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Give Your Favorite Adult Coloring Book Pages a New Life

Are you addicted to adult coloring books? Coloring is a hot trend right now and can be a fabulous way to unwind at the end of the day, but you might find yourself wondering what to do with your finished creations. If you don’t want to simply store them in a folder or binder, here are some creative ways to turn your pages into home decor and DIY gifts for friends and family.

Coloring Book Table

VIEW IN GALLERYadult coloring book table

This project was originally done using pages that weren’t colored, but you could easily use the same technique to show off your finished work. Make Your Mark with Mark Montano has the details in a simple tutorial video.

Gift Bow

VIEW IN GALLERYadult-coloring-page-gift-bow

Use a coloring book page with an interesting pattern to make a cute gift bow. This is also a great technique to use to add a pop of color to plain brown gift wrap. Lines Across shows you how.

Mandala Plate

VIEW IN GALLERYcrafty-coloring-pages-mandala-plate

Mandalas are one of the most popular images for adult coloring books. A finished mandala can be decoupaged onto a glass plate for a stunning home decor piece.  HomeTalk has the details in a clever tutorial.

Adult Coloring Book Magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYcrafty-coloring-pages-canvas-magnets

Decorate your fridge with customized magnets made from parts of your favorite coloring book pages. This technique is perfect for travel sized books or patterns that can be easily cut into smaller squares. Visit Average Inspired for the details.

Adult Coloring Book Tote Bag

VIEW IN GALLERYadult coloring page tote bag

Scan your favorite image onto iron-on transfer paper, then add it to a tote bag so you have a stylish way to transport your supplies when you want to color on the go. Visit Cupcakes and Crinoline to learn how.

Pencil Pouch

VIEW IN GALLERYduct-tape-adult-coloring-pencil-pouch

Use duct tape and a clear plastic bag to create a customized storage pouch for your colored pencils or other miscellaneous items around your home. This is a frugal, pretty, and practical way to put those finished pages to work for you! Simply Inspired has the details.

Clock with Adult Coloring Book Page

VIEW IN GALLERYadult coloring book clock

Transform an old clock by using it to display your favorite adult coloring book image. This idea works best with a circular design, but you could also incorporate a mini coloring book image into a traditional clock face if desired. Suzi Q Creations shows you how.

Customized Journal Set

VIEW IN GALLERYBright journal set

A journal decorated with your favorite coloring page is sure to inspire your creative side. This would also be a fabulous handmade gift, especially if you choose a page with an inspirational quote and use the recipient’s favorite colors throughout. Learn more at Plaid Online.

Pretty Paper Balls

VIEW IN GALLERYadult coloring book paper ball

These stunning paper balls can be made using the site’s specially designed coloring pages or you can use their blank template to create custom balls from the page of your choice. Learn more at Hattifant.


VIEW IN GALLERYColorful bookmark

If you haven’t switched to an e-reader just yet, use a rounded corner scrapbooking punch and a tassel to make a DIY bookmark from a favorite coloring page. Laminate the project for added durability, if desired. Photo courtesy of Cleverpedia.