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Best Christmas Cookies: 12 Recipes to Get You Through The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and with it the endless cookie baking! Not only do cookies keep our children happy and our guests satisfied, they also help relieve the pressure of the holiday stress! (Can’t say the same about broccoli, can you?). If you’re still gathering ideas for the many trays of cookies that you will be making this month, we’re here with some delicious ideas! Check out these 12 recipes for best Christmas cookies that will definitely get you through this holiday season!

1. Cake Batter Christmas Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYCake batter christmas cookies

If you love cake (of course you do) and you adore cookies (who doesn’t?) you will be all over these cake batter cookies! As an added bonus they also happen to be chocolate chip and covered in sprinkles! This really is a season to be jolly! Get the recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

2. Gingerbread Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYGingerbread cookies

There’s no Christmas without gingerbread cookies! Some people use a recipe that’s been in the family for generations, while others prefer to scout the internet to find something simple and genuine. Savory Nothings has the recipe! It’s all you’ve ever want out of gingerbread cookies: incredible flavor and easy to make!

 3. Gingerbread Butter Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYGingerbread butter cookies

Here’s another gingerbread cookie recipe, because you can never have too many. This one has a buttery twist! These cookies will simply melt in your mouth and always leave you wanting more. Treat yourself and your loved ones to these exceptional butter cookies that taste like Christmas itself! You’ll find the recipe at Wicked Good Kitchen.

4. Sugar Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYSugar cookies

If you love icing your cookies, here is a recipe that will give you a lot of room to experiment with your icing skills! These sugar cookies by Sally’s Baking Addiction are just divine! The icing is what truly makes them stand out and their taste is what makes them perfect! We can tell these are about to become a yearly tradition!

5. Reindeer Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYReindeer cookies

These cute little reindeer cookies are the baking project you’ll want to tackle together with your children! The whole purpose of Christmas is bonding and family, so take this opportunity and make some yummy cookies while bonding with your little ones! These are the memories that will always stay with them! One Little Project shares the recipe!

 6. Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYRed velvet crinkle cookies

We love colorful cookies! They always catch the attention and draw people to them! For big family celebrations, these are amazing to socialize over! With their bright red look they will impress before people even taste them, but once they do, they’ll be just as amazed! Find out how you can make them at Cooking Classy!

 7. Christmas Swirl Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas swirl cookies

Look at these swirl cookies! We’re almost hypnotized! It’s like they’ve just escaped from a candy factory! Make these Christmas swirls and don’t hold back on the sprinkles – they are the most magical part! Get the incredible recipe at I Love My Organized Life!

8. Christmas Wreath Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas wreath cookies

Christmas wreaths are so charming and now you can make them edible! The First Year will show you how to make these wreath cookies that taste just as amazing as they look! They are the cookies you need when you’ve been invited to a Christmas party and need to bring something that won’t blend in – trust us, these will be the first ones to go!

9. Eggnog Snickerdoodles

VIEW IN GALLERYEggnog snickerdoodles

We’re all craving some eggnog around Christmas, aren’t we? These snickerdoodles will satisfy your taste for both eggnog and cookies! They taste like pure Christmas and will be a great addition to your Christmas Eve when you are watching classic Christmas movies and need some cookies to munch on! Lil’ Luna has a fantastic recipe!

 10. Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYPB kiss cookies

We’ll take just about anything that has peanut butter in it! These kiss cookies look absolutely delicious and as we all well know, the combination of chocolate and peanut butter has never once disappointed! Are peanut butter kiss cookies going to be on your Christmas table this year? Visit Eating On a Dime!

 11. Chocolate Dipped Cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate dipped cookies

We all have a thing for the classic cookies that we’ve loved since we were kids! These chocolate dipped cookies surely fit the description! They might not have any fancy sprinkles, but that’s exactly their charm. They’re minimal in looks, but rich in flavor, which is exactly what makes us love them so very much! Find out the secret to making them at Betty Crocker!

12. Snowflake Oreos

VIEW IN GALLERYSnowflake oreos

Just in case anyone was considering giving up Oreos over the holidays, let us steer you back on the right path! Give your Oreo cookies a winter makeover and turn them into snowflake Oreos! Cake Whiz will show you how! You will be so thankful to have them at hand on the coldest days!