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Smart DIY Baby Proofing Techniques

Preparing for the arrival of your new baby is exciting, but it can also be an expensive process. Using your DIY skills to baby proof the sharp edges in your home, among other dangers, can save you a little bit of time and money!

Check out these easy, crafty ways to keep your little one out of trouble on a budget.

1. Foam pipe insulation on sharp edges

VIEW IN GALLERYFoam pipe insulation on sharp edges

(Source: Instructables)

Soft foam tubing is easy to place around glass table edges if you cut it down one side. It will cause much less damage than a sharp edge if Baby falls too close to the table.

2. Tennis balls on table corners

VIEW IN GALLERYTennis ball for baby proofing

(Source: The Stir)

Like the foam tubing, tennis balls are a great way to protect little heads, teeth, and faces from painful corners, which can be even more menacing than edges.

3. Soften the taps

VIEW IN GALLERYSoften the taps

(Source: Sugru)

Anyone who’s ever spent time with kids knows how much little hands love to grab at new things. Hot metal taps in the sink and bath can be a problem to touch. Sugru, a removable glue that dries like a thing coat of rubber, will protect your baby’s skin from heat in the bath tub.

4. Hack Baby’s pajamas

VIEW IN GALLERYHack Baby's pajamas

(Source: Giddy Upcycled)

Sewing a stretchy strip of fabric from one leg of the onesie to the other gives Baby comfortable range of motion, but stops him from lifting his leg high enough to climb out of the crib. This is an easy fix to stop nasty falls at nap time.

5. Pool noodle door stopper

VIEW IN GALLERYPool noodle door stopper

(Source: A Bird and A Bean)

Cutting a section of pool noodle out and slicing it down one side so it can fit around a door edge will stop doors from slamming shut. This solves loud noises that wake babies and heavy doors that might pinch little fingers.

6. Command hook blind cords

VIEW IN GALLERYCommand hook blind cords

(Source: Don’t Underestimate Mommy)

Stick a Command Hook or sticky hook high up on the wall and loop the blind cords around it to minimize choking hazards presented by long strings.

7. Homemade teething guard

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade teething guard

(Source: Jamie Marie)

Teething babies might be tempted to chew on the edge of the crib, but this damages both the crib and their teeth. A homemade teething guard like this is easy, effective, and totally cute.

8. Hair tie the cupboards

VIEW IN GALLERYHair tie the cupboards

(Source: Joyfully Prudent)

This might be the simplest baby “hack” of all time! A hair elastic (or even a regular elastic band) loops across two cupboard knobs will stop little ones from opening the doors and getting into dangerous things.

9. No slip rugs


(Source: Today’s Homeowner)

Wobbly little legs are already a challenge when it comes to learning to walk. Make it easier on them by ensuring that your rugs and maps don’t slide around underneath your toddlers.

10. Tupperware surge protector

VIEW IN GALLERYTupperware surge protector

(Source: Andrew Raeback)

Power bars are necessary, but they’re also a risk for curious little fingers.  Tupperware container with a lid that clicks firmly shut will remedy that.

11. Duct tape electric sockets

(Source: The Stir)

It might not look very glamorous to place strips of duct tape over your wall sockets, but it’s easily removable and it’s a small price to pay to avoid an unpleasant shock.

12. Pet gates as baby gates


(Source: Orvis)

Dog owners have a leg up! Your pet gate works just as well as your baby gate when it comes to keeping Baby away from stairs or rooms that aren’t proofed yet.

13. Tulle air vents

VIEW IN GALLERYTulle air vents

(Source: Baby Toolkit)

Stop little ones from dropping small things into the air vents by wrapping a thin layer of tulle material around the vent before placing it back into its slot in the floor. The tulle material lets the air get through but stops things from slipping through the grate.

14. No-sew door muff

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-sew door muff

(Source: Makes and Takes)

This DIY door strip will keep the door quiet so that toddlers can’t slam doors and wake up their sleeping siblings. It’s thing enough, however, that doors will still close well.

15. DIY baby gate for shaped staircases

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY baby get for shaped staircases

(Source: Bombshell Bling)

Some homes don’t have straight staircases with walls that work for baby gates. If you have a free standing or winding staircase. Try making an unconventional “gate” like this instead!

Do you have other DIY baby proofing solutions that you don’t see here? Share your ideas with us in the comments section!