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DIY Knitted Children’s Cardigan Patterns

Children’s clothes can become expensive purchases particularly because they continually outgrow their clothes pretty quickly. Not only that, but children’s clothes don’t seem to hold anything special in terms of design and are not always of the best quality that stand the test of time. As a result, more people are turning their attention to knitting, in particular cardigans, for their children so that they can be assured of high quality that also offers custom patterns.

1. Harry Potter Jumper

VIEW IN GALLERYHarry Potter Jumper

If your child loves Harry Potter they are going to love this knitted jumper by Canadian Living. Let them experience what it feels like to be a part of Hogwarts as they wear this jumper! Watch as they work on their magic spells such as Accio, Alohomora, Confundo, and Engorgio wearing this comfy delight.

2. Duck Cardigan


If there’s one thing all children love it’s ducks. So why not make your little one this adorable duck cardigan from Laughing Hens, which they would love to wear. It’ll be soft on their skin too while being warm at the same time.

3. Reversible Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYReversible Cardigan

When it comes to children’s clothes, if you can get more than one use out of it then that is a massive bonus. This is why we’ve added this reversible cardigan from The Yarn Loop to the list. So when your kid has shown off one side he/she can simply turn it around to show off the other side. Genius!

4. Toddler Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYToddler Cardigan

This adorable and super soft cardigan from Love Knitting will be a joy to make for your child. The hazel colour is a wonderful choice that will go with anything, making it the ‘go to’ cardigan for when you’re out and about.

5. Snail Mail Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYSnail Mail Cardigan

Who says that snails can’t make delightful features on a cardigan? Cascade Yarns show here that they can, in this fantastic looking snail mail knitted cardigan. This design is great for either a boy or girl and is sure to get plenty of compliments when your child is sporting it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get knitting!

6. Big Boy Jumper


Children have a habit of growing up fast, so why not celebrate that your child is no longer a baby with this big boy jumper from Red Heart. This chunky design is sure to keep your child nice and warm on those cold days and will become a favourite amongst his clothes.

7. Sweet Cardigan


This stylish burnt orange cardigan from All Free Knitting is the perfect top to throw over an outfit for some extra warmth during the day. Easy to make, this would make an ideal cardigan for a beginner who wants to develop their knitting skills while making a cardigan that their child can wear.

8. Tea and Cake Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYTea and Cake Cardigan

What child doesn’t enjoy sugary delights like cakes every now and then? Well now they can have them all the time with this fantastic tea and cake cardigan from Knitting Patterns Galore. What’s even better is that if you make it big enough this cardigan will serve you well for years to come.