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The Perfect Indoor Gardening Ideas

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden they can utilise for their gardening needs, which is why so many people are turning to indoor gardening solutions to help them successfully bring the outside in. These clever designs will help gardeners to lay down their roots and produce a bit of flourish too, thanks to these unique design ideas.

1. Concrete Wall Planter

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY concrete modular wall planter

Fashion concrete into beautiful containers for plant life, which is sure to produce a work of art. These are simple to make and will last creating the perfect home for your favourite plants that is sure to give your home décor a unique look. Find out how to make yours at A Piece of Rainbow.

2. Rolling Cart Succulent Planter

VIEW IN GALLERYMobile DIY succulent planter idea

If I had a cart I would definitely be doing this idea for my home. If you don’t have much space to use up then a cart is the ideal solution and won’t leave you with wasted space. You can easily transform your cart in a rolling succulent display of pretty flowers and succulents. See how to make your own at Succulent and Sunshine.

3. Indoor Woolly Pocket

VIEW IN GALLERYIndoor woolly pocket

If you’re searching for a way to hold your own plants without them getting damaged by kids and pets then why not consider an indoor woolly pocket. This can easily be attached to a wall high enough to ensure a pleasurable view for those who visit your home. To find out how to make your own check out Yellow Brick Home.

4.Thread Spool Planters

VIEW IN GALLERYThread Spool Planters

VIEW IN GALLERYSmall and stylish DIY indoor planters

VIEW IN GALLERYTurn those old thread spools into smart DIY planters

These adorable thread spool planters will be a joy to make and require very little work to produce them. They will make the perfect window display as they don’t take up much space and are surprisingly easy to maintain as succulents don’t require too much attention. Discover how to make your own display of thread spool planters at The Magic Onions.

5. Mason Jar Herb Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYMason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYMason jar herb garden DIY idea for your kitchen

Glass jars are the ideal solutions to your indoor garden needs as they don’t take up too much space and make an attractive display too. Why not use those empty glass jars you have hidden in your cupboard and put them to good use with some of your favourite herbs? You can easily snip off the herbs you need to add some flavour to your next meal without having to go outside. Perfect! See how you can make your own display at Rebecca’s Bird Gardens.

6. Leather Plant Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYHanging planter DIY idea

VIEW IN GALLERYOld leather belts used for hanging planter

What better way to upcycle some old leather belts that you have hanging around then by using them to create a plant holder? These couldn’t be any simpler to make if you tried and are the ideal solution if you’re lacking floor space for more plants. After all, you can never have too many plants. To find out how to make your own leather plant holder check out Bigger than the Three of Us for a step-by-step guide.

7. Pop Top Herb Garden

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY herb garden from upcycled tin

VIEW IN GALLERYPop top herb garden

VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled tin can indoor herb garden

This upcycled tin can is the perfect gift for yourself or any of your green fingered friends or family. All that’s required on the recipient’s part is to simply pop the top, water and let it grow. You can also download a label which tells you what you’re growing. Find out how to make your own at Handmade Charlotte.