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15 Best Fall Vegetable Casseroles Ideas

In our house, we’re pretty lucky that every single member of the family is a total vegetable lover. We’ve never really had trouble getting our kids to eat their veggies and we’re very grateful for that indeed! We’re also convinced that part of what’s responsible for the fact is our slight obsession with finding new ways to serve veggies in a manner that makes them even more delicious than they already are. Lately, we’ve been feeling really enthusiastic about vegetable casseroles, so we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for recipes that make sense to serve in the fall.

Are you feeling just as intrigued as we were, if not more, by the idea of learning how to make new fall casseroles? Check out this list of 15 of the very best ideas, flavour combinations, and recipes that we’ve come across so far in this year’s search for new things to make all fall long!

1. Baked fall vegetable casserole


Are you still a bit of a learner in the kitchen when it comes to making full dishes and hot side dishes from scratch, but you’re feeling determined to make your family something really satisfying? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Stonyfield Organic made this deliciously cheesy baked vegetable casserole filled with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and more!

2. Autumn tian (beets, tomato, and potato bake)


Have you actually been hoping to find a delicious casserole recipe that will help you make some of the vegetables your kids won’t eat into a dish so good that they won’t be able to resist, helping them realize how great those things really taste? Well, before our kids knew how much they loved beets, that’s precisely what we did with this delicious recipe from Martha Stewart! They teach you how this autumn tian (or beet, tomato, and potato bake) was made in just a few easy steps.

3. Carrot turnip casserole


Are you actually the kind of vegetable lover who has always loved recipes that let you mash or puree your favourite veggies the most? Well, that might sound like an idea most often reserved for potatoes, but we’re quite pleased to tell you that there are actually all kinds of vegetables you can give that consistency to! This mouthwatering carrot turnip casserole outlined step by step on Food 52 is the perfect example of what we mean.

4. Turnip au gratin casserole


Have we really caught your attention with the whole idea of making recipes with turnips, since they’re one of your favourite vegetables, but you’re just not sure that the idea of mixing in carrots really appeals to you? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like this turnip au gratin casserole outlined step by step on Whole Lifestyle Nutrition!

5. Squash casserole


If we’re being totally honest with you, squash is one of our very favourite things to eat period, even if you expand the category beyond just vegetables. It’s actually one of our favourite foods over all! We doubt it’ll surprise you at all to learn, then that we’ve made this delicious squash casserole from The Stay at Home Chef several times and enjoyed every single bite of each.

6. Roasted butternut squash with rosemary gratin casserole


Perhaps you’re finding yourself feeling quite enamoured indeed now with the idea of making some kind of gratin style casserole but the previous recipe we showed you just didn’t quite make you feel decided? Well, if you’re more of a squash lover, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Recipe Girl made this fantastic tasting roasted butternut squash with rosemary gratin casserole instead!

7. Brussel sprout parsnip casserole


Just in case you’re looking for another way to present vegetables that kids classically don’t like to your little ones in a way that’s so good they just can’t resist them but beets aren’t really the problem, here’s an idea for those who have been shying away from brussel sprouts! Take a better look at Naturally Lindsay to see how this brussel sprout parsnip casserole was made.

8. Cheesy corn casserole


Even though you’re working with vegetables, are you actually feeling in the mood for something that’s a little more of an indulgence, just to treat yourself? Then we’d be willing to bet that something like this cheesy corn casserole outlined step by step on Sugar and Soul might be a little more up your alley!

9. Savoury pumpkin casserole with herbs


If you’re going to put in all the time and effort it takes to make something vegetable based that really tastes like fall, would you much prefer to do it with pumpkin, since that’s the real start of the season? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at this fantastic recipe and tutorial from Low Carb Yum that teaches you how to make a savoury pumpkin casserole garnished with herbs.

10. Fall roasted vegetable casserole


Are you actually scrolling through our list and finding that you’re really having trouble choosing between dishes because you just can’t pick which one you like best and want to feature most? Well, who ever said you have to choose? Instead, making something like this fall roasted vegetable casserole featured on From My Bowl that lets you combine all kinds of delicious things in one place!

11. Sweet potato oatmeal breakfast casserole


Did you know that dinnertime casseroles aren’t actually the only kind you can make, even if you’re feeling intent on involving vegetables in the mix? Well, if not, then we’re sorry to tell you that you’re missing out on something delicious! Fix that situation by giving something like this sweet potato oatmeal breakfast casserole featured on Yummly a try!

12. Cheesy ‘whatever you have’ fall vegetable casserole


If you’re the kind of cook who loves working with whatever you happen to have in the fridge when the feeling takes you then we think you just might be the perfect person to give this next recipe from Organic Vegan Earth a try! Their tutorial guides you through some tips and tricks for combining the veggies you have with a few fall classics into a deliciously cheesy casserole.

13. Cheesy Brussel sprout casserole


Did we almost catch your attention when we showed you the previous brussel sprout recipe you saw on this list but you’re just not feeling wholly convinced yet? Well, if you’re a bacon lover, then we have a feeling you’re going to much prefer this version from Delish that guides you through the steps for making a casserole that tops your favourite sprouts with bacon and cheese.

14. Chicken and fall vegetable casserole


Even though you’re primarily looking for a recipe that involves vegetables and fall flavours, have you still actually been scrolling through our list feeling like you’ll have to make a side of meat because you don’t usually feel satisfied with just vegetable based meals? Well, why not put the meat right into your casserole then? We’d suggest taking a look at how John Soules Food made this chicken and fall vegetable casserole in just a few simple steps.

15. Quick Harvard beets


If you’re going to go to the effort of making a vegetable casserole of any kind, would you much rather make something that’s essentially just vegetables and a light sauce rather than being smothered with cheese and mixed with all kinds of other things? Well, if your were almost convinced by the previous beet recipe we showed you but couldn’t help wishing it were a little simpler then we think you simply must take a look at this quick Harvard beets recipe outlined step by step on Taste of Home.

Do you have another favourite vegetable casserole that’s perfect for fall and that your family always loves eating but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it in the comments section or link us to the recipe so we can try it out as well!