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Bake Away with Glee: Tasty Sticky Bun Recipes

When it comes to treating ourselves, we tend to choose baked goods over just about anything! Even within that category, however, we actually have a pretty particular preference. We wouldn’t necessarily say we’re picky, per se, we just know what we want and we don’t think that’s a bad thing, especially since we can usually make what we want ourselves! That’s the joy of being a kitchen enthusiast, even if you’re not quite a full fledged baker or chef. Besides, since the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”, who wouldn’t want to aim for expert baking status, if it means getting to bake as often as possible in order to “practice”?

Anyways, we’ve left you wondering about what our particular favorite kind of baked good is, so let’s get down to business. If we’re going to have all those calories, we want it to be from something nice and satisfying, so we’ve always been pretty partial to sticky buns. Besides the fact that they’re sweet and filling, they’re also great for trying new topping combinations because they taste good with just about anything!

1. Caramel pecan sticky buns


Just because you’re interested in finding new sticky bun recipes doesn’t mean you have to switch things up too much; what if you want something that just gives you a little extra flavour in the form of a few additional ingredients than the norm? Then we think you’re going to adore this delicious recipe from Relishing It! Check out their tutorial to see how they made the perfect sweet caramel for drizzling over pecan topped sticky buns.

2. Whole pecan sticky buns


There are all kinds of sticky bun recipes that feature crushed pecans, but what if the pecans are actually your favourite part and you always think about how you just can’t get enough of them with every bite? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make a version that gives you all the pecans you could ask for! Check out how Jessica Gavin topped their mouth watering sticky buns with whole candied pecans.

3. Delicious vegan sticky buns


If you’re going to make a delicious treat for your friends and family, do you want to make sure that all of them can enjoy it without being excluded because of dietary restrictions? Perhaps you’re actually the one who can’t eat certain ingredients in the average sticky bun recipe and you’ve been looking for an alternative that will have you chowing down practically before they’ve cooled? In that case, we think this vegan sticky bun recipe from Minimalist Baker is the perfect recipe for you!

4. Caramel pecan cinnamon rolls


Over the years, we’ve realized that we have friends and family members who are convinced that sticky buns and cinnamon rolls are the same dessert. As super treat enthusiasts, however, we know that the difference is in what the buns are topped and filled with! Cinnamon rolls are drizzled with delicious vanilla glaze and rolled with cinnamon which creates a flavour experience we’re crazy about, so we thought to ourselves… why not combine that with the taste of a sticky bun? Check out how Afternoon Baking With Grandma made cinnamon rolls, drizzled them with caramel, and sprinkled them with crushed pecans, just like a sticky bun.

5. Sweet and salty bacon sticky buns


Are you the kind of experimental home baker who can’t resist an opportunity to try something new when it comes to putting slightly strange food combinations together? Well, particularly if your favourite part of classic sticky buns is the way the salt of the pecans tastes with the sweet sauce and bun, then here’s a recipe that plays right into your tastes. Dash of Savoury shows you how to make delicious sticky buns that are topped with- get this- deliciously salty bits of bacon!

6. Easy puff pasty sticky buns


Are your kids crazy about sticky buns but sometimes they request them at a moment’s notice, when you don’t have time to make the dough for the buns the classic way? Then here’s a way to make nearly the same thing more quickly! Check out how Completely Delicious made these awesome buns from quick baking puff pastries and all the classic toppings. Don’t get us wrong, we love the perfect classic recipe, but we’ll absolutely take these in a pinch if the alternative is no sticky buns to start our day.

7. Extra rich brown sugar sticky buns


Some people like to make their sticky buns with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar on the inside but what if you’ve never actually been a huge cinnamon fan and you’ve always preferred things on the sweet side? Then perhaps replacing the cinnamon with brown sugar would make things a little tastier for you! Even if you don’t want to replace it entirely, upping your brown sugar content, just like Table for Two did here, will make things extra rich and delicious!

8. Maple pecan sticky buns


Don’t get us wrong, we love caramel, but if we’re going to switch it with something just for the sake of trying new things, there’s one delicious ingredient we’d choose above all else every single time- maple! Sally’s Baking Addiction guides you through the process of making sure that the great, sweet taste of maple hits every single bite, not just the ones drizzled with sweet sauce.

9. Easy apple sticky buns


This idea might not be the classic recipe and idea, but if you’ve never tried sticky buns with fruit involved then you have been truly missing out! That’s why we’d absolutely suggest trying out these mouth watering apple sticky buns featured on The Noshery. Besides the delicious apple flavour (which makes them taste a little bit like apple pie), the pecans add some crunch that contrast perfectly with the soft texture the apples get when you bake them.

10. Cinnamon walnut sticky buns


Just because we’ve presented you with sticky bun recipe options that take it easy on the cinnamon definitely doesn’t mean we want to be cinnamon free all the time! Have you ever noticed, however, that cinnamon tastes great with other nuts than just pecans? We actually recently tried walnut sticky buns for the first time and they just about blew our tastebuds out of the water! Just in case you’d like to try them too, here’s the very recipe from Taste of Home that we loved so much.

11. Gluten free pecan sticky buns


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about sticky bun recipes that accommodate dietary restrictions but it wasn’t actually a vegan diet you were trying to work with? Well, it might not sound realistic that a gluten free recipe for something that’s usually so gluten heavy could taste quite as delicious when it’s made with a substitution, but The Spruce is here to prove to you that that’s a real possibility!

12. Mini pecan sticky buns


Are you actually so in love with sticky buns that you can’t resist any opportunity to share them with the people around you, so you’re looking for a way to bring them to events without having to bake the full sized, extra sticky, hard-to-serve versions you’d make your family for breakfast or dessert? Then we have a feeling you’re going to adore these cute little mini pecan sticky buns featured on Food Network! These are so much fun to make that we usually get our kids to help us because they love how little the buns are, even once they’re all baked.

13. Pizza dough sticky buns


Are you still thinking about the idea of using a nice, quick pre-made dough to make your sticky buns because you really want some today but the weather is bad, one of your kids is sick, or you just plain don’t feel like braving the grocery stores today so you’re looking for another alternative because you don’t actually have any puff pastries right now? Well, take a look in your freezer and check whether you have some pizza dough left, because Craftsy has a great recipe for making sticky buns happen with that instead!

14. Refrigerator biscuit sticky buns in a bundt cake pan


Did you open your fridge looking for puff pasty or pizza dough and all you found were pre-packaged fridge biscuits instead? Well, the good news is that you can absolutely still make your sticky buns and you can do it in good time, too! A Day in Our Shoes shows you how to do that, as well as how to make it happen in a bundt cake pan so all your buns end up a similar size and a cute shape, just like when you have lots of time to make them from scratch.

15. Apricot pistachio breakfast sticky buns


We’ll admit that eating sticky buns for breakfast is a habit of ours that we’ll probably never kick, even though we know it’s not the healthiest meal to start our day with. That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t combine our desire to eat a healthier breakfast with our desire to try all kinds of new sticky buns whenever we can! One of our favourite recent discoveries is this recipe from Culinary Ginger for apricot pistachio sticky buns that give you great classic flavour, great crunch, and at least a little bit of fruit content to lessen your treat guilt.