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DIY Projects Involving Tiles

Sometimes our very favorite DIY projects are the ones that reuse, repurpose, and recycle leftover pieces from something else we were working on. That includes everything from kids’ crafts to more involved projects like home renovations. When it comes to tiling your new bathroom, for example, it’s a good idea to keep some spare tiles just in case you have to make some repairs in the future, but what should you do with the rest of them?

Here are 15 answers to that question! We think you’ll enjoy making each one as much as the last.

1. Tile coasters

VIEW IN GALLERYTile coasters

If you were tiling a room using large square tiles, then you’re pretty much set when it comes to making a new batch of coasters. The size and shape are both perfect for setting an averagely sized glass or cup on. Check out how The Make Your Own Zone to see how these adorably designed tile coasters were made.

2. Photo tiles


Are photo transfer projects your absolute favourite? Well, Yellow Giraffe understands your love for new ways to display the people you love! Their tutorial walks you through the process of creating photo tiles that will look great no matter where you put them.

3. Tile and wood planter

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic ceramic planters

Do you have a set of old wooden planters that you probably won’t use as is, but that you’d definitely plant pretty blossoms in if they got a makeover? Your leftover tiles are here to save the day! Check out how Untrained Housewife created these awesome mosaic planters from smashed pieces of tile.

4. Tile mosaic bath tub planter

VIEW IN GALLERYTile mosaic bath tub planter

Do you love the idea of using smashed tiles arranged like a mosaic but you’re just not sure you need any individual planters right now? Take on a big of a bigger challenge with this decorative bath rub garden bed by Creative Spotting.

5. Ceramic tile book ends

VIEW IN GALLERYCeramic tile book ends

We love the idea of homemade book ends, but they can be tricky because you need to make sure what you create is heavy enough to keep a row of books upright. Tiles will definitely do the trick when it comes to weight! Check out how these ones were transformed into cute book ends on Instructables.

6. Ceramic tile napkin holder

VIEW IN GALLERYCeramic tile napkin holder

Tiles are a convenient shape for actually building things too, rather than just making things out of individual pieces of ceramic. Scrapbooks, Crafts, and Cards shows you how to stick three together to make a cute napkin holder. Bonus points if the tiles are already patterned or if you’re confident enough to hand paint them!

7. Tiled table top

VIEW IN GALLERYTiled table top

Rather than just making a small decor piece or some type of craft, Pretty Handy Girl shows you how to make a completely finished looking piece of furniture with your leftover tiles! Big square tiles actually make the perfect covering because they’re so easy to wipe down and wash up.

8. Tiled pencil holders

VIEW IN GALLERYTiled pencil holders


Did you like the mosaic technique on the wooden planters but you simply don’t need more flower pots? In that case, check out this miniature version of the technique that involves you attaching tiles to a cup in order to create a pecil holde..\\r\\r.

9. Spare floor tile walkway

VIEW IN GALLERYSpare floor tile walkway

Doy ou have a walkway outside that you want to camp up and give a new lease on life? Tiles are the perfect product for such a project! Whether they’re whole squares or small, broken piece, they’ll give the walkway and interesting lining once they’re anchored into the ground. Lushome.

10. Ceramic tile mosaic chair

VIEW IN GALLERYCeramic tile mosaic chair

Are you just so in love with the tiled collage idea that you can’t get enough? Then you’re the  perfect person to be making something like this chair.Sorting, placeing, and guing all of those small pieces is a task but we promised you it’s worth the time and effort that will go into it! Check out how Flair Robinson Studio made this one.

11. Tile mosaic birdhouse

VIEW IN GALLERYTile moasic birdhouse

Frexxvsh & Funky Green

12. Large ceramic tile cheeseboard

VIEW IN GALLERYLarge ceramic tile cheeseboard

Perhaps the tiles you were working with are quite unique in that they’re extremely large as far as tiles are concerned, as tiles go? Depending on the size, you might be able to use them to serve an entire cheese plate on! Check out how that’s done on Babble.

13. Mini tiled lamp stand

VIEW IN GALLERYMini tiled lamp stand

Here’s another way of creating a whole tiled mosaic piece that uses small, whole tiles with smooth edges rather than broken or jagged pieces. The effect is smooth and looks more finished and less rustic chic than some of the previous designs on our list. See how it’s done on Inspiring Home Style!

14. Tile mosaic garden mirrors

VIEW IN GALLERYTile mosaic garden mirrors

Okay, so there isn’t actually a reflective surface in this frame, meaning it’s not really a mirror, but the frame used to belong to one! If you decorate it with mosaic tiles and hang it in a particularly luscious corner of your garden, you’ll love being able to see other parts of the garden through the pretty frame. Get the full details on Home Talk!

15. Floor tile kitchen island

VIEW IN GALLERYFloor tile kitchen island

Are you hoping to make a bigger piece that gives off more of a statement in one of your primary rooms? Try this matte tile kitchen island top! We love the way this design combines large and small tiles in a single pattern. Hoosier Homemade guides you through the process of making it.

Do you know someone who recently redid their bathroom or parts of their kitchen and might have the spare tiles lying around to make one of these awesome projects? Share this post with them to get their mind jogging with ideas!