creating together with them this handprint spider art! It’s a quick and simple project, brought to you by The Nerd’s Wife!

13. Sand Clay Handprints 


Do your kids love the beach and all things coastal? Maybe even your home could use one or two coastal decor pieces that would remind you of the seaside all throughout the year! The Imagination Tree shares the tutorial for sand clay handprints that the whole family can do together!

Wanderlust Essentials: DIY Passport Holders 

Are you already planning out your summer travels? If you love to fly around the world and explore foreign countries, then you know every adventure takes preparation. Chances are you always have a silent checklist in the back of your mind with all the essential things you must not lose or forget to take with you – one of them being a passport! A cute DIY passport holder is one step towards always keeping your passport at hand, so here are some lovely ideas!

1. Anchor Passport Holder 


There’s so much of the world to explore, all the cities and the jungles, but somehow you always end up on the coast. You can’t help the call of the sea! Honor your love of the ocean by making this gorgeous anchor passport holder by following the tutorial at Destination Go!

2. Floral Passport Holder 


Just looking at a floral passport holder is an uplifting experience, one you are going to feel grateful for in long airport lines! This particular passport holder has many pockets for your other documents as well and can even double as a wallet. Find out all about it at Thirty Handmade Days!

3. Vintage Passport Holders


If you swear by all things vintage, you’re probably not interested in hip passport holders. You’d rather have something simple that comes in one color and truly holds the bare minimum. Martha Stewart shares a great tutorial for these thin vintage passport holders!

4. Polka Dot Passport Holder 


Traveling is all about having fun and expanding your horizons. It makes sense that the place where you store your passport would reflect that same vibe! Polka dots are as fun as they come and if you want to keep up the jolly spirit, check in with Always Rooney to get a tutorial for this polka dot passport holder!

5. Fabric Scrap Passport Holder 


Open the box where you keep your fabric scraps and pick some of them out at random, then visit Where the Orchids Grow to learn how they can be turned into a unique passport holder. The diversity of patterns and colors will beautifully reflect the diversity of this world!

6. Girly Passport Holder 


If you’re looking for a passport holder with a significant girly and gentle look, Craftsy has got the perfect one! This passport holder is also a lovely idea if you’re traveling with kids and need to store their passport in something that looks charming and adorable!

7. Leather Passport Holder 


Keep it simple, keep it old-fashioned – this leather passport holder is one that feels very elegant and professional. It’s perfect for business trips and people who want to keep their documents neatly organized without any colorful “mumbo jumbo!” Find the instructions at Poppytalk.

8. Zipper Passport Holder 


Traveling around the world will teach you how important it is to always keep your documents close to you and as safe as can be. Losing your documents in a foreign country is not an experience you want to have. Find out how you can make one of the safest passport holders at The Seasoned Homemaker!

9. Striped Passport Holder 


Traveling usually involves comfy oversized clothes but that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon everything stylish. Your passport can carry the look of a chic accessory, giving you a much more put-together look in a matter of seconds! We love this modern striped passport holder by ONR!

10. Butterfly Passport Holder 


Follow Fynes Designs‘ lead and make your passport holder extra adorable by decorating it with butterflies! There’s something about these little creatures that feels so captivating and when you pair this motive with soft pastel tones and polka dots, you basically get a dreamy passport holder.

11. Gold Lettered Passport Holders 


Looking at your passport can often feel super boring, mainly because they are all the same. It’s normal to wish for a more dynamic design, one that would be unique to only you. Minted Strawberry shares the idea for gold lettered passport holders that carry a certain hint of glamour!

12. Gold Leather Passport Holder 


Speaking of glamour, have you seen this gold leather passport holder by Lovely Indeed? It’s not every day that you see a combination of colored leather and print, but in this case it works like magic! The metallic touch gives the passport holder an undeniable luxurious style!

13. Instagram Inspired Passport Holder 


Back in the olden days, photographs from travels ended up in a photo album, but nowadays they end up on Instagram! If you travel a lot, your social media can become a personal collection of photographs from the most beautiful places in the world, which is exactly what inspired this Instagram passport holder by Mod Podge Rocks!

Shake, Rattle and Roll: DIY Baby Rattles 

Having a newborn brings a special kind of joy into the house. All of a sudden the little bundle of love is the new center of your universe and there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do for them! Babies love to explore the world they’ve just been brought into and rattles are a huge part of that. They make a fun noise and babies love to play with them! Since homemade toys are the absolute best, here are some ideas for DIY baby rattles! 

1. Modern Baby Rattle


Babies don’t really care about how their nursery is decorated or if their toys match the interior of your home, but parents sure do worry about this! If you love the modern minimalist decoration philosophy, you can’t pass up on this chic baby rattle by Almost Makes Perfect!

2. Plushy Animal Rattles 


We all had a favorite plushy animal as kids and when the time comes for you to make one for your own baby, it definitely awakens all kinds of nostalgic feelings. Make It & Love It shares a lovely tutorial for plushy animal rattles that are going to be your child’s nostalgic toy one day!

3. Soft Block Rattles 


If you don’t like the idea of hard rattles and want something softer for your baby to play with, check out the instructions for these beautiful soft block rattles at While She Naps. They are going to be a great toy well into toddlerhood, when your baby starts stacking blocks on top of each other!

4. Montessori Inspired Rattle 


If you are familiar with the Montessori concept and want to include it in your baby’s daily life and activities, start with this Montessori-inspired rattle by Nerd and Health Nut! The soft tone of the tiny golden bells definitely sets it apart from the other rattles!

5. Wooden Rattle 


Natural materials are always a great choice for baby toys, especially because babies love to put everything they play with in their mouths! Here’s a lovely wooden rattle by Live Well Travel Often that is easy to make and very safe for your baby to play with!

6. Crochet Carrot Rattle 


Take a break from crocheting baby blankets and slippers to make this crochet carrot rattle we found at Make & Do Crew! This is definitely one of the most creative ideas for a rattle and perhaps a good way for your little one to befriend vegetables as early as possible!

7. Teddy Rattle 


We almost can’t imagine a crib without a teddy bear! If you don’t want your baby’s crib to be crowded with unnecessary toys, you can make this teddy rattle by Is It a Toy and basically create two toys within one – a sentimental teddy bear and a functional rattle!

8. Owl Rattle 


If you want your baby to play with a super vibrant and colorful rattle, we can’t think of a better choice than this charming and wise-looking owl rattle by Lovely Little Life! This is a wonderful project to make while your baby is sleeping and you have some time to channel your daily dose of creativity!

9. Butterfly Rattles 


Being a parent is a great experience but in the first months it can be isolating. If you have any friends who also have babies, invite them over for a fun crafting afternoon where you can all bond through making some beautiful butterfly rattles by Amigurumi Today!

10. Rainbow Rattle 


Make a rattle that celebrates all colors of the rainbow and reflects your baby’s joyful personality! Swoodson Says shares a tutorial for a unique rainbow rattle that is soon going to become one of those items you won’t dare to leave the house without!

11. Rattle Balls 


Balls are so much fun for babies to play with, especially if they make noise! Because children grow so fast, it really pays off to invest in toys that are going to keep your baby’s interest in the different phases of growing up. These rattle balls by Next to Nicx are a great choice!

12. Seahorse Rattle 


This seahorse rattle is such an adorable toy to make, especially if you adore anything with a coastal motive. It’s a great choice if you’re trying to make something more unique than a classic teddy bear and honor the sea life! Find the details at Hobby Craft.

Channeling Inner Picasso: DIY Painted Wall Art 

We have yet to see a home that wouldn’t benefit from epic wall art! When we were teenagers we were hanging up posters of our favorite bands all over our bedroom and now as adults we’re hanging up our favorite art pieces all over the home! Because paintings are known to cost a lot of money and we know that you’re always up for a good creative project, we figured we could challenge you to create your own wall art! Channel your inner Picasso and get inspired with these DIY painted wall art ideas!  

1. Dragged Painting 


You have a bit of an advantage if you are into modern art, because there are often no rules as to how it’s supposed to look like. Mr. Kate shares a tutorial for a so-called dragged painting which is a really cool technique to make your own dark and mystical modern painting!

2. Gold Chevron Paintings 


Which room of your home is in a desperate need of uplifting decor? You’re going to need some exceptional wall art to give your living space a charming vibe and we think these gold chevron paintings by Jess Lively might just be the perfect fit! They are golden, dynamic and won’t ever go unnoticed!

3. Abstract Paintings 


A homemade abstract painting isn’t just a unique piece of art that can’t possibly be replicated by anyone else, it’s also a wonderful way for you to express yourself through art. Dive deep into your emotions and visit Oh Happy Day to see how you can channel them into a special abstract painting!

4. Footprint Monogram 


A monogram is perhaps one of the simplest and most personal painted wall art pieces you could possibly create! If you have little toddlers, they’ll be delighted to be a part of the creative process, especially if you decide on these footprint monogram paintings by Mommypotamus!

5. Rainbow Metallic Paining 


Sometimes you simply can’t settle on just one color, so you must have them all! A rainbow art piece is something that will revolutionize any room of the house, but Makeademic made it even more special by giving it an unexpected metallic touch!

6. Pinwheel Painting 


Have you ever encountered a painting that completely captivated you, almost making you feel a little hypnotized? This pinwheel painting by Enjoy It is one just like that! If you decide to recreate it for your own home, you can be sure it’s always going to draw you in until you wonder how many minutes have I been staring at it again? 

7. Acrylic Painting 


An acrylic painting is a wonderful way to bring softness and depth into your living space. When you create it yourself it’s also a reflection of your inner world and therefore an incredibly valuable decor piece – more valuable that any art you could ever purchase! Find out how Jennifer Rizzo brought it to life.

8. Birch Tree Painting 


For our dearest minimalists who love to keep things chic and monochrome, we’ve found this incredible birch tree painting at Persia Lou. It’s a very innovative choice of wall art because it’s simply not something you see every day. If you have a passion for black and white and an eye for detail, give this painting a try!

9. Spoon Painting 


Would you believe us if we told you that you don’t even need a paintbrush to create an outstanding painted wall art? Believe it or not, it’s absolutely true! Set your paintbrush aside because you’re only going to need a big spoon for this one! Visit Mr. Kate to see what we’re talking about!

10. Golden Abstract Painting 


This is another abstract painting that gives you a complete freedom of expression. The colors that you choose for your painting vastly impact the mood of the art piece, so if you love to create with cold colors but don’t want the painting to feel too blue (pun intended), check out how Lolly Jane created this golden abstract painting.

11. Coastal Paintings 


We are absolutely smitten with coastal decor and jump at every chance to include it in our homes! If you already have enough furniture pieces and only need to add a tiny but powerful coastal touch to your living space, City Farmhouse can show you how to paint your very own coastal painting!

12. Ombre Painting 


Ombre is still one of the best ways to honor a color’s vast spectrum of shades. If you have a favorite color, embody all of its most potent shades within an ombre painting that will be a stunning addition to your wall art collection. Two Delighted shares the whole process!

Pinksplosion: Incredible DIY Projects for People Who Love Pink

Pink has always been a delicate and tender color, one that we usually associate with love and femininity. There are so many shades of it, everyone has their chosen favorite – from bold bright pink to a soft light shade! If you love the tender and loving vibe pink gives you, you’re welcome to explore our selection of exceptional DIY pink projects! 

1. Pink Sugar Scrub 


One of the greatest mantras you can ever embody is treat yourself! Self-care is so important, especially if you live a very fast-paced lifestyle. Those few moments in a day that you take just for yourself are incredibly valuable. Start with this pink sugar scrub by Style Tips 101!

2. Pink and Gold Pineapple 


Pink pairs exceptionally well with gold, creating a sophisticated and elegant color palette that is a perfect choice for home decor inspiration. The combination of the two colors is also captured in this adorable and creative painted pineapple piece we found at Best Friends for Frosting!

3. Pink Keychain 


Without keychains we’d be losing our keys far more often than we normally do! If you are often guilty of misplacing your keys, it pays off to invest in a keychain that is very noticeable and hard to overlook. Made in a Day has a tutorial for a lovely pink keychain!

4. Pink Heart Bookmark 


What is your favorite genre of books? If you’ve answered with romance, we have the perfect bookmark for you! This lovely bookmark by Education is made of hearts and has a strong pink coloring. It’s going to be your companion while you’re re-reading your favorite romance novels!

5. Pink Ombre Cork Board 


Remember cork boards? They used to be incredibly popular but have inevitably gone out of style as people have moved on to more modern versions of memo boards. If you love the concept of a cork board but want to give it a more stylish look, A Bubbly Life shares a great tutorial for a pink ombre cork board!

6. Pink Butterflies 


Butterflies can be your greatest teachers on growth and transformation! The caterpillar has no idea it’s destined to become a butterfly; sometimes all of us are little caterpillars as well, unaware of our own inner potential. Find your wings with Glue Sticks‘ handmade pink butterflies!

7. Pink Diamond Pillow 


After coming home from a long day at work, you deserve all the comfort in the world. You’re super serious about your pillows and you want them to look as lovely and chic as possible. Little White Whale has a tutorial for a trendy pink pillow that looks like a diamond!

8. Pink Bath Bombs 


The project we found at Rebooted Mom is also a member of the treat yourself category. Bath bombs are a true gift! They will turn a regular bath into a magical experience every single time. If you’re dreaming of bathing in pink water, these pink bath bombs are the right treat for you!

9. Valentine’s Day Garland 


It’s never too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! This year, surprise your special Valentine by not only giving them a present (you know, like everybody else does), but also decorating your home in a way that shows off your affection for them. Vicky Barone‘s pink garland should definitely be a part of it!

10. Pink Wreath 


Do you want to give your home a striking touch of pink in a way that’s visible from the outside too? Make a pink wreath and hang it up on your front door! This is such a bold way to cheer people up from the second they step onto your doorstep! Jennifer Allwood shares the making-of process.

11. Pink Love Sign 


Pink has always been closely associated with love. For many, the color represents everything connected to romance and lovers, so use this to your advantage when you’re decorating your home and make a big pink sign that spells love! Landeelu will show you how.

12. Pink Glass Vase 


Flowers are delicate and breathtaking – just like your favorite shade of pink! It’s no wonder pink is a perfect match for a flower display. If you want to create a gentler energy within your home, buy some flowers and display them in a painted pink glass vase by Kate’s Creative Space!

13. Pink Flamingo Slippers 


When we’re spending our time at home, we want to be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Comfy and plushy slippers are a big part of that! Get creative with your slippers and visit Aww Sam to see the steps you have to take if you want these pink flamingo slippers to warm your feet!

DIY Bangle Bracelets: A Fashionable and Versatile Accessory 

We’ve all gone through a phase of wearing seven bangle bracelets on our wrist just to appear cool, haven’t we? Let’s face it, bangle bracelets are fun! They are always in style, they are incredibly versatile and they make you look as if you put a little extra effort into your style. A bangle bracelet is not one you can easily overlook, because it stands out and demands to be seen! Whether you’ll be putting more of them on at once or you’ll just opt for a single bracelet, here are some wonderful DIY bangle bracelets to choose from!

1. Adjustable Bangle Bracelet 


Before we go too much into why we love bangle bracelets, we do want to point out that they have one downside: they aren’t adjustable. It’s so annoying when you find the perfect bangle, but it keeps sliding off your wrist – or worse, it gets stuck! Thankfully, Diary of a Mad Crafter figured out a way to make an adjustable DIY bangle bracelet!

2. Polymer Clay Bangle Bracelet 


If you are that one friend in the group who is addicted to crafty projects, it’s safe to assume that you have a big stash of polymer clay always at hand, ready to be used. It’s always fun to work with familiar materials – Delighted Momma will show you how to make these polymer clay bangle bracelets!

3. Embellished Bangle Bracelets


Even though bangle bracelets normally have an element of fun and free-spiritedness to them, they can also pull off a very elegant and glamorous style. You’re going to need a gold wire and some gemstones, but with Bead World‘s tutorial leading the way you’ll soon be able to show off an embellished bangle bracelet!

4. Sprinkles Bangle Bracelets 


Wearing a bulky bangle bracelet is a reflection of one’s adventurous and daring personality. It’s the kind of accessory piece that totally stands out and makes you the center of attention. If the classic bulky bangle is not goofy enough for you, eHow will show you how you can upgrade it with sprinkles!

5. Butterfly Bangle Bracelet 


Wire Workers Guild shares a tutorial for a gorgeous butterfly bangle bracelet that is going to take some time, patience and dedication to make, but the end result is going to be totally worth it. When you friends ask where you bought it, give yourself a pat on the back!

6. Coastal Bangle Bracelet 


If you love a coastal ambiance and are always trying to bring it to life within your own home, pay some attention to it within your fashion style as well. There are many ways to honor the coastal colors in your accessories, but one of our favorite remains this coastal bangle bracelet by Rings & Things.

7. Copper Bangle Bracelets 


Having a collection of metallic accessories is a must! Metallic tones are now strongly associated with modern concepts of design and decor, making them the perfect element to include in your style. Monsters Circus shares a tutorial for these beautiful and minimalistic copper bangles!

8. Wooden Bangle Bracelet 


Nothing can beat the beauty of a natural material. Wooden accessories have been around since the dawn of time and no matter how much fashion and technology progress, we always come back to them because they are timeless and simplistic. Visit How Did You Make This to learn more about this wooden bangle bracelet!

9. Pastel Gold Leaf Bangle Bracelets 


Bangle bracelets are noticeable for their loose and lively style, but remember that the color you choose for them plays a very big role in how they will affect your whole outfit. If you want to keep it chic and classy, check out how Dream a Little Dream created this pastel gold leaf bangle!

10. Pringles Can Bangle Bracelets 


If you’re new to making your own accessories, you maybe expect this to be super fancy or complicated. Guess again! Crafting is really just a process of creating something new by upcycling something old. Start with these bangle bracelets that Hazel and Company made from a Pringles can!

11. Memory Wire Bangle Bracelets 


It’s time to bring back memory wire bangle bracelets! They are that nostalgic accessory piece that we used to wear all the time and now it somehow always gets overlooked. If the ones that are in your accessory box are a bit out of style, Happy Hour Projects will show you how to make new ones!

12. Pearl and Crystal Bangle Bracelet 


Can a bangle bracelet have a sophisticated, almost angelic look? Blitsy proves that it can! This bangle bracelet is decorated with pearls and crystals, making it the the most breathtaking accessory that is going to accompany you to the fanciest occasions!

Jingle All The Way: 13 Merry Jingle Bell Crafts 

Out of all decorations that get hung up around Christmas, jingle bells are one of our favorites! The way they softly chime reminds us of the popular Jingle Bells song and makes us daydream of Santa flying over the sky with his magical reindeer. If you want your home to be decorated in a unique and festive way, check out our selection of 13 jingle bell crafts! 

1. Jingle Bell Ornament 


Little ornaments are a very welcome addition to any room come December. Decorating your home goes beyond just setting up a Christmas tree and a couple of garlands. The true decorative magic lies in the details. Take a look at how Satori Design for Living made this lovely jingle bell ornament!

2. Egg Carton Jingle Bells 


The holiday season is usually that special time of the year that is spent in the family circle. There are so many ways to bond with your family members, but crafting remains one of our favorites. The egg carton jingle bells by Powerful Mothering are a wonderful thing to make together!

3. Jingle Bell Reindeer Art 


Being creative in how you set up your holiday home decoration is very important. You want to try something new every year, something that defies tradition just a little bit. How about hanging up a Christmas-themed wall art? Rockabye Butterfly‘s jingle bell reindeer canvas art gets our vote!

4. Jingle Bell Christmas Ornaments 


Tiny ornaments are very convenient because you can hang them up anywhere in the house and they will turn it into a festive space. They are also perfect if you have someone coming over unannounced and you quickly need to add a little enrichment to your living space. Diana Miller‘s jingle bell ornaments are a total winner!

5. Rustic Jingle Bells 


You can buy shiny, new and modern jingle bells in any store, but rustic ones are hard to get your hands on. They have a special charm that only an old-fashioned decoration piece can have, embodying timelessness and tradition. Check out how Ashley Hackshaw made these rustic jingle bells!

6. Red Jingle Bell Necklace 


The house isn’t the only thing that calls for Christmas decorations. You can absolutely add some Christmas-themed accessories to your style as well! One of our favorite pieces that can be worn by the whole family is this red jingle bell necklace by PreKinders!

7. Jingle Bell Snowflake 


You can’t hide from snowflakes in December! If you love everything about snow, you’re already contemplating how you can bring the snowflakes indoor as well. Visit Better Homes & Gardens to see a fantastic idea for an elegant and gleeful silver jingle bell snowflake!

8. Jingle Bell Sticks 


Once you have children you forget what it’s like to have a silent house. If you think it’s loud now, wait until you make Rockaby Butterfly‘s jingle bell sticks! These are going to make your children so happy and we can’t think of a better time to have a loud household than Christmas!

9. Jingle Bell Wreath 


Wreaths are a very popular decoration choice for many special occasions or even just changing of the seasons. They are simple to make and you can really put your creativity into them, making each wreath a unique piece. Look to Martha Stewart for inspiration!

10. Jingle Bell Christmas Tree


The big Christmas tree is already set up and decorated, so now the search begins for a smaller version that is going to be the centerpiece of your Christmas Eve dining table. Make the decorative tree from jingle bells, as shown by the brilliant Jennifer Rizzo!

11. Jingle Bell Letters


There are so many words that we associate with Christmas, such as merry, joy, Santa, presents and yes, even eggnog. Pick a word that truly represents what Christmas means to you and use jingle bells to bring it to life, creating a stunning decoration piece for your living space! Capturing Joy shares the whole process.

12. Jingle Bell Home Decor 


Sometimes the simplest decor pieces are the most charming ones. Centsational Style shares a lovely jingle bell decoration idea that you can hang up anywhere in the house and instantly give the space a Christmassy ambiance. We also love the eye-catching color of the jingle bells!

13. Jingle Bell Napkin Ring 


The traditional Christmas Eve dinner calls for the whole family to sit down together and enjoy in the most delicious food. If you’re in charge of setting up the table this year, you can surprise your guests with the most enchanting jingle bell napkin rings they’ve ever seen! Sand & Sisal will teach you how to make them.

Fun Treats Full of Flavor: Homemade Lollipops to Relish!

When it comes to treating our kids, we believe in moderation. We don’t often say no to candy and yummy snacks as long as they also eat all of their necessary daily meals and a few good snacks, including their fruits and vegetables! We find, however, that everyone enjoys having a sweet treat a little bit more when it’s homemade. Part of that is because you can pick your own custom flavours and ingredients when you make things yourself. But it’s also just a lot more fun to make your own candy than it is to simply tear a package open! So what’s our latest favourite thing to make when it comes to DIY candy in our home? Our kids are crazy for homemade lollipops!

Just in case you and your kids also enjoy making your own candy at home, check out these 15 amazing DIY lollipop recipes full of all different flavours and treats!

1. Clear lollipops with sprinkles


Are your kids the kinds of treat lovers who appreciate a satisfyingly sweet sugar candy more than they really crave any kind of flavour? In that case, they might appreciate this simple corn syrup sucker idea from Kelly Senyei rather than something that tastes more overwhelming. Our kids love that these lollipops come out clear because of you drop sprinkles into the mix before it cools, you can see the colours and shapes of the extra little candy pieces very well.

2.Melted candy lollipops with sprinkles


Perhaps your kids are very into the sprinkles idea but they’d alsoappreciate some flavour and probably also some colour to the actual lollipop itself? Then we think this awesome (and wonderfully easy) melted candy recipe might be the best one for you! Mess for Less teaches you how to mould your own easy circular pops by heating up hard candies or Lifesavers. Add some sprinkles too to really make things look exciting!

3. Striped Jolly Rancher lollipops


Are your kids reallytrying to get creative now and they’d like to make lollipops that have many different colours and maybe even different flavours? In that case, it sounds to us like they’d enjoy making these awesome striped Jolly Rancher lollipops from Thanks, Mail Carrier the most. Their tutorial shows you how to boil down the candies and build up the stripes so they stay distinct and don’t accidentally blend together.

4.Monster eye lollipops


Besides being obsessed with making their own candy, our kids have all been going through a huge monster phase when it comes to movies, toys, and other types of crafts. Whenever they get very interested in something that way, we try to find all the themed projects we can track down along those lines, just to keep them happy and busy. That’s how we found these funny little homemade monster eyeball lollipops! Thoughtfully Simple shows you how to carefully layer the melted sugar so you get the inset eyeball effect.

5. Flower shaped lollipops


Perhaps you’re okay with the idea of having your lollipops stay just one flavour and one colour but you’d like to try making them a fun shape? Well, Our Blissfully Delicious Life has a great tutorial to help you do just that! They show you step by step how to get the shape you want using a cookie cutter as a guide.

6.Caramel apple and caramel popcorn lollipops


Not every homemade lollipop toy make has to be solely fruit candy flavoured! This idea from Sugartown Sweets is unique because it used Werther’s Originals hard candies instead to make a sucker that tastes like sweet caramel. On top of that, they show you how to make a flower shape andadd popcorn or apple flavoured jellybeans, pressing them into the caramel while it’s still hot. The taste contrast that’s created is unlike anything else on this list!

7. Butterfly lollipops


When you realized you wanted to make fun shaped lollipops, did you mean actual 3D shapes with a bit of detail, rather than just flat ones like what yousaw created from the cookie cutter? In that case, check out how The Handmade Home used candy moulds to make these awesome little springtime butterflies!

8.Watermelon blossom lollipops


We’re you intrigued by the idea of making clear lollipops with corn syrup because you love the clear effect and that fact that you can preserve that look while still adding certain flavours and decorative elements? Then perhaps you’d rather make something a little more gourmet, like these flower petal pops by Made By Michelle Mark. We love the idea of adding some watermelon flavouring to really make them a treat!

9. Happy Birthday Suckers


Have you tried a few of the ideas on this list and now you’re looking for something a little fancier than what you’ve seen so far in terms of actual design? In that case, perhaps it’s time to give fondant moulds a try! Sugartown Sweets shows you how to melt the candy and carefully pour it into the small mould to get a detailed design before you press the stick in and make it a sucker. These Happy Birthday suckers are always a hit!

10.Fun drizzled lollipops


Perhaps your kids are still itching to get creative with the shape of their lollipops but they’re thinking a little more outside the box? Then we have a feeling this drizzled sucker idea from Overtime Cook will be a big hit in your house! Their tutorial shows you how to carefully drizzle the melted sugar or candy across the stick, letting it dry so it holds its shape.

11.Love heart lollipops


When it comes to working with DIY lollipops, fondant and candy moulds aren’t the only kinds you can use to make great shapes. These heart shaped suckers, for example, are made using uniquely shaped ice cube trays. Kitchen Kneads guides you through the process, just in case you need a hand!

12.Homemade sore throat lollipops


These pale, misshapen lollipops might not look like the most delicious suckers you’ve ever eaten, but we promise you that they’ll change everything the next time you have a sore throat. Modern Alternative Health guides you step by step through the process of making soothing antibacterial suckers from honey. These are gentle and might ease the pain in your throats when you can’t swallow other remedies like tea.

13.Flavoured candy moustache pops


Making your suckers with candies is a great way to add flavour, but what if your kids want to try making a flavour that’s not easily available in a candy that can be melted? Well, Black Martha has the answer for that! With certain flavour syrups you can make suckers that taste like almost anything you please! We love their idea for making funny little moustaches.

14.Lollipops in less than 5 minutes


Are your kids intent on making their own lollipops but you don’t have all afternoon to spend on it so you’re looking for a quicker way to make it happen? Then these five-minute pops from I Dig Pinterest might work a lot better for you! These yummy little suckers are fasterto do because they’re made by melting candies in the microwave.

15.Pomegranate lime lollipops


As you can imagine, it’s kind of difficult to find healthy lollipops simply because they’re mostly made with sugar by that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bit of nutritional value by using real fruit juices too! We love the way Food Network combined actual pomegranate and lime juice to give some added flavour that you won’t find in the average store bought candy.