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Toasty Warm Feet: Best DIY Slippers for Chilly Fall Mornings

Have you ever swung your feet over the side of the bed on a fall morning and touched them down onto a floor so cold that it almost took your breath away? Our floor gets like that as well, which is what inspired us to start looking at DIY slipper tutorials! Sure, we could go buy ourselves a new pair of slippers at the store, but we’ve always just found that we get a nice sense of satisfaction when we make things ourselves.

Just in case you’re as interested as we were in the idea of making your very own fall slippers this year, if not more, here are some of the best tutorials that we’ve come across so far!

1. Upcycled sweater slippers


In our house, upcycling projects have always been some of the most popular ideas to make, whether it’s something we’re doing for ourselves or something we’re working on with our kids. We doubt you’ll be surprised to learn, then, that we were very pleased indeed to come across these fantastic upcycled sweater and felt slipper boots featured on This Sorta Old Life!

2. Repurposed bath towel slippers


Are you still feeling quite intrigued indeed by the idea of having some kind of upcyclng element to your DIY slipper project but you don’t have a sweater lying around that’s free for the taking? Then maybe you’d find something in your linen closet instead! Check out how Crafty Nest created these adorably soft and super comfortable slippers from a repurposed towel.

3. DIY felt slippers


Perhaps we really caught your attention with the idea of making slippers from felt because you’ve always loved how simple it as to work with? In that case, we think you’ll also appreciate how warm it is to wear. Take a look at these toasty felt slippers from Will’s Casa to see what we mean.

4. Open toed flip flop slippers


Perhaps you actually live in a place that stays quite warm all year round and you’re just looking to make yourself slippers because you’ve never liked the way your hard floors feel on your feet if you leave them bare? Then we think maybe you’d prefer the way Purl Soho outlines a pair of slip-on sandal slippers made of felt instead of all encompassing booties that might leave your feet feeling too warm!

5. Toasty fleece slippers for kids


If you ask us, one of the softest and warmest things you can possibly make homemade things out of is fleece. It’s just such a comforting thing to wear! We doubt you’ll be surprise to learn, then, that these cute little fleece slippers (which are warm booties rather than being flip-flop style) have been very popular indeed in our family. Get the full instructions for making some of your own on Vixen Made.

6. No-sew slipper socks


Do you actually already have a toasty pair of old wool socks that you adore wearing in the winter, but you hesitate to wear them in some rooms or as often as you’d like because they’re very slippery on your floors? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Martha Stewart used simple no-sew techniques to attach these non-slip bottoms to their socks in order to make them even better slippers.

7. Crocheted slippers with no-slip felt soles


Are you quite enamoured with the idea of making slippers that have no-slip felt soles on them because that makes you feel safe and comfortable but you don’t actually have socks you’d want to transform and you’d rather make something from scratch? Well, if you’re a yarn crafts and crochet enthusiast, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Red Handled Scissors made these fantastic crocheted slippers and put their felt soles on the bottom of those instead!

8. Comfy bunny slippers


If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a pair of slide-on slippers like the kinds we’ve shown you so far, would you rather make a style that’s got a little more novelty character to it? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Make It & Love It turned their otherwise regular slippers into cute little bunnies by adding some felt ears and stitching on an adorable face!

9. DIY Sakura inspired slippers


Have we got you hooked on the idea of making cute character slippers but you’re just not sure the bunnies are quite your thing? Well, if you’r an anime lover, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how I Wear A bow made this heartwarmingly cute Sakura themed slippers instead! We can’t get enough of the cute little ears.

10. Iron-on patch slippers


What if you’re actually quite new to the crafting world and you’re not quite sure that you’ve got the skills for making your slippers from scratch just yet, but you’d still like to at least try your hand at customizing a pair? Well, if you feel like you could use some instruction, here’s an awesome tutorial from Growing Spaces that suggests covering a pair of pre-made slippers in awesome, pop culture inspired patches instead!

11. Warm monogrammed slippers


Were you intrigued by the idea of making DIY slippers that have backs so your feet really stay warm all round, but the bootie style doesn’t appeal to you and you’re also looking for ways to add some personalization to them as well? Then we have a feeling you’re going to get along very well indeed with this fantastic monogrammed shoe-style slipper tutorial featured step by step on Martha Stewart.

12. Hand sewn contrast colour felt slippers


Just in case you can’t tell by this point in the list, we really like working with felt. It’s just so easy to cut, construct, and sew! That’s probably why we’re such big fans of this flip flop slipper design featured on Vicky Harrison. We love the ease with which they show you how to hand stitch the slippers together, as well as the brightness they chose to include by doing their stitching in a contrasting colour.

13. DIY pom pom slippers


Just in case you loved the idea of embellishing a pair of pre-made slippers in order to put your own spin on them but you’re not sure that iron-on patches are really your style, here’s an alternative idea! Check out how Alyssa and Carla added personality by embellishing their slippers with rainbow miniature pom poms instead.