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Wonderful DIY Easy Birdbath

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic Birdbath

Here’s an easy way to add some color to your garden ! Create or decorate a mosaic birdbath while recycling brokenold DVDs. You can cover an existing birdbath in a reflective mosaic, or you can make one from scratch using garden supplies. Create some stunning artwork for your garden today!

To make this birdbath first you have to cut DVDs into pieces. Spray the pieces with clear gloss spray to prevent them from losing their luster and shine. Then start gluing the DVD pieces on a terracotta round dish until it is all covered in a mosaic pattern. Then take some white grout and apply it all over the pieces covered dish with a rubber spatula and clean the excess with a damp cloth till you see white lines of grout between shining DVD pieces. For the stand you can use a vase filled with stones so that it has weight to support the mosaic bath.

More details@  meandmydiy

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