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15 Awesome Recipes That Take Perogies to the Next Level

We do love an idea that brings adds a fun twist and reinvents recipes to ensure that you never feel bored. Today it the turn of a classic from central and Eastern Europe – Perogi. These tasty, unique and ‘sometimes easy to recreate’ perogi recipes introduce you to a whole new world of culinary delight. Enjoy!

1. Perogies with crispy fried onions

VIEW IN GALLERYPerogies with crsipy fried onions

(Source: Partial Ingredients)

Fried onions with perogies is a pretty classic idea, but this particular recipe makes sure that you do it right for maximum deliciousness.

2. Potato, mushroom, and carmelized onion perogies

VIEW IN GALLERYPotato, mushroom, and carmelized onion perogies

(Source: Food 52)

Most perogies are filled with potatoes, but adding some mushroom elevates the flavour and gives them a little something extra.

3. Spinach and eggplant perogies with grape tomatoes and yogurt sauce

VIEW IN GALLERYSpinch and eggplant perogies with grape tomatoes and yogurt sauce

(Source: Acquired Flavour)

These are like the gourmet chef’s version of regular perogies (only they’re still easy to make)!

4. Philly cheesestreak perogies

VIEW IN GALLERYPhilly cheesesteak perogies

(Source: Serious Eats)

What’s better than mashing up the flavours of two super yummy things? These perogies taste like philly cheesesteak sandwiches!

5. Perogie casserole

VIEW IN GALLERYPerogie casserole

(Source: How Sweet Eats)

It’s like a cheesy potato casserole, but so much better because it still tastes like perogies!

6. Cheddar perogies with sage butter sauce

VIEW IN GALLERYCheddar perogies with sage butter sauce

(Source: The Bite House)

The sage butter sauce gives these perogies  a little extra flavour… and the added butter makes them a little extra delicious.

7. Potato and cheese perogies

VIEW IN GALLERYPotato and cheese perogies

(Source: Life As A Strawberry)

Adding cheese is a classic pergoe-making strategy, but this recipe helps make sure that you do it in the best, most traditional way.

8. Perogies with spicy feta filling

VIEW IN GALLERYPerogies with spicy feta filling

(Source: Diethood)

Do you love cheese perogies but feel like trying something new? A spicy feta filling might just be exactly the flavour you’re looking for!

9. Perogie pizza

VIEW IN GALLERYPerogie pizza

(Source: How Sweet Eats)

Perogies. Pizza. Need we say more?

10. Onion chutney perogie potstickers

VIEW IN GALLERYOnion chutney perogie potstickers

(Source: Food 52)

Do you love Asian cuisine? This recipe is a perfect combination of potsticker dumplings and perogies!

11. Blushing beet perogie

VIEW IN GALLERYBlushing beet perogie

(Source: Bitter Sweet)

Why not add some vegetables to your meal of potatoes and dough? A beet filling contrasts the taste of perogies better than you’d think!

12. Whole wheat perogie with sweet potato filling

VIEW IN GALLERYWhole wheat perogie with sweet potato filling

(Source: Princess Misia)

Whole wheat dough and sweet potatoes make your perogies a little bit healthier (and more than a little bit delicious).

13. Lemon blueberry perogie with spiced sour cream

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon blueberry perogie with spiced sour cream

(Source: Dash of East)

Did you know that perogies can be sweet instead of savoury? Lemons, blueberries, and spiced sour cream topping make for a mouthwatering combination in a dessert or breakfast perogie!

14. Spinach artichoke dip-filled perogies

VIEW IN GALLERYSpinach artichoke dip-filled perogies

(Source: Serious Eats)

If you’re a huge fan of creamy, cheesy spinach artichoke dip, then you’ll lose your mind for these dip-filled perogies!

15. Perogies with Italian plum filling and spiced sour cream

VIEW IN GALLERYPerogies with Italian plum filling and spiced sour cream

(Source: Martha Stewart)

If you’re into cooking challenges and unique flavour combinations, these plum-filled perogies are the recipe for you!

Have you made other unique and delicious perogies that you don’t see here? Tell us about your recipe in the comments section!