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12 Creative DIY Place Mat Crafts

New place mats can add a polished look to your dinner table, whether you’re enjoying a simple meal at home or hosting a dinner party for all your friends. This roundup of DIY place mat ideas features creative takes on the basic place mat, ranging from leather and chalkboard paint to bamboo and jute rope place mats.

1. Leather Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYLeather Place Mats

Leather might not be the first material you think of for a place mat craft, but it’s surprisingly easy to work with. Visit Sunset.com for instructions.

2. Wine Cork Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYWine Cork Place Mats

Do you love wine? If so, put all those extra corks to good use by making a wine cork place mat. Get the instructions on the Creme de la Craft website.

3. Round Jute Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYRound Jute Place Mats DIY

For a table with rustic country charm, try making place mats from jute rope. Get the instructions for this unique Pottery Barn inspired DIY place mat project on the City Farmhouse blog.

4. Photo Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYCustom Photo Place Mats

These cute photo placements are kid-friendly and a wonderful way to display all of your favorite snapshots. Make a set for everyday use and one featuring seasonal memories from past years to use for your favorite holiday celebrations. Visit Memories on Clover Lane for the details.

5. Sliced Birch Branch Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYSliced Birch Branch Place Mats

Bring a bit of nature into your home with place mats made from birch branch slices. You’ll need 55 to 60 slices per place mat. Visit eHow for the instructions.

6. Pressed Leaf Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYPressed Leaf Place Mats

This autumn inspired project is another excellent way to bring the natural world into your home. Pressed leaves are displayed on the medium weight fabric of your choice. Martha Stewart has the details.

7. Stenciled Burlap Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYStenciled Burlap Place Mats

Burlap place mats are affordable, durable, and easy to make. Use stenciled names or meaningful words and phrases to give them a personal touch. Visit Diary of an Amateur Crafter for the details.

8. Bamboo Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYBamboo Place Mats

Join together bamboo canes together to make a DIY place mat that lends exotic simplicity to light lunches and brunches. This project is a bit time consuming, but makes a strong style statement. Style at Home shows you how.

9. Chalkboard Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Chalkboard Place Mats

Spray plastic place mats from the dollar store or your favorite thrift shop with a few coats of chalkboard spray paint for a fun modern look. Visit Jenny Collier to learn more.

10. Blue Jean Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYBlue Jean Place Mats

Recycle old blue jeans by turning them into adorable place mats with a pocket for storing napkins and utensils.  From Our Hearts to Your Home has the complete instructions for this easy sewing project.

11. Dry Erase Place Mat

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Erase Place Mat - A Kids' Favorite

If you have little ones at home, this dry erase place mat is an excellent way to keep them occupied while they wait for their meal to be served. Head over to Melly Sews for the instructions.

12. Paint Chip Place Mats

VIEW IN GALLERYPaint Chip Place Mats

These place mats are designed to look like paint chips from your local hardware store, adding a pop of color to an otherwise simple table setting. You’ll find complete instructions at Moda Bake Shop.