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Wonderful DIY Pretty Wedding Pomander/Kissing Ball

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY-Paper-Flower-Pomanders FThis is a great DIY project that can be used for a variety of things in your wedding! It is wonderful for bouquets, decor and centerpieces.That’s floral pomander (sometimes called kissing ball) .
What is a pomander ball? A pomander, from French pomme d’ambre (apple of amber) , is a ball made of perfumes. Today as we see the trend of everything vintage, shabby chic come full circle, pomander s and “kissing” balls are once again popular. They are a great addition to wedding decor or a baby’s nursery.
Create a beautiful Pomander (Kissing Ball) Centerpiece with this easy Step by Step Tutorial…

Click here for the instructions from “diy.wed-central “

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Click here for the Tutorial from ‘Holiday Crafts and Creations’

Image source: Pinterest

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  DIY Origami kusudama flower ball