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15 Warm DIY Sweatpants for Fall

If you ask us, fall time is the perfect season for warm, cozy sweatpants. There’s just something so comfortable about the warm, soft fabrics that makes us feel content hanging around our home when it’s cold outside! Of course, there are plenty of sweatpants styles available in stores, but that doesn’t mean they always have what we’re looking for, which is why we’re always on the lookout for lounge pants sewing patterns and DIY sweatpants alteration tutorials, so we can make or change them ourselves.

Just in case the idea of making or altering some comfy sweatpants for fall appeals just as much to you as it does to us, if not more, here are 15 of the best DIY tutorials, patterns, and designs we’ve come across so far in this year’s search!

1. DIY harem sweatpants


Have you got a large, oversized pair of pants that you find quite comfortable wearing around the house but that you certainly wouldn’t be caught in public wearing because they’re not flattering in style? Then maybe you’d have some luck altering them into something a little more stylish, like these fantastic harem pants featured on Kayla Thomas.

2. Flared to cuffed sweatpants tutorial


Do you remember about ten years ago when sweatpants that had a small flare at the bottom were briefly all the rage, before going back out of style? Well, just in case you have a few pairs that you’re thinking of donating because you never wear them, here’s a tutorial from Tash to Couture for giving them a new lease on life by adding a cuff!

3. DIY zippered sweatpants with peekaboo knees


What if you actually quite like the fit of your sweatpants but you just can’t help feeling that they’re a little bit too plain for you? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Ken Andre Daily added some peekaboo knees by inserting zippers at each one and sewing some patterned patches that will stand out in contrast when you leave the tabs unzipped.

4. Comfy DIY sweatpants with a pocket


Perhaps you’re actually perfectly happy with the way your sweatpants feel, fit, and look but you can’t stand the fact that there’s no pocket to put your phone in while you move above the house? In that case, we think perhaps this tutorial for adding an external pocket, complete with a Velcro flap so nothing falls out, might be the perfect resource for you! Get the full details on Sewing Daydreams.

5. DIY slim fit joggers


Perhaps you’d rather make a pair of comfortable pants from scratch entirely because you’re looking to practice some basic sewing skills and challenge yourself a little bit? Well, particularly if you often find that store bought pants don’t fit quite as close as you’d like them too, we think you’ll really appreciate this slim fit joggers tutorial featured on Tim Bryan!

6. Torn sweatpants to lounge skirt with a pocket


Maybe you’re looking to repurpose a pair of sweatpants into something else all together because you simply know they won’t be worn again as is, but you love the soft, comfortable fabric and certainly don’t want to get rid of that? Well, if the idea of making a lounge skirt has ever appealed to you, then we definitely think you’ll enjoy the way It’s Always Autumn created that very thing!

7. Hand sewn cropped sweatpants


Do you actually live in a place that’s quite warm in the fall, or maybe even all year round, so you’ve been scrolling through our list and hoping to come across a resource that will guide you through the process of cropping your favourite sweatpants in order to make them a little more weather appropriate? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at the way Contrapaul made these ones in just a few simple steps!

8. Baggy sweatpants to jogging leggings


Some days, we wish that we could wear the comfortable, soft fabric of sweatpants because we find it nice and easy to move in but we don’t always feel like wearing pants that are quite so loose and forgiving as a pair of big old sweatpants. That’s why we loved the way World of Wishflowers made these fantastic jogging leggings by taking a pair of sweatpants in at the legs and waist!

9. Fenty X Puma recreation lace-up sweatpants


Have you actually had your eye on a pair of designer sweatpants from a brand name you always like the style of, but that you can’t currently afford on your budget? Well, if the recent Fenty X Puma design is one of the pairs you’ve been fawning over, then we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with this homemade dupe project outlined step by step on Shadow of The Universe!

10. Open to elastic cuffed sweatpants


Are you still thinking about the idea of altering open-leg style sweatpants to have a cuff, like we talked about before, because you have a pile of pants from previous seasons that you no longer enjoy the fit of, but you didn’t like how the previous tutorial we showed you cropped theirs? Then here’s an alternative guide for your consideration from Instructables that teaches you how to make a cuff while keeping the legs long!

11. Hoodie and sweatpants to crop top and shorts transformation


Perhaps the pants you love the material of so much but have grown tired of wearing as-is are actually part of a set that features a goodie too? In that case, it sounds like you have everything you need to make an awesome and totally comfortable shorts and cropped hoodie set! Get the details for precisely that on Z’s Beauty Ideas.

12. Baggy sweatpants to ribbed knee joggers


Just in case you’re a little more experienced in your sewing techniques when it comes to making clothing alterations, here’s a tutorial from Ken Andrew Daily that will help you alter the fit, style, and aesthetic of your baggiest sweatpants! They show you how to bring them on for a more jogger style fit and how to create a stylish ribbing effect at the knees.

13. Geometric patterns sweatpants


Are you still intrigued by the idea of making your very own sweatpants from scratch but, if you’re going to have full power of customization, you’d rather make a pair that takes advantage of that by including lots of patterns and cool visual elements? In that case, we think you’ll simply adore the way So Sew Easy made these awesome geometric sweatpants that are both comfy and unique at once!

14. DIY drop-crotch sweatpants


Are you actually so in love with the harem style of sweatpants we showed you before that you can’t help wondering whether you might actually take the idea even further and make them really unique looking? Then maybe you’d get along a little better with these drop-crotch style sweatpants outlined step by step from start to finish on Norris Danta Ford.

15. DIY chic sweatpants


Are you actually of the opinion that certain types and materials of sweatpants can be worn for just more than comfy, lazy days if they’re cut, fit, or rolled just right? Then we have a feeling you might get along quite well indeed with this tutorial from Pink Chocolate Break that teaches you how to make DIY “chic” sweatpants that aim to be a little more fashionable!

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