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Super-Easy Way to Cut a Wine Bottle with String and Nail Polish Remover

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Wine bottles are some of the most popular materials of choice in the DIY world where projects that repurpose the old and the discarded are, king. While most of them will tell you what to do with a wine bottle that is neatly cut and has its bottom removed, many will not tell you how to get that done! Well, today’s tutorial puts an end to that DIY puzzle and does so in blazing, hot style!

This uber-easy way to cut a wine bottle saves both energy and time and it does ensure that you do not handle broken pieces of glass directly.

Materials You Need:

  • Glass bottle (D’oh!)
  • Cotton String
  • Acetone (or Nail Polish Remover)
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Cold Water
  • Matchbox / Lighter

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If you have everything in place, then start off by wrapping the cotton string around the point of the bottle where you want it cut. Remove it and soak it in some acetone or nail polish remover that has acetone in it. (Some do not use acetone, so make sure you get this right) Now put the string back on, light it up and spin the bottle around to make sure that the flame burns the string evenly.

Dip the hot bottle end in a sink of cold water and you will see that the piece of the bottle you wanted sawed off will fall out ‘magically’ on its own. It is all about hot air and sudden cooling really! Just use a sandpaper to smoothen the edges and you are set.

Here’s the video tutorial:

YouTube video