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9 DIY Flip Flop Makeovers

Welcome to Extreme Makeover: The Flip Flop Edition! Summer is upon us and with it, a season of flip flops. They are such a practical and simple footwear, but to be honest, they can get a bit boring – especially when they all look the same! This summer, say goodbye to monotone flip flops and make a fashion statement by upgrading them into better footwear that everyone will notice! Here are 9 DIY flip flop makeovers!

1. Flip Flops With Paillettes

VIEW IN GALLERYFlip Flops With Paillettes

TiB shows us that paillettes can be a great way to spice up our old flip flops. As the sun rays reflect from the golden paillettes, the flip flops will be super noticeable, not to mention their cheerful and youthful appearance! Shine baby, shine!

2. Braided Straps


We all know the feeling of walking around in flip flops and silently cursing the plastic straps cutting into our feet, making us feel uncomfortable. Thankfully, you can get rid of the plastic! This project by Make It & Love It includes a soft, stretchy fabric that your feet will be so thankful for!

3. Pom Poms


Pom poms can turn even the most boring thing into something funky! Their liveliness will fit everyone who wants to step up their flip flop game! Just imagine these cute pom poms bouncing left and right as you walk around! Find the tutorial for this cuteness at The Country Chic Cottage.

4. Sling Back Flip Flop

VIEW IN GALLERYSling Back Flip Flop

Another super comfortable, summery project! Let your feet breathe and be comfortable as you enjoy the hot days of summer. Pick out your favorite fabric, then go to Sew Caroline and learn how to make these adorable flip flop sling backs!

5. Crochet Flower


We hear you, crochet lovers! No need for mittens, blankets and scarves during the summer, so here’s a project to keep you busy! Upgrade your flip flops: take them from unnoticeable to adorable and eye-catching! See how you can make them here!

6. Rope & Tassels


A little bit of navy inspiration with these flip flops decorated by rope and tassels! Just imagine how perfectly they will go with your summer dresses! The best part about them is that they remain simple yet unique – not boring at all! Read the details at Made In A Day!

7. Embellished Flip Flops

VIEW IN GALLERYEmbellished Flip Flops

Here’s an idea to put all of those buttons you’re storing in a giant jar to a good use! Pick a color palette, A Little CLAREificarion went with green and purple, and make yourself embellished flip flops that will stay your companions for summers to come!

8. Beads and seashells

VIEW IN GALLERYBeads and seashells

Beads, pearls and seashells for the win! These flip flops look incredibly elegant. You can wear them to a fancier event, like a summer wedding or an outdoorsy dinner party! TiB has all the details you will need to conquer this charming project!

9. Fabric Flip Flops

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric Flip Flops

Summer means beach days and these flip flops are absolutely perfect for long walks on the beach, maybe even letting the ocean cool your feet! You can tell just by looking at the picture how comfy they are! Now’s the ideal time to make them & pack them into your beach bag! Visit Practically Functional for instructions!

Are you ready to walk into summer with brand new flip flops? Let the makeover begin!