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20 DIY Night Lights to Scare Away the Monster Under the Bed

As adults, we know that there’s no such thing as “the monster under the bed” (or at least, that’s what we tell people). Your kids, however, might not be so convinced!

Instead of just reassuring their little ones that they’re safe at night, many parents put night lights in the room so no one needs to be afraid of the dark. Do you know what’s even more fun than regular night lights, or even the novelty night lights you can buy in stores? You probably guessed it… DIY night lights!

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Night Lights to Scare Away the Monster Under the Bed

BEST DIY Night Lights to Make Yourself

Check out these great homemade light ideas that will help your kids sleep at night and look great in their rooms too!

1. Paper mache star night light by Bunnie Claire

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper mache star night light

Not only can you make this light adorably colourful, but it’s also and easy enough project for the kids to help with!

2. Twinkle twinkle little jars night light by Draw Pilgrim

VIEW IN GALLERYTwinkle twinkle little jars night light

Another simple yet effective solution to monsters under the bed. Do it yourself if you picture specific shapes and patterns reflecting on the walls, or pass them to the kids and let them try out their paint skills!

3. Pom pom night light by Ruffles & Stuff

VIEW IN GALLERYPom pom night light

The adorable night light is easy to make and perfect for bedrooms full of ruffles and lace. If you use a big enough light source it will work as a lamp too, but the pom pom gives it a muted glow, making it perfect for naps and bed time.

4. Illuminated canvas night light by Design Sponge

VIEW IN GALLERYIlluminated canvas night light

Whether you’re leaving your family a good night message or painting them a nice picture, they’ll feel safer from the monsters under the bed when they see your DIY canvas glowing from across the room at night.

5. Vintage camera night light by jayfish

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage camera night light

This project is a little more high maintenance, but the result is gorgeous! In fact, it’s so neat that it might suit your hall way or kitchen too, rather than just the kids’ room. What’s better is that, if you love the design but you’re not sure you can pull it off, the artist also sells them.

6. Paper house night lights by Hutch Studio

VIEW IN GALLERYPaper house night lights

Besides your craftiness, some paint chip samples, a milk carton, and a plain night light are just about all you need to make this adorable little home in your home.

7. Glowing rope rug by Grosgrain Fabulous

VIEW IN GALLERYGlowing rope rug

Have you ever braid a friendship bracelet? This project uses the same type of weaving as those do! it’s simple, easy, and looks awesome when it’s finished. Put it at the doorway and feed the remainder of the rope light down the hall so people can see their way to the bathroom.

8. LED pyramid night light by Useful DIY

VIEW IN GALLERYLED pyramid night light

The pyramid shape of this night light directs the light up and out so that kids can see around the room a little better. At the same time, it’s dim enough not to keep them awake at night.

9. Cloud night light by Design Ruiz

VIEW IN GALLERYCloud night light

Not only are these cloud lights adorable during the day, but they’re also a comforting shape for kids to see if something startles them in the night. They’re also easy to make, which is great news for you!

10. Wire wastebasket night light by Poppytalk

VIEW IN GALLERYWire wastebasket night light

What’s better than a little repurposing? Clean out a wire wastebasket you’re no longer using, fancy is up with some ribbon, and light the way! Remember: be very careful not to cut yourself whenever you’re cutting metal or wire.

11. Glowing globe night light by More Cake, Less Frosting

VIEW IN GALLERYglowing-globe-nightlight

This night light is more high maintenance and most steps wouldn’t qualify as a kid-friendly craft, but if you’re willing to put the effort in, the effect is gorgeous! The dome bathes the whole room in a warm glow of whichever colour you choose. It’s also kind of “steam punk” looking!

12. Dixie cup garland night light by Hey Gorgeous

VIEW IN GALLERYdixie-cup-nightlight

This craft is quick, easy, and totally effective. Depending on the colour of dixie cups you buy, it’s also totally pastel and adorable! Try to find string lights that don’t get very hot, but don’t worry too much about putting paper cups over lights. The waxy coating protects the paper from the heat.

13. Bird house night light by A Jennuine Life

VIEW IN GALLERYbirdhouse-nightlight

If you’d like to make this craft as simple as possible, purchase a pre-made wooden bird house and then follow the rest of the steps in the tutorial. If, however, you’d like to customize things a little more, make your own bird house from scratch!

14. Bookshelf night light by Pretty Handy Girl

VIEW IN GALLERYbookshelf-nightlight

Once again, this project is a little more high maintenance. It’s also, however, a great opportunity to upscale an old bookshelf and give your kids’ room a little extra light. Multitasking is worth the extra time it takes!

15. Seashell night light by Martha Stewart

VIEW IN GALLERYseashell-nightlight

This adorable light couldn’t be simpler: Buy a standard wall plug night light, pick up a nice sea shell on your next trip to the beach, and glue it onto the light so it makes a shade! Voila!

16. Lace night light by Emmmy Lizzzy

VIEW IN GALLERYlace-night light

Like the pom pom light, this gorgeous lace creation is technically a lamp. Because of the soothing patterns it makes on the walls and the way it shades most of the brightness, however, we think it’s an absolutely adorable idea for a night light.

17. Bird’s nest night light by Catch My Party

VIEW IN GALLERYbird-nest-nightlight

Rolling the “sticks” might feel tedious at first, but your kids will love how the light peeks out from between them in this cute bird house lamp. It’s perfect for kids’ rooms with animal themes, but it’s also nice enough to suit the rest of your house.

18. Photo night light by HP

VIEW IN GALLERYphoto-nightlight

This project is gorgeous, but it’s also a bit of an illusion! Even though it looks like backlit needlepoint, the image is actually the result of printing the image straight onto the muslin from your computer. The effect is delicate and unique!

Homemade Night Lights (CONCLUSION)

Have you made or designed other DIY night lights that turned out great?

We’d love to hear about them in the comments!