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Homemaker’s Must Have: DIY Household Sprays

Keeping a clean and tidy home is every homeowner’s priority. Our living space is a direct reflection of our lifestyle, so we can’t let it be messy or disorganized! But cleaning the home, especially if we’re talking about a family house with kids, can be a lot of work. Eventually the cleaning supplies pile up and we see that they’re full of chemicals and warning labels! The easiest way to avoid the toxins is by creating your own household products. Start with these simple and useful DIY household sprays! 

1. Toilet Spray 


Cleaning the toilet may seem like a gruesome task, but somebody’s gotta do it! If it normally falls onto your shoulders you’ll be happy to see this creative spray that is designed to prevent the bad odor, which instantly creates a more pleasant bathroom environment. Hip2Save is a wizard!

2. Lemon Home Spray 


Every home needs freshening up sometimes and when opening the windows just doesn’t do the trick, make this lemon home spray to infuse your home with a gentle aroma of citrus! For an even bigger effect, Simply Stacie recommends mixing in an essential oil!

3. Spray Starch 


Say goodbye to toxic products with a spray starch that makes ironing much less of a chore! Sometimes it can feel like a necessary evil, but with a proper spray starch the process of ironing will go much smoother! Bren Did shares three different ways to make the spray!

4. Lavender Linen Spray 


Fresh linens are so important for a good night’s sleep. They can also affect our skin and mood, so it’s wise to take good care of them! The aroma of lavender is known to have calming effects and Still Being Molly made the best of it in this lavender linen spray!

5. Dusting Spray 


Dusting your home is something nobody can avoid, but there are definitely ways to   simplify the process! Since most of us don’t have enough time to dust every day, using a spray that slows down the process of dust forming on all of our home surfaces is a brilliant idea! Where to get that magic spray? Pins & Procrastination, of course!

6. Pillow Spray 


Freshen up your pillows and prepare them for bedtime as part of your evening routine with an exceptional pillow spray by Rubies & Radishes! The spray only has natural ingredients so it’s safe to be used on children’s pillows as well! Bedtime has never smelled so good!

7. Bug Spray 


If we can all agree on one thing it’s that nobody likes bugs! It’s annoying as they’re flying above our heads with a buzzing sound and when we get bitten the itchiness drives us crazy! Bug sprays are known to be very toxic but An Uncomplicated Life Blog brings you a natural DIY bug spray that you’ll really appreciate on your next camping trip!

8. Peppermint Cooling Spray 


When the heat wave hits, we’re doing all we can to cool ourselves! Maybe the AC is running all day long or you spend days sitting in shade under the tree. A little extra cooling help is always welcome and this peppermint cooling spray by One Essential Community works like a charm!

9. Shower Spray 


The shower and the bathtub are something we use on a daily basis so they need constant cleaning. A simple show spray will make the daily cleaning feel much less of a chore and will assure that you always have a shiny shower! Get the instructions at One Good Thing!

10. Grease Cleaner Spray 


Grease is a real nuisance to clean! It’s sticky and near impossible to get rid of! Mom 4 Real will relieve you of your troubles with an exceptional grease cleaner spray that has a strong cleaning power and the scent of your favorite essential oil! We can already see it becoming your most trusted helper in the kitchen!