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15 Mouth Watering Pumpkin Flavoured Desserts for Fall

Fall is our favourite time of year for so many reasons, but one of the main ones is our completely intense love for pumpkin and all things pumpkin flavoured! Even once Halloween is done and the Jack-O-Lanterns are put away, you’ll still find us ordering, cooking, and baking all kinds of pumpkin flavoured things right up until Thanksgiving, and maybe even afterwards. We love all kinds of pumpkin flavoured recipes, like entrees and drinks, but if you ask us, the best pumpkin things to make are definitely the baked goods. There are just so many deliciously decadent pumpkin flavoured delicacies that you can try!

Just in case you love pumpkin baking just as much as we do but you’re feeling in need of some guidance and ideas, here’s a list of our 15 favourite recipes for you to try this fall.

1. Pumpkin crumble with ice cream


There are no two ways about it- crumbles are delicious. No matter what flavour you’re making, the combination of flavour and sweet crunch that you get when you make a crumble is practically unparalleled. Usually we lean towards fruit flavoured crumbles but in the fall, we just have to shake it up and set pumpkin back in the centre stage! Taste of Home guides you through the process of making a delicious crumble that has all the fall flavour you like best.

2. Turkish pumpkin dessert


We know we said this post would concentrate most on baked goods specifically but when we came across this delicious Turkish pumpkin dessert we just couldn’t resist including it on our list! This dish involves smothering boiled pumpkin slices in lemon juice and sprinkling them with crushed hazelnut and cinnamon. Turkish Food Adventure gives you the full recipe in more detail.

3. Whipped pumpkin dessert


We’ve always loved creamy “dream” style desserts because they’re high in sugar and rich in flavour, and aren’t those the precise things you make yourself a dessert for? Justina’s Gems shows you how to make a creamy pumpkin dessert with a Cool Whip topping that’s accompanied by crunchy pecans and a completely delicious pie crust along the bottom.

4. Pumpkin Twinkie dessert


Does the recipe above appeal to you greatly thanks to how delicious pumpkin and cool whip taste together but your kids have just never loved pie crusts, so you hesitate to make it? In that case, here’s an awesome alternative for you that, thanks to the deliciously awesome alternative Café Mom used for pie crusts, is super kid-friendly! Instead of the crust, they decided to use a layer of Twinkie treats laid into the pan and then covered with a sweet creamed pumpkin mixture and cool whip.


5. Vegan pumpkin pie cheesecake


Do you have someone in your family who also loves pumpkin desserts just as much as you do but they’re vegan, so they can’t always enjoy the baked desserts that you make for everyone else? Then here’s a great alternative vegan recipe that’s very easy for you to make, even if you’re busy with other desserts on the fly as well. Lands and Flavours walks you through the process of making a scrumptious vegan pumpkin cheesecake that everyone will be able to enjoy, no matter their dietary restrictions or preferences.

6. Southern pumpkin delight


Are you still very into the idea of having a creamed pumpkin dream style dessert but you don’t quite like either crust option that we’ve shown you so far? Then maybe you’d prefer something that resembles a cookie, just to really hit the whole idea of making yourself a real treat home? Well, as long as you don’t have any nut allergies, then perhaps you’d prefer this crushed pecan crust from Satisfying Eats! It adds a little bit of flavour of its own and complements the sweet pumpkin flavour well.

7. Easy pumpkin roll


Have you always loved Swiss rolls more than just about any dessert, but you’re used to having the chocolate cream or vanilla raspberry kind most often? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love this super fall flavoured pumpkin version from Yummy, Healthy, Easy! It’s made in a very similar way to the other rolls you’ve made before but this recipe will show you how to make the cake batter portion to contain pumpkin and cinnamon instead of chocolate or vanilla extract.

8. Pumpkin crunch cake


When we were talking about the idea of a delicious crunchy crumble earlier on our list, did that idea really appeal to you, but you’d actually like your dessert to have a bit more of a satisfying cake texture too? Then this flavourful pumpkin crunch cake recipe might be just the recipe you’re looking for! Hot Eats and Cool Reads guides you step by step through the process of preparing the pumpkin, making the cake batter, and adding the crust-like texture on top that really gives it the crunch you’re looking for.

9. Pumpkin pudding


All of these cakes and baked goods are very delicious things, and once again, we know we said we’d talk about bake goods primarily, but what if you came to our list hoping to find other kinds of pumpkin desserts too? In that case, we definitely think you should take a look at this delicious pumpkin pudding made by The Right Plan. We’ve actually made this before perhaps a dozen times and we’ll make it again too because it hits the mark perfectly between sweet and savoury.

10. Pumpkin ice cream dessert


Have you been looking at all of these creamy pumpkin desserts and thinking about how you’d love to make them if only they were chilled with ice cream because those are your favourite kinds of treats? In that case, we have a feeling we found just the recipe for you! Hot Eats and Cool Treats guides you through making a version of the pumpkin dream dessert that involves ice cream in their mixture.

11. Pumpkin buttercream cake


We’ve shown you a few different pumpkin cakes by now, but none of them have really been a classic sponge cake that involving pumpkin. What if the desserts you were really going for is something more along the lines of an iced chocolate fudge cake? Then we have a feeling you might prefer something like this pumpkin buttercream cake with a fragrant pumpkin and cinnamon spiced buttercream icing from Wine and Plum! We’ve tried this recipe before in real life and we can assure you it’s a deliciously satisfying one.

12. Pumpkin mousse recipe


Are you still thinking about the pumpkin pudding we showed you but there’s just something about the texture of pudding that has never appealed to you, even though you actually enjoy mousse just fine? In that case, we have the perfect pudding alternative for you! Regional Fitness Centre walks you through the process of making a rich tasting pumpkin mousse that’s spiced to absolute perfection with cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with just a dollop of whipped cream or Cool Whip.

13. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies


No matter what time of year it is, chocolate chip cookies are a classic treat that we love baking all year round. That doesn’t mean, however, that we aren’t open to putting fun twists on our favourite things every once in a while! In fact, looking into super fun chocolate chip cookie recipes that would shake things up was how we found this wonderfully fall flavoured recipe from Lakeside View! They teach you how to make a cookie dough that, in addition to the butter, sugar, and chocolate chips that you love in your classic recipe, contains pureed pumpkin that transforms the whole flavour.

14. Pumpkin tiramisu layered cake


Are you still intrigued by the idea of a pumpkin cake but you’d like something with a little more to it than simple just a sponge cake covered in buttercream icing? Then perhaps you’d prefer this decadently layered tiramisu version of a pumpkin cake instead! HGTV shows you how to make the batter, mix the icing, and get your layers piled just right. Crumble cookies on top to really make it look and taste like a tiramisu despite the pumpkin element that a classic tiramisu pudding wouldn’t necessarily have.

15. Pumpkin spice bundt cake


At this point on our list, we’ve talked about just about every kind of cake there is except one: deliciously dense bundt cakes! You might not see pumpkin flavoured bundt cakes very often, but there are certainly a few recipes out there and we’ve tried many of them. Of the ones we’ve tried, our very favourite is this easy-to-follow recipe from Chow Hound. It’s spiced perfectly and tastes just like that great fall pumpkin flavour we love, but with a solid bundt cake texture. Try smothering it with a caramel drizzle, just like you see in this picture!