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Simply Adorable: 15 Easy-to-Craft DIY Tutu Designs

This Halloween, we made our kids costumes that involved tutus. They looked adorable Trick or Treating all over the neighbourhood and the costumes were a huge hit with them and with everyone who saw them, so we were pretty proud of our work! In the days since then, however, our kids have pretty much refused to take the tutus off. They come down in the morning wearing the tutus for breakfast and we have to convince them to take them off at night to sleep. That’s why we’ve decided that we want to make them even more tutus, in all kinds of colours and patterns!

Just in case you’d love to make your kids a series of tutus as well, here are 15 fun DIY tutu designs that are so cute we’re practically itching to get started on making one of each.

1. Knotted tulle and ribbon tutu


If you’ve ever made a tutu before then you probably already know the simplest method out there; knotting strips of tulle around and elastic waistband is a great way to get the look without even having to sew anything! You’d be surprised, however, at how simple it actually is to amp up that style a little bit as well, just to really make it an awesome piece. Fusion Art designs shows you how they did it by layering tulle in different shades of pink, knotting the ends together so the layers have volume, and adding some pretty strips of ribbon to top it all off.

2. Neon striped tutu


Perhaps it’s not really the techniques that you need help with because you’ve already made a few tutus before but you’re absolutely looking for inspiration when it comes to colour choices and design elements, even if you’re still looking to keep it simple? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at how Simply Inspired Designs made a neon striped tutu that’s as bright as it is fun and easy!

3. Ballet pink tutu with a silk bow


When you decided you wanted to make more tutus, were you picturing something more along the lines of a classic baby pink ballet tutu like you might see at a dance recital? Then we have a feeling you’re going to love this pink silk ribbon waistband idea from DIY Projects by Nina ! Their tutorial shows you how to cover your elastic with ribbon and tie the ends in a beautifully shiny bow as a finishing touch.

4. Easy sparkly tulle with an elastic waistband


As cute as the ribbon idea is, would you rather stick to the basics when it comes to construction but jazz up the look in another way instead? Then perhaps you’d get the magical, whimsical look you’re hoping for by adding some glitter into the mix! No, we don’t mean just sprinkling your finished product with glitter, even though that would make or a fun few minutes until you have to clean the glitter up off the floor. We’re talking about the awesome way that My Big Fat Happy Life used sparkly tulle to make a two-toned tutu that really shines!

5. Black and white striped no-sew tutu with a polka dotted bow


Perhaps your kids are very much into the tutu idea but you also know they’ve never really been ones for classic “girly” colours, even when they’re dressing up all glamorous and pretty? Then perhaps they’d prefer a tutu with a darker colour scheme to it! The Casual Craftlete shows you how to make one that’s layered with black and white tulle for depth and then topped up with a black and white polka dotted bow for some whimsy.

6. Speckled rainbow tutu


Did the sparkly tutu idea we talked about earlier on our list catch your eye and now you’re intrigued by what other awesome kinds of tulle are out there for you to work with? In that case, keep an eye out for this wonderfully colourful and totally cool confetti tulle! You can use it just like regular tulle, but it’s got a little extra something for a bit of fun detail. Check out how Blissfully Miller used different colours to make rainbow confetti stripes.

7. Tutu baby onesie


The idea of putting a big, fluffy tutu on a baby is one that’s so incredibly cute we could squeal. When our kids were younger, though, we found they didn’t like the elastic band around their waist while they tried to crawl so we had to think of a comfier way to dress them up. That’s why we liked this baby onesie tutu idea from Happy Baby Designs so much! Instead of tying everything onto an elastic, they sewed little bunches of tulle right to a onesie so everything still fits comfortably regardless of the new skirt.

8. Kids’ fabric rag tutu


Perhaps your kids are totally in love with the way tutus love and the way they move when they run around and dance, but they have very sensitive skin and they find tulle so scratch that they always end up taking classic tutus off? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll all prefer this awesome fabric scraps tutu idea instead! It’ll be softer on your child’s skin but it’s also an awesome way to use up all the fun fabric scraps you have leftover from previous projects. Besides, we love the sort of adorable rag doll look it gives off! Check the whole idea out in more detail on Stickelberry.

9. DIY tutu candy jar


Perhaps your kids love tutus so much that they’ve actually asked you for a tutu themed birthday party where everyone gets to wear a tutu in a different colour? Well, we think that’s a completely adorable idea, but we also think you can take it one step further and dress more than just your guests up in tulle! There are plenty of awesome DIY ways to incorporate tulle in your party’s décor scheme to look like tutus, but this cute tulle wrapped, tutu clad candy jar is probably our favourite of the options. Find out how to make your own in just a few easy steps on Icing Designs.

10. Tutu knotted Easter basket


Easter might not be coming any time soon, but when we find a cute themed crafting tutorial that we like, we bookmark it right away. Otherwise we might lost it or forget about it and then we won’t be able to find it later when we actually want to make it! That’s why we’re putting this adorable tulle wrapped Easter basket on our list five months early! Fun 365 shows you how to use similar knotting techniques to the elastic waistband tutu to make a cute Easter basket look like it’s all dressed up for the occasion during your egg hunt. Heck, this idea is so cute that we’d honestly use it any time of year.

11. Floral topped tutu dress


Have you ever seen that wide mesh fabric that stretches for days and that people often make little girl’s dresses from? Well, we’ve always kind of loved the idea of using it to make little party dresses, but you can probably also tell by now that we love amping things up a little more than average too. That’s why we thought this tulle, mesh, ribbon, and flowers dress was so darn cute! It’s a great way to get your kids feeling like they’re playing a fun dress up game when really they look fit for a special occasion. See how it’s made step by step on Let’s Make It Lovely.

12. Tiny ribbon trimmed tutu


Are you still thinking about the ribbon waistband tutu we showed you earlier on our list and loving the look so much that now you think you’d like to add even more ribbon? Then we think perhaps we’ve found the absolute perfect tutorial for you! The Ribbon Retreat guides you through the process of lining not just the waistband but also the other edge of the tutu in cute pink silk ribbon to minimize the scratchiness of the tulle and simply add a pretty finish to the look.

13. Tutu and bead hanging mobile


We already talked a little bit about incorporating tutus into décor schemes for parties, but what if you’d actually like to make a tutu inspired décor piece that you can leave up all the time to really brighten up the place? Then we’d suggest making yourself some version of this fantastically cheerful looking beaded tutu hanging mobile. No matter what colours of tulle you choose to work with, the finished product will be gorgeous and girly! Find out more about how it’s made on The Crafty Mummy.

14. Polka dotted Minnie Mouse tutu


In addition to being huge tutu lovers, are your kids massive Disney fans who will take just about any opportunity to dress up like Minnie Mouse? Then here’s an adorable way to mix the two things together and make a simple skirt that looks just like Minnie’s! Check out how School time Snippets used pieces of felt cut into circles to create a cartoony polka dotted effect over some red tulle.

15. Bubble ruffle tutu


Do your kids have lots of different tutus by this point but you can never get enough, so you’re looking for something that’s just a little bit different, just to keep things interesting? In that case, we absolutely suggest taking a look at this super adorable “bubble ruffle” tutu idea by U Create! Rather than just knotting strips of tulle in the regular way and letting them stick out at whim, this tutorial shows you how to bunch them up so they scrunch together and look like ruffly little blossoms.