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Charm of Gold: Luxurious Gold Leaf Projects 

Gold is the color of royalty. It’s always a safe color to choose if you’re trying to create something with a lavish and luxurious look. There are many ways to get your hands on a gold color, but one of the best ones (especially when planning for a DIY project) is to use a gold leaf sheet. It’s a very delicate material that is easy to work with and gives you the most exceptional results. Here are 11 luxurious gold leaf projects! 

1. Gold Leaf Lampshade 


Lampshades are something that we seldom replace. We buy one and when our decoration preferences change and the lampshade feels boring or like it’s not quite contributing to the living space anymore, we simply grow complacent about it. Craft Thyme will show you how to use a gold leaf to update an old lampshade!

2. Gold Leaf Wall Art 


Creating wall art for your home is usually much more fun than just buying it online. When you make it yourself it’s going to be the most unique artistic piece in the world! If you want to spice up your art piece with a little bit of gold, check in with Live Love DIY!

3. Gold Leaf Ornaments 


Classic Christmas tree ornaments can get a little boring after you hang up the same ones year after year. It’s never too early to start thinking of how you can create innovative ornaments and The Sweetest Occasion‘s gold leaf take on them is the perfect tutorial to master!

4. Gold Leaf Curtains


You love your curtains, sure, but you’ve had them for a while now and there’s no denying that they could absolutely use a little makeover. If you listen to The Gathered Home‘s advice, you can give them a fancy golden update in just a few short steps!

5. Gold Leaf Lettered Canvas 


Lettered canvases are becoming a really popular choice of wall decor, thanks to their chic style and simplicity of carrying a message. Visit Melissa Riker to learn more about how this gold leaf letter canvas was made! Its metallic-meets-minimalistic look is perfect for an urban apartment!

6. Gold Leaf Candlesticks


One of the reasons why many people choose a gold leaf over a gold spray paint is because the former gives a much rougher and less polished look. It’s a great option if you’re aiming to create something with a valuable vintage appearance. HGTV‘s gold leaf candlesticks are a great example!

7. Gold Leaf Monogram 


Making a monogram is one of the most personalized projects you can do and whether you’re creating it for yourself or for someone you love, because of the personal nature of the project you want to infuse it with a special kind of charm. Find out how to do that at Pure Joy Home!

8. Gold Leaf Ring Bowl 


How do you display your jewelry? Do you keep it in boxes and drawers or do you prefer to leave it out in the open so that you can always rest your eyes on it? A super modern way of displaying your most valuable pieces is to invest into little display bowls, such as the lovely gold leaf ring bowl by Hello Glow!

9. Gold Leaf Earrings 


Gold jewelry is very compelling and it always makes a big impact, but if you feel called to create a piece that carries the charm of gold as well as the softness of another color, the dynamic bi-colored earrings we found at Made in a Day are perfect for you!

10. Gold Leaf Planters 


Are there some old planters hiding at the back of your garden shed that are in a desperate need of a makeover? A little bit of gold can fix almost anything! Go shopping for some gold leaf sheets and don’t miss Design Sponge‘s tutorial for these gilded terra cotta planters!

11. Gold Leaf Light Switch Plate 


We all have light switch plates in our homes and most of the time we completely overlook them when we’re decorating our living space. Know that your light switch plates don’t have to be plain and boring – in fact, Sarah Hearts can show you how they can get an outstanding golden look!