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Chunky and Warm: Take a Look at Internet’s Favorite DIY Bulky Blankets!

You have probably noticed that bulky blankets are prepping for world domination. No kidding, the days when people were happily knitting and crocheting thin blankets for their babies and themselves seem to have passed! Now it’s all about thick chunky blankets and the most creative ways to make them! Here’s a selection of the most popular DIY bulky blankets that will keep you warm in the cold seasons and trendy on the internet!

1. Giant Bulky Blanket 


This giant bulky blanket will become your favorite companion on the evenings you choose to stay in and eat some comfort food while binge watching your favorite TV show! You’ll hardly find anything more beautiful and comfy, so visit Mamabee to see the tutorial!

2. Chunky Blanket 


Some blankets are so thin you can easily overlook them, but this isn’t one of them! It demands to be seen with its defining presence that is clearly saying I’m here to get you through the winter and you are going to love me! Crave The Good will give you the tutorial and serious chunky feels!

3. Soft Crochet Blanket 


Usually the most important quality we look for in a blanket is its warmth, but the softness is just as important! There’s something about being wrapped into a soft blanket that gives you the feeling of comfort and security! Mama in a Stitch will provide you with a pattern for the softest crochet blanket!

4. Colorful Chunky Blanket 


Since the months that we normally spend wrapped in blankets are more-or-less gray and white, a little color will bring a certain cheerfulness to the bitter cold! Stock up on some colorful yarn and check out Make It & Love It to learn more about this chunky blanket with many colors!

5. Neutral Bulky Blanket 


If you’d rather enjoy the presence of neutral and calming colors, Rescued Paw shares the how-to for a bulky blanket colored in a combination of gray and white! There’s something about this pairing that gives the blanket a really serene vibe, ideal for rainy days!

6. Modern Chunky Blanket 


The modern blanket by Make & Do Crew proves that even chunky blankets can have a decorative value! With its subtle and minimalist look it’s perfect for simple apartments that embrace minimalism and need decor pieces that are both functional and beautiful.

7. Hand Crochet Blanket 


Ditching the crochet hook and replacing it with just your hands may not work when making socks or slippers, but you can totally get away with it when you’re making a big blanket! Peek into Simply Maggie‘s world and learn how to hand crochet a bulky blanket!

8. Knit Cozy Blanket 


If you’ve ever wanted to have a blanket that feels exactly like your favorite sweater, don’t miss this cozy blanket by Smiling Colors! The colors make it cheerful and pleasant to look at, but don’t let that distract you! The blanket’s hidden ace is in the comfort!

9. Pink Baby Blanket 


Your baby deserves the best blanket in the world and only you can make it because it will be made with pure unconditional love! Leelee Knits has a pattern for a comfy baby blanket in a rosy color that will be your little one’s faithful companion throughout the first years of their life!

10. Bulky White Blanket 


A beautiful bulky blanket can be the most charming gift! No matter the occasion, from a bridal shower to a birthday, a blanket is always welcome! We all like to be warm and cozy, so it’s a universal gift that you can’t go wrong with! Find out more about it at Nourish and Nestle!

Which of these chunky blankets will soon be keeping you warm?