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Upcycling with Style: Great Projects Made From Old Boots

Like most things, boots wear out over time, especially if they’re your favorite hardy pair. Instead of throwing them out, why not transform them into something else you can use nearly as often as you used those boots?

Check out these 15 creative ideas for upcycling boots of all kinds so you don’t have to throw them out!

1. Cactus planter

VIEW IN GALLERYOld boot cactus planter

(Photo via Home Guides)

Cactus plants are low maintenance and don’t require as much watering or care as other plants. That makes them easier to keep alive in unconventional planters too! We love the idea of placing it in an old gardening boot.

2. Cowboy boot vase

VIEW IN GALLERYCowboy boot vase

(Photo via Pinterest)

We love the contrast that filling an old, worn cowboy boot with fresh, bright flowers creates. Depending on the colour scheme you choose for your bouquet, you can make this decor look bright and friendly or antique and rustic.

3. Rubber boot birdhouses

VIEW IN GALLERYRubber boot birdhouses

(Photo via 1001 Gardens)

As if little wooden birdhouses aren’t cute enough, this idea for making the house part out of kids’ rubber boots is whimsical and absolutely adorable. You’ll love watching tiny birds flit in and out of tiny boots.

4. Hanging rubber boot planters

VIEW IN GALLERYColorful rubber boot planters

(Photo via The Microgardener)

Do you have rain boots to upcycle but you don’t need any more birdhouses, no matter how cute? Try creating these unique hanging planters instead! Whether you put herds or flowers in the top, they’ll be a cheerful addition if you use boots of all different colours.

5. Cowboy boot purse

VIEW IN GALLERYCowboy boot purse

(Photo via Instructables)

Are you a sewing enthusiast looking to get a little more crafty than just filling your old boots with things? Try using the leather of your old cowboy boots to actually create something new! We adore the chic country style of this DIY cowboy boot purse.

6. Ribboned rain boot flower display

VIEW IN GALLERYRibboned rain boot flower display

(Photo via Home Talk)

If the boots you’re looking to use are still in great condition because they simply didn’t fit, as opposed to other boots that you walked right through the bottom of, then why not use them for decor? Tying a shiny new ribbon around the boots and filling them with matching fresh flowers looks perfect on your porch at springtime.

7. Winter boot Christmas decoration

VIEW IN GALLERYWinter boot Christmas decoration

(Photo via Pinterest)

Have you found a vintage pair of black leather boots in your closet that you haven’t worn in years? Add a little bit of greenery, some red berries, and a happy mouse in a Christmas hat in order to turn them into adorable winter decor with a classic touch.

8. Cowboy boot mirror frame

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Cowboy Boot Mirror Frame

(Photo via Pinterest)

Do you like the idea of using the leather from your old cowboy boots, but you’re not in need of another purse? Gather as many boots as you can find (or head down to your local thrift shop) and patch together a leather quilted frame for your statement piece mirror!

9. Rain boot wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYRain boot wreath

(Photo via Homemade Modern)

Who would ever guess that a pair of rubber boots could make such an adorable welcome piece? Pop some springtime tulips into each one and hang them at the front door to cheer guests up before they’ve even walked into your home!

10. Double boot bird house

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble boot bird house

(Photo via Handy Crowd)

A pair of boots makes for a pair of birdhouses in one place. Fill each one with different types of seeds to attract different types of birds!

11. Cowboy boot wallet

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Cowboy boot wallet

(Photo via Soap Deli News)

The possibilities for boot leather projects don’t end with mirror frames and purses! Maybe you need a matching wallet for your cowboy boot purse? We like the idea of embracing the embroidery that’s already in the leather for a bit of extra decor.

12. “New” Boho boots


(Photo via Mr. Kate)

Upcycling boots doesn’t always have to mean turning them into something other than just boots. Perhaps a style update and a few cute Boho chic accessories around the ankles will help you get a some more months of wear out of them?

13. Rain boot purse

VIEW IN GALLERYRain boot purse

(Photo via How to Recycle)

Are you a photographer who shoots outdoors in any weather or a soccer mom who’s no stranger to standing on the sidelines in the rain? A weather proof purse might be exactly what you need, and that can be an upcycling project too! We love the idea of making a spacious purse with a top flap out of two rubber boots sewn end to end.

Have you upcycled your old boots in another way that you don’t see on this list? Tell us about your project in the comments section!