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15 Tasty Fall Muffins Recipes to Try

Although we’re pleased to boast that we’re well rounded DIY enthusiasts, it’s entirely true that we’re particularly skilled in the kitchen. There’s just something about cooking and baking that makes us feel extra great! Lately, we’ve been on a real muffin baking kick because, although they’re a delicious snack all year round, there’s just something about the fall season that makes us want an abundance of soft, warm, seasonal tasting comfort snacks as the weather turns colder. That’s why we’ve had our eyes peeled for fantastic autumn muffin recipes for the last few weeks!

If you’re feeling just as enthusiastic as we are, if not more, about the idea of learning how to make new fall muffins, check out these 15 delicious recipes, flavour ideas, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in this year’s search for inspiration and guidance.

1. Tasty fall pumpkin muffins


If you’re anything like us then you’re probably in a state of excitement all autumn long because it’s finally pumpkin season! There’s just something we adore so much about pumpkin flavoured things. We’re sure it’ll come as absolutely no surprise, then, that this particular fall pumpkin muffin recipe outlined step by step on Marin Mommies was one of the first batches we made this month.

2. Delicious apple muffins


Where we live, apples are at the height of their season right now, getting as ripe and delicious as they’ll ever be. That makes this the perfect time of year for a bit of apple baking! Our Family World happens to agree, so we’d definitely suggest taking a look at their recipe for delicious apple fall muffins that have great taste and an essentially perfect texture.

3. Paleo pumpkin zucchini muffins


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about the idea of making pumpkin muffins but you’ve been going out of your way lately to make the healthiest food choices you can while still treating yourself and your family here and there? In that case, we’d absolutely encourage you to take a look at the way Joy Food Sunshine made these scrumptious pumpkin zucchini muffins that are also paleo!

4. Spiced apple muffins


Were you actually feeling kind of intrigued by the idea of making soft apple muffins for the fall season but you’ve also always been the kind of person who prefers a bit more kick in just about any recipe you try, especially during seasons where things like cinnamon area so popular? In that case, we’d be willing to bet that something like this spiced apple muffin recipe outlined in detail on Living Sweet Moments might appeal to you a little more!

5. Tasty cranberry muffins


Cranberries are one of those ingredients that span two seasons, showing up in fall and winter recipes, and we couldn’t be happier about that because we love their flavour so much! We’ll take as many excuses to eat cranberries as we can possible get our hands on. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this yummy fall cranberry muffin recipe outlined nice and neatly on Recipe Girl.

6. Dulce de leche pumpkin muffins


Are you actually still feeling quite enamoured with the idea of making yourself some kind of delicious pumpkin muffin but you’re just not sure that the previous ideas we showed you earlier were quite decadent enough? Well, if you’d much rather create something slightly more dessert like in order to really treat yourself, then we think you might prefer this dulce de leche pumpkin muffin recipe featured in detail on Kleinworth & Co.!

7. Apple fritter muffins


Have we really caught your attention with this whole idea of making a muffin that’s a little more of a treat but you’re feeling more intrigued by the idea of working with apple flavours than pumpkin? Then we think you’ll be pleased to learn that Recipe Girl has just the kind of thing you’re looking for! Check out this tutorial to see how these glazed apple fritter muffins were made in more detail.

8. Honey pear muffins


Pumpkins and apples aren’t the only fall fruits that are perfectly ripe and crazy delicious around this time of year, nor are they the only fall fruits that are perfect for making autumn muffins with! Just in case you’re still looking for fruity ideas, here’s a recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod that shows you how to make absolutely mouthwatering seasonal muffins with honey and pears.

9. Fall zucchini muffins


Are you still on the lookout for slightly healthier fall muffin ideas but we just haven’t quite caught and kept your attention yet with the things you’ve seen so far? Then we’d suggest taking a look at this idea from Happy Fit Mama instead! Their tutorial outlines the steps for making fall zucchini muffins that are slightly less sweet and make a delicious breakfast on the go.

10. Cranberry bliss muffins


Just in case you’re still trying to find very sweet and treat-like alternatives to your favourite otherwise quiet healthy fall season muffins, here’s another idea for the cranberry lovers that’s a little less suited for breakfast and would perhaps make a better dessert! Take a better look at the tutorial on Kitchen Treaty to see how these iced cranberry bliss muffins were made.

11. Applesauce donut muffins


Are you actually just straight up looking for a dessert recipe now but you’re a total fan of the way combination recipes, where the best parts of more than one treat are put together in the same dish, have become so popular? Then we’d definitely suggest giving these absolutely irresistible apple sauce donut muffins that are covered in cinnamon and sugar a try. Get the dull details for making it happen on Buns in My Oven!

12. Pumpkin spiced muffin with baked apple and brownie


Perhaps you’re actually very experienced indeed in the world of muffin making and you’ve been holding our making a choice as you scroll because you’re trying to find something a little more challenging, impressive, and unique? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate the way this next recipe from Celeb Baby Laundry is basically gourmet! Check out their page to find out how you can make these pumpkin spiced muffins with baked apples and brownies.

13. Sugar free, gluten free blender muffins for babies and toddlers


Has all our talk about slightly healthier muffin recipe actually still got you thinking about muffins as a smart breakfast choice but you’re convinced your kids will like them even more than you because of their soft texture? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate the way Baby Foodie outlines the process of making these gluten free, sugar free blender muffins that are a perfect snack choice for babies and toddlers.

14. Carrot, coconut, and oatmeal breakfast muffins


If we’re going to do all this talking about how muffins make a great breakfast choice, would you actually rather get hold of a recipe that helps you make a muffin specifically intended to be eaten at breakfast? Then we just know you’re going to completely adore the way Bluprint made these carrot, coconut, and oatmeal breakfast muffins in just a few simple steps.

15. Autumn nutmeg muffins


For you, is fall flavour actually all about the spices? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Taking Time for Mommy put some seasonal tastes to great use in their series of delicious fall muffin recipes, but more specifically these autumn nutmeg recipes that are packed with mouthwatering but simple and subtle tasting flavour.

Have you made other fantastic and delicious kinds of fall muffins before that were a huge hit with your family but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about them or link us to the recipe in the comments section so we can try them out as well!