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15 DIY Projects to Keep You Toasty Warm

It might be the height of summer right now, but it’s never too early to start preparing for cold weather, especially if you live in a place that gets harsh winters! DIY enthusiasts know that the best ways to fight off the chill are the things you make yourself, but sometimes those projects take weeks or months to finish! In between bouts of sun bathing and enjoying the outdoors, why not make yourself something to keep the cold off in coming months?

Check out these 15 awesome DIY projects that will keep you nice and toasty!

1. DIY flannel throw

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY flannel throw

Lets Go Sunning gives you a simple, straight forward pattern for sewing yourself a soft, warm flannel and fleece blanket. You could use fabric in any pattern, but there’s something about plaid that just says “cozy”!

2. Faux sheepskin cloud rug

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux sheepskin cloud rug

Do you love the thought of snuggling your chilly toes into the softest, warmest rug imaginable, but you can’t bring yourself to purchase a real fur? Don’t worry, Lifeflix has a solution for you! These adorable little cloud rugs, which you can make yourself, are acutally made of quality faux fur that feels just as warm and soft as the real thing.

3. Warm furry stools

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY warm furry stools

If you love the idea of working with faux fur in order to benefit from its warmth without having a moral dilemma, check out this fur topped stool too! Talk about a warm seat on a cold winter’s evening. Get the full tutorial on make it from The Kitchy Kitchen.

4. DIY rice-filled heating pad

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY rice-filled heating pad

Rice filled heating pads are actually useful any time of the year because they can help ease tense muscles or sore injuries, but they’re especially welcome during bouts of extra cold weather! Thanks to this tutorial from Bloglovin’, you can make your own now!

5. Warm, colourful pom pom rug

VIEW IN GALLERYWarm, colourful pom pom rug

Thick mats and floor rugs are important in the winter if you don’t have carpeted floors. This crazy colourful pom pom design isn’t just totally awesome looks. It’s also practical for cold weather! Check out how it’s done on Conversation Pieces!

6. Faux fur throw pillow

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux fur throw pillow

Are you still not quite over the idea of soft, warm faux fur? Make yourself something you can actually snuggle with too, rather than just mats and furniture! This ultra soft pillow will keep you a little warmer than usual. Check out the steps and details for making it on Bloglovin’.

7. DIY pine cone fire starter

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY pinecone fire starter

Do you live in a home with a beautiful fireplace in the main room that you just love curing up next to on cold winter nights? Then these little pine cone fire starts are the perfect thing to stock up on! Perhaps your friend is the one with the fire? Give these as a little Christmas gift instead. Either way, you can see how they’re made on Something Turquoise.

8. DIY draft blocker

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY draft blocker

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep your doors and windows closed to preserve heat, a draft still makes its way in under the crack in the nearest door. You can fix that by making yourself a long, thick drafter blocker, just like this one from Fall for DIY!

9. Winter simmer pot

VIEW IN GALLERYWinter simmer pot

If you’ve never heard of a simmer pot, you’re missing out! Collect your favourite winter scent ingredients, like citrus, apple, and cinnamon, and gather than in a pot. Boil them in hot water on the very coldest days to not only warm the place up from the element radiating heat, but also fill it with a delicious, all natural holiday smell! How Sweet Eats shows you how it’s done.

10. Cozy, easy knit blanket

VIEW IN GALLERYCozy, easy knit blanket

Are you a beginner knitter who thought you didn’t have the skills to knit a whole cozy blanket for winter? Well, with super easy patterns like this one, we’d be willing to bet that you actually can! Using large, chunky yarn, like the one Big Box Detox used here, is a great way to make the project go faster and keep yourself warmer when it’s finished.

11. Orange peel fire starters

VIEW IN GALLERYOrange peel fire starters

Do you like the idea of a fire starter kit, but you’d prefer something that will leave a unique scent in the air rather than just smelling like a regular fire? You simply must try this orange peel fire started idea by Little Eco Footprints! Not only are you creating a nicer winter fire experience, but you’re also helping the environment by making use of something that would have gone to waste otherwise. These fire starters also make great gifts!

12. Crochet t-shirt yarn rug

VIEW IN GALLERYCrochet t-shirt yarn rug

Do you love the idea of having a cozy rug on the floor to keep your feet off the cold ground this winter, but the ones you’ve see so far haven’t quite cause your eye yet? Here’s another option for the crochet enthusiasts out there, just in case! Check out the simple pattern on My World of Wool.

13. Cable knit sweater pillows

VIEW IN GALLERYCable knit sweater pillows

Create, Craft, Love shows you how to make use of old sweaters that you don’t wear anymore without actually getting rid of them. This is great news, because it means that you’ll have more soft pillows to curl up with and keep cozy on the coldest nights this coming season. Upcycling is also a plus at all times!

14. No-sew slipper socks

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-sew slipper socks

Nothing saves the day in the winter quite like a good pair of slippers or slipper socks. Did you know that you can still make a good pair of bottom lined slipper socks that won’t slide across the floor even if you don’t sew? Martha Stewart shows you how they’re done!

15. DIY hand warmers


Have you ever bought those little hand warming packages that drug stores sell for slipping inside your mittens or boots while you enjoy the crisp weather outside in the winter? Well, now you can save on the cost of those by making your own warmer packs instead! Raeanne Kelly has the full tutorial for you.