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Ring in the Spooky: Best Zombie Themed Crafts for Kids

By now, zombies have actually become a year-round fascination for a lot of people. While we’re always down for a good zombie movie, we find that our kids get a lot more interested in the concept around Halloween, so we make sure you find all kinds of creative ways to help them express that. That’s why we’ve been on the hunt for as many zombie themed crafts as we can possibly find!

Just in case your kids love zombies just as much as ours do if not more, here are 15 of the spookiest and goriest kid-friendly zombie projects that we’ve come across in our search so far.

1. Yarn brains and bouncy eye paper plate zombie


We’ve always loved paper plate crafts in our house because they’re quick, easy, and cheap to do, but that’s especially true when they’re mixed media and have different textures of materials involved! That’s probably why we were such big fans of this fantastic zombie plate idea from Mess for Less that uses strategically glued chunky yarn as brains.

2. Zombie graveyard pudding cups


Is your favourite place to get crafty with your kids actually usually in the kitchen because they’re budding foodies just like you once were? In that case, maybe you’ll get along a little better with something like these fantastic zombie pudding cups outlined step by step on Comic Con Family! our kids had a blast making the fingers and placing them just right in the “dirt”.

3. Clothespin zombie puppet


In our house, upcycling crafts that result in something the kids can continue playing with after they’re done making it have always been the most popular ideas. That’s why we thought these zombie clothespin puppets were so great! Check out how Easy Peasy and Fun made and stuck on the little faces and the surprise brains that are revealed when you pinch the pins.

4. Zombie brain fluffy slime


By now, just about anyone with kids is familiar with slime and how it’s made. We find, however, that slime is like the gift that keeps on giving because there are just so many kinds you can create, with all different neat features and textures! We’re sure it’ll come as no surprise to learn, then, that we sat down and made this zombie brains themed fluffy slime with our kids basically the moment we found Little Bins for Little Hands‘s tutorial.

5. Zombie brains Jello


Did we really have your attention when we started talking about ways to get creative with your kids in the kitchen but they’re the kind of Halloween enthusiasts who would always rather make something novelty and “gross”? In that case, we have a feeling they’ll get along very well indeed with this Jell-O zombie brains snack outlined step by step on Lemon Lime Adventures!

6. Zombie mason jars


Mason jar crafts are just one of those classic things that we’ll never get tired of. There are just so many fantastic ideas that you can turn them into, and we actually find them useful as well! That’s why we were immediately in love with these cute painted zombie jars outlined on Mason Jar Crafts Love. Our kids adored scratching the paint on the outside off in a few places to reveal the red showing through from the inside.

7. Felt zombie voodoo doll


Would you rather help your kids work on something made with slightly softer materials so you can steer them towards the world of sewing and embroidery? In that case, we have a feeling you’d do quite well with this gory yet adorable tutorial from Red Ted Art that teaches you how to make felt zombie voodoo dolls! These are a great way to practice simple hand stitching.

8. Printable zombie bookmarks


Perhaps you’re actually in the market for a very quick project that your kids can work on colouring while you made dinner, but you know they’ll stay more interested if it’s something they can actually use when they’re finished? In that case, we think you’ll get along quite well indeed with these printable zombie bookmarks available on Easy Peasy and Fun! If you’d rather not use printables, you can certainly borrow the design and free draw zombies of your own for the kids to cut and colour.

9. Paint and paper gravestone and zombie hand


Every once in a while, on a rainy afternoon, it’s nice to just sit down with the kids and work on a classic, easy craft using things like construction paper, scissors, and paint. That’s why we simply had to include this zombie themed tombstone craft outlined step by step on Learn, Create, Love! Our kids made several versions with tombstones and hands in all different designs.

10. Wooden peg zombies


Have your kids always adored crafts that let them paint and transform something with a little more structure in order to make a figurine they can play with or put on display afterwards? Then you’re probably already familiar with how much fun wooden peg crafts can be. Just in case, though, here’s a hilarious tutorial from Scrumdilly-Do that teaches you how to make a wooden peg zombie ballerina!

11. Leak-proof zombie voodoo doll bag experiment


If you’re going to get crafty and themed with your little ones this weekend, would you rather take on something that’s a little more of an activity or experiment, just to keep them interested? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get along very well indeed with something like this water bag zombie voodoo doll experiment outlined in detail on Schooling A Monkey! Our kids were amazed when the water didn’t come spilling out of the spots where the pencils were pushed through.

12. Toilet roll zombie doll


Toilet roll crafts are another kind of classic activity that our kids will always enjoy, no matter the theme. Even though we love the basic idea, we also always think it’s fun when we find a version that has a cute, fun spin. That’s why we thought this zombie roll craft from Crafts on Sea was so neat! They show you how to make one that spins so the face changes from a human to a zombie.

13. Zombie Barbies


Are you actually still looking for something fun that will be an upcycling opportunity, a decor piece for your yard, and a fun zombie project for your kids to work on? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll all have a total blast making something like these zombie Barbie dolls outlined step by step on Crafts By Amanda! Plant their feet in the dirt in your yard to create a whole Halloween worthy zombie army marching towards Trick or Treaters.

14. Knitted zombie doll


Maybe you’d rather hand make a zombie themed gift for someone you love this Halloween, but your best DIY skills have always lied in your yarn work and knitting skills? Then we think you simply must take a look at how Craft Foxes made this absolutely awesome knitted zombie doll from a surprisingly simple pattern! We love the way they’ve embellished theirs in all kinds of gory ways, but you could switch the details up if you’re feeling creative.

15. Zombie slime


Were you totally intrigued when we mentioned the idea of themed slime but your kids are quite small so you’d rather stick to the classic texture and technique of making it? Then perhaps you’ll get along a little better with the way Schooling A Monkey simply dyed theirs a gooey, zombie-like green colour rather than swapping up how their slime was actually made.