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Here Comes the Bride: DIY Wedding Veils 

The moment when you say “I do” is one of the most special moments in a lifetime. If you are a bride, your wedding day holds an even bigger significance because it’s the day when you are dressed as an absolute princess and get to be the center of attention all day long. We know that weddings can get very expensive, especially when it comes to your dress. We want to ease some of those expenses as a gift, so we’re presenting you with this roundup of DIY wedding veils!

1. Lace Wedding Veil 


Lace is timeless; always has been, always will be. It is an expression of gentleness and elegance, making it the perfect addition to your wedding attire. If you’ve always been dreaming of a long wedding veil with a lacy trim, Style Me Pretty has the perfect tutorial for you!

2. Simplistic Tulle Wedding Veil 


There is a lot of social pressure to have a lavish wedding, but the reality is that more and more couples are opting for a simplistic wedding that focuses more on celebrating love than showing off the riches. By Brittany Goldwyn shares the tutorial for one of the most beautiful simplistic wedding veils!

3. Wedding Veil with Beads 


If you are thinking of a way to spice up your wedding veil and make it a bit more special than it is right now, the solution is likely simpler than you think! All you have to do is attach some beads to the trim and your veil will get a whole new look! See the whole process at Say You Love It!

4. Hair Comb Wedding Veil 


Looking for a creative way to attach your wedding veil to your hair? Don’t complicate too much and simply opt for a lovely hair comb that is going to do the job splendidly!   This is a really simple veil to make and absolutely gorgeous to look at, so head over to Make Your Own Zone for the instructions!

5. Thick Lace Trim Wedding Veil 


Maybe a thin line of lace is not enough for you and you want to go all out, to truly embody the elegance of many princesses that walked to the altar before you. A thick lace trim on a long wedding veil will help you achieve that, so visit Anna Maria Locke to learn how you can make it!

6. Wedding Veil with a Blusher 


We’re still swooning over the royal wedding and can’t get over how stunning Meghan looked in her big veil that came with a blusher. The moment when your beloved lifts the blusher and gazes into your eyes is easily the most profound moment of the wedding, aside from the wows! Find out all about this special veil at A Practical Wedding!

7. Minimalist Bun Wedding Veil 


Speaking of our new favorite princess, miss Markle definitely proved with her wedding dress that minimalism is the language of the fashion future. If you’re feeling really inspired and want to promise someone a forever while wearing a minimalist veil, A Practical Wedding has a step-by-step guide!

8. The Classic Wedding Veil 


Some of us are simply old-fashioned and you can’t blame us! We are the ones that are weeping over wedding photographs of our mothers and grandmothers and can’t get enough of the classic wedding style. If you belong to this group as well, the classic veil by DIY Network is really going to make you happy!

9. Birdcage Wedding Veil 


Your wedding attire should always represent your personality and fashion sense, but in a super glamorous and glorious way. If you are a known lover of all things vintage, we know you’re going to shine in this stunning and ladylike birdcage wedding veil by The Dapper Bun!

10. Upcycled Wedding Veil 


Sometimes you don’t even need to go fabric shopping in order to make your wedding veil, but you do need one very good friend or two. My Girlish Whims made her beautiful wedding veil by repurposing two separate veils and blending them into one. What a fantastic choice!