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Unique DIY Christmas Bags Your Loved Ones Will Love Opening

Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely adore receiving gifts for Christmas. We also love giving them to our family and friends and seeing their faces light up, too! Besides those things, however, our absolutely favourite part of the whole Christmas gift exchange process is wrapping our presents! Every once in a while we enjoy using gift paper and creating cute packages, but usually we prefer putting things in cute bags, embellishing them with candies, cards, toys, or tissue. We particularly enjoy putting our gifts in awesome Christmas bags, however, when we made the bags ourselves!

Check out these 15 awesome Christmas gift bag designs that are just as adorable as they are DIY.

1. Stitched felt gift bag

VIEW IN GALLERYstitched felt gift bag

When it comes to easy crafting that holds its shape well, felt is an amazing material to use! We also love that it’s super simple to work with as well. That’s why we’re such big fans of this adorable little felt gift bag idea from Milky Mug! We’re particularly big fans of the way they’ve left the embroidered edges visible for a little bit of detail beyond the super fun glitter glue patterns they’ve created.

2. Musical Christmas tree gift bag

VIEW IN GALLERYMusical Christmas tree gift bag

Do you know someone who loves music more than life itself? Then incorporate that into this year’s holiday gift wrap theme for their gift! That way, even if the gift itself isn’t music themed, at least their favourite thing makes an appearance in some way, and it looks completely adorable to boot. Check out how Her Creative Spirit used old printed sheet music to make pretty paper gift bags.

3. Mini felt gift bag with a bow

VIEW IN GALLERYMini felt gift bag with a bow

Did you like the idea of making a little felt gift bag but you’re not really a fan of leaving visible stitches all around the edge? Then try making these neat little gift sacks instead! We love the way Blueberry Junkie has tied the top of the bag closed with a big fabric ribbon. You could use any colour or pattern ribbon you like to personalize each person’s gift.

4. Shabby chic burlap gift bag

VIEW IN GALLERYShabby chic burlap gift bag

Are you having a rustic Christmas with a bit of a shabby chic aesthetic involved? Then make sure you wrap your presents to fit the theme! The best way we’ve seen so far this year to establish that look is to wrap your gifts in stylishly weathered little burlap bags tied with ribbon, just like The Serendipitous Scrapper did here.

5. Festive crochet gift bag

VIEW IN GALLERYFestive crochet gift bag

Are you a crocheting champion who’s always on the lookout for ways to incorporate crochet into your other DIY projects? Well, making gift bags doesn’t have to be an exception to that because Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days has found the perfect way for you to use your skills to wrap gifts in a lovely way! Their crocheted bag pattern is simple and you can choose whatever kind of ribbon you like to tie it together once it’s stuffed.

6. Small wrapping paper gift bags

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Small wrapping paper gift bags

Perhaps you actually did wrap most of your gifts in paper gift wrap but you’re running low and you’re not sure you have enough to wrap all the way around the last gift? Try using those last few scraps of paper to make a DIY gift bag instead! You’ll be able to fit something inside hidden with tissue even if you wouldn’t originally have had enough paper to wrap the entire outside of the object. Check out how these cute little bags by Crazy Little Projects are made.

7. Wax paper snowflake treat bags

VIEW IN GALLERYWax paper snowflake treat bags

Some of our favourite DIY projects are those that use unconventional materials, especially when those materials are simple household wares that we probably already have in our cupboards! Martha Stewart guides you through the process of using wax paper to create a silhouetted snow effect on little gift bags folded from simple wax paper like you’d use in your kitchen.

8. Upcycled paper gift bags

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled paper gift bags

Are you looking at all of the different options we’ve given you and thinking that the ones made from different types of paper are your absolute favourite? Then take that theme and run with it! A Spoonful of Sugar Designs teaches you step by step how to fold cute little gift bags out of any kind of upcycled paper you can get your hands on.

9. Upcycled napkin gift pouches

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade upcycled napkin gift pouches

Was one of your Christmas presents to yourself a set of pretty new fabric dinner table napkins? Then it’s time to upcycle your old ones into awesome DIY projects that you’ll actually use! We love this idea from Pretty Handy Girl for turning old napkins into lovely little Christmas themed gift bags that are the perfect side for all kinds of little trinkets and gifts, including new technology.

10. DIY Santa bag


Are you so intent on giving our kids the full Santa experience before they’re too old that you’d love to make it look like he just walked into your living room and left them his entire sack presents for being so well behaved all year? Then it’s time to sew yourself your very own Santa sack! It’s so much simpler than it looks, especially if you follow this easy tutorial by Crafter Hours.

11. Gift wrap, sticker, and washi tape gift bag

VIEW IN GALLERYGift wrap, sticker, and washi tape gift bag

Are you really feeling the budget constraints this year and you spent most of your holiday money on the gifts, so you don’t have much to spare for the wrap and presentation of those presents? Then go for an overtly DIY, cutely thrown together look made from supplies that you already have! We love how Hello Sandwich created this cute, kitschy bag from upcycled paper, gift wrap, stickers, and washi tape.

12. Paper pyramid gift boxes

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper pyramid gift boxes

Okay, so we know that this one isn’t technically a gift “bag”, but it’s DIY and it’s completely adorable! Lines Across shows you where to fold and cut in order to make a lovely little pyramid shape that’s perfect for storing and gifting things with a little more structure. On top of that, it looks completely adorable!

13. Scrap fabric gift pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYScrap fabric gift pouch

Are you an avid sewing enthusiast who has a whole pile of scrap fabric leftover from previous projects that you’ve just been waiting for the opportunity to use? Then A Spoonful of Sugar Designs has a great idea for you this Christmas! Their tutorial shows you the steps for making these adorable little gathering pouches.

14. Reindeer paper bag

VIEW IN GALLERYReindeer paper bag

Lines Across reminds you that the gift wrap isn’t really the most important part of what you’re giving the person; the important part is showing them you care! That means you can totally use simple supplies in creative ways and still please the person you’re gifting to. We think that’s why we love their little paper bag idea so much. They’ve made a simple paper lunch bag look like a reindeer and the gift is inside!

15. Arm knitted gift bag

VIEW IN GALLERYArm knitted gift bag

Are you looking for something reusable that will doing as an awesome way to display your gifts, but also a recurring functional decor piece that you can use every year? Are you also a complete knitting addict who always keeps up on the latest trends in the knitting world? Then this arm knitted gift sack is the project for you! The Forever Farmhouse gives you the pattern in detail, just in case you’ve never arm knitted before but have been wanting to give it a try.