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15 Cute Fall Crafts for Kids That Are Fun to Make

In our house, the adults aren’t the only ones breathing in the crisp fall air and brainstorming how best to use our DIY skills to make the most of the autumn season creatively! Our kids are actually just as crafty as we are, so they’re always trying to get in on the fun when we start thinking of ways to do some seasonally themed projects. That’s why we’re on the lookout for fall kids’ crafts right now!

If you’re interested in finding more creative ways to help your kids get crafty this fall too, check out these 15 super fun ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration.

1. Fall leaf lanterns


Like our kids, are yours always the most enthusiastic about crafts that give them a chance to get a little messy and hands-on, even if what they’re making is more decorative rather than something that looks like a child’s craft? Then we think you’ll all get along just as well with these fall leaf decoupage candle lanterns from Happiness is Homemade just as well as we did!

2. Apple paper plate lacing craft


If you’re going to make seasonal fall crafts with your kids, would you rather it be be something a little more active that keeps them busy for sightly longer almost like an actual activity that just happens to result in something cute you can hang on the fridge? Well, if you have any plans to teach them about sewing in the future, here’s a great, kid-friendly place to start! Check out this tutorial from Our Kid Things to learn more about this fall apple themed paper plate lacing craft.

3. Tissue paper fall tree


Just in case your kids adore crafts with texture just as much as most do, here’s a cool fall craft that’s pretty hands-on but also pretty mess free compared to things involving paint or papier mache! This tutorial from I Heart Crafty Things shows you how to make a trunk and tree base from paper before adding the look of fall leaves by scrunching and gluing small pieces of tissue paper in nice fall colours like red, green, orange, and yellow.

4. Paper scarecrow


Our kids are very crafty indeed, but the little ones are still quite young, so we love having a few themed ideas up our sleeve that we can pull out any time and make with the usual crafting supplies that most DIY parents already have on hand. That’s why we liked this cute folded paper fall scarecrow craft so much! See how it’s made in more detail on Meaningful Mama.

5. Popsicle stick apple cores


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about apple themed fall craft ideas because your kids went apple picking for the first time recently and adored it, but you’re just not sure they’ll have the patience for the lacing craft we showed you earlier? Well, if you’ve got popsicle sticks and coloured paper on hand, then you’ve got nearly everything you need to make these cute apple cores outlined step by step on Glued to My Crafts! We like that they used sparkly paper for a little extra excitement.

6. Apple stamped banner


If there’s one thing we’ve always loved making and hanging up for decor as the seasons change, it’s a good themed garland or banner! There are just so many fun, diverse options out there. In terms of ideas that your kids can get in on, we’d suggest taking a look at how Happiness is Homemade made this cute flag style bunting that was decorated using apples for some fruit stamping!

7. Paper plate and seed sunflowers


Have you ever been to a cornfield or pumpkin patch and seen stunningly bright yellow sunflowers growing tall, admiring how they sway in the sun? Our kids always get a kick out of seeing flowers that are even taller than them and us. That’s why we thought this paper plate sunflower craft outlined in detail on The Resourceful Mama! We love the way they added a bit of novelty, texture, and realism by gluing actual sunflower seeds to the centre.

8. Leaf foxes


Whether you’re looking to do some leaf themed crafting with faux leaves, actual leaves collected from your yard, or simply paper cut into the shape of the leaf, here’s a cute idea that’s perfect for kids who also love animals! Glued to My Crafts created a tutorial that outlines the process of flipping those leaves upside down and embellishing them to look like little foxes.

9. Handprint acorn crafts


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of hands-on crafts that let your kids get a little bit messy, but you know that nothing you’ve seen so far is quite messy enough for your little artists? Then we think you might get along a little better with something like this painted handprint fall acorn project outlined in nice, clear detail on Crafty Morning!

10. Watercolour leaf wreaths


Perhaps your kids are huge fans of paper based crafts, since they’re such a fun, easy classic, but they’re also a little older and looking for a bit of a challenge? Then we think you might find this watercolour leaves idea quite intriguing indeed! Not only does this tutorial from Happiness is Homemade show you how to make the leaves themselves but they also walk you through the process of making them into a pretty fall door wreath as well.

11. Mason jar fall tree luminaries


Are you feeling quite enamoured with the fall themed candle lantern idea we showed you right at the top of our list but you’re just not sure that working with actual leaves is an option for you because you live in a place that stays quite warm and green all year round? Then perhaps you’ll appreciate the way Where Imagination Grows made this version using fall coloured tissue paper as leaves instead!

12. Button corn cob


In your family, is a huge part of welcoming fall also celebrating harvest, like so many country families do? Then we’d be willing to bet that this awesome DIY paper corn kids’ craft outlined in nice detail on The Pinterested Parent will really appeal to you! We love the way they upcycled colourful buttons as the kernels for a super fun look.

13. Popsicle stick scarecrow magnet


Did our previous suggestion for making a little fall scarecrow craft catch your eye quite well but you’re just not sure your kids will be interested in making yet another construction paper craft because they tend to make them so often? Then perhaps you’ll get along a little better with something like this popsicle stick version of a similar idea! We like the way Today’s Creative Ideas not only shows you how to make that happen, but also outlines the process for turning it into a fridge makeup too.

14. Glitter leaves garland


Maybe your favourite idea on our list so far has been the concept of making a cute fall bunting or garland that your kids can proudly hang up for family and friends to see, but they usually enjoy things that are a little flashier over working with food? Then you just might be the perfect group to give this sparkly little glittered leaf garland featured on House of Jade a try!

15. Pumpkin pie play dough


In our house, sometimes the crafts that are the most successful are the ones that involve making something the kids can keep playing with afterwards. It’s like a craft and a toy or activity all in one place! That’s why we thought this fall scented homemdae pumpkin play dough outlined step by simple step on Happiness is Homemade was such a good idea.

Have you made other kinds of awesome fall themed kids’ crafts before that your little ones had a blast with but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created together and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!