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12 DIY Bookends to Keep Your Books in Place

If you have a large collection of books or just like to use books as a styling element on your shelves, bookends are a must! How else would you keep your books in place and prevent them from constantly tipping over? Here are 12 incredibly creative DIY bookends that will not only help you with bookshelf organization but will also serve as a lovely décor element!

1. Letter Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYLetter Bookends

Organize you books from A to Z with these smart bookends we found at DIY Show Off! It will feel as if you have your very own personal library! You can also use initials of your favorite author or a book series if you so wish. The choice is yours and whatever it may be, the end result will look top notch!

2. Metallic Rock Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYMetallic rock bookends

Rocks are a great way to decorate around the house and with the metallic trend being on the rise, this is a really great way to bring the two together. Plus, what better way to assure your books won’t fall over than to keep them in place with a giant rock? Get the instructions at Refinery 29!

3. Succulent Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYSucculent bookends

Our love for succulents is never-ending. With this idea by Sarah Richardson Design you can incorporate them into your bookshelf and thus add some dynamic to it! A little greenery never hurt nobody, but they will be especially fitting if you generally love books about nature and plants!

4. Concrete Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYConcrete bookends

You can be sure that this concrete bookend by eHow will do its job like no other! It looks incredibly stylish and just think of how suitable it can be for a neutral-toned room! Shades of grey have never been as popular as they are now, so jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late!

 5. Invisible Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYInvisible bookends

Can you spot the bookends in this picture? We couldn’t either – they are invisible! If you would like to intrigue your guests with bookends like these, A Beautiful Mess has all the details you will need to make them. It almost seems like magic, doesn’t it?

6. Triangle Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYTriangle bookends

You will love these triangle bookends if you’re quick to gush over geometric décor! It always looks impressive and has a talent of fitting into just about any home! Would you like to get this for your own bookshelf? Make and Tell is the place to go to!

7. Superhero Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYSuperhero bookends

Oh my, the kids will go crazy over these! Make these superhero bookends by Little Red Window to keep their comic books in place! No more books lying around in your kid’s room, making a mess! Using these bookends might even trick your little ones to organize the books themselves!

8. Elephant Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYElephant bookends

Everybody loves an animal theme and it doesn’t even have to be elephants – though they are quite magnificent indeed. Make these animal bookends and add a nice touch to your home and some organization to your book collection. Tutorial at Love Grows Wild!

9. Rolling Pin Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYRolling pin bookends

Sometimes you have a few rolling pins too many – it happens! This is a great idea to repurpose them, especially if you really need bookends for your cookbooks. It will create a nice theme and you’ll never have to deal with giant bulky books on top of one another again! Mod Podge Rocks saves the day!

10. Brick Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYBrick bookends

Every so often what we need for a really great craft is something unexpected, like a brick! Have you ever thought of using a brick to hold up your books? Camille Styles did! The idea is completely out-of-the-box and therefore one you absolutely must try!

11. Pineapple Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYPineapple bookends

What is it about pineapples that makes them so stylish?! Just being placed next to some books they create a décor piece all of its own. We love it when functionality meets eye candy and these golden pineapple bookends are the definition of both! DIY Candy shares the how-to!

12. Phone Bookends

VIEW IN GALLERYPhone bookends

Do you still have a retro phone at home? You can also pick it up at a flea market and once it’s in your possession you are free to make these innovative bookends that pay tribute to the time before we had smart phones and touch screens! A Beautiful Mess gets all the credit!

Which one will be keeping your books in place?