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15 Unconventional Homemade French Fry Recipes

There are very few things in the world that we love as much as a good batch of French fries. Whether you’re serving them lightly salted or with a little bit of vinegar, we’re probably in heaven regardless of toppings. We’ll eat fries from food trucks, from fast food chains, or from gourmet restaurants, as long as we get to eat fries!

The beauty of being a DIY enthusiast who loves food, however, is that you can make, create, and recreate so many deliciously unique recipes on your own at home, which is perfect for putting delicious twists on classic favourites.

Check out these 15 mouthwatering French fry recipes that are sure to make your stomach rumble before you’ve even reach the end of the list!

1. Chicken bacon ranch fries


Sometimes when we make delicious fancy fry recipes at home, we choose the toppings by thinking about the things we like to eat most with mashed or baked potatoes. That’s why these chicken, bacon, and ranch fries caught our eye so fast! Well Plated shows you how to prepare the ingredients in ideal quantities and grill the whole thing to perfection.

2. Waffle fry chicken pot pie


Okay, so we know that waffle fries and French fries aren’t technically the same thing if you talk to really intense foodies, but this recipe was entirely too good to leave off our list. Rather than topping your chicken pot pie in a regular crispy crust like you normally would, A Dish of Daily Life suggests finishing it off with a layer of golden waffle fries. It’s not a recipe we’d ever have through of ourselves, but we’re so mesmerized by it that we can’t be anything but thankful for the idea.

3. Pizza fries


You read that right. pizza fries. Just in case you had any doubts, we’re literally talking about pizza toppings melted onto fries. What’s not to love? This merging of two classic junk food favourites is brought to you by Domestically Speaking, who should probably be given an award for sharing such a wonder with the rest of the world.

4. Sriracha, mayo, and grilled chicken fries


Are you intrigued by the idea of alternative French fry toppings but your tastes are a little more flavourful and spicy than the suggestions you’ve seen so far? Then perhaps this recipe from Dad With a Pan will be a little more up your alley! These fries are topped with sriracha sauce, spicy mayo, and grilled chicken, even though they’re not in the title, we’re sure you can see those sneaky jalapeno peppers poking through the other toppings just as clearly as we can!

5. French fry bourbon burgers


Now, usually when you go to a restaurant and order a burger and fries, or even when you prepare your own burger meals at home, the fries are place on the plate next to the burger. Half Baked Harvest, however, has decided that dinner rules aren’t real and instead has placed the French fries right inside the burger. You’ll find them resting on the patty nestled under some melted cheese, and we have a feeling you’ll enjoy them just as much as we did.

6. French dip mac n’ cheese smothered French fries


Just in case the mashup of French fries and pizza wasn’t enough of a clash between your favourite childhood goods, here’s another one to really blow your minds: French fries with macaroni and cheese! Dixie Chik Cooks guides you through the process of making this rich, mouthwatering dinner combination from scratch and topping the entire thing with bacon, just in case you weren’t overwhelmed with flavour enough already.

7. French fry egg skillet


You’ve probably heard of having eggs and hash browns for breakfast, and you’ve probably even made them yourself, but have you ever heard of pairing your eggs with French fries instead? Eating the fries next to your omelette might not seem like such a crazy idea since they’re really just different shaped potatoes, but what about eating them inside your omelette? Check the whole crazy idea out on My Bizzy Kitchen!

8. Kimchi, bacon, and onion French fry casserole


Perhaps when you thought of unique French fry recipes, you were picturing food combinations and toppings that were a little more classy than putting one fast food inside another? Then check out this kimchi, onion, and bacon French fry casserole from The Woks of Life instead! The kimchi puts a spicy Korean twist on the whole thing and gives it a taste that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

9. Reuben style Irish nachos


If you’ve ever had a Reuben sandwich then you already know precisely why this recipe is absolutely mouthwatering. If you haven’t, then this recipe from Jess Fuel is about to blow your mind. Beyond the plethora of sauce and melted cheese, you’ll enjoy a flavourful smoked meat that is only paralleled by the scrumptious combination of a bite that gets all the ingredients into one big mouthful.

10. French fry tacos


If you’re starting to think as we go along that our strategy here was just to look for recipes that place French fries into other regular foods like an experiment… then you might be right. Can you blame us, though? These French fry tacos from Half Baked Harvest are the ultimate Mexican-American fusion food. Talk about a satisfying meal!

11. Beef nacho French fries


When we’re not scouring the Internet for recipes that put French fries inside other stuff, you can bet that we’re looking for ones that replace different potato based foods with French fries instead! That, ladies and gentlemen, is how much we adore a good batch of fries. This delectable French fry beef nacho recipe from Cake n’ Knife is precisely the kind of thing we were hoping to find when we started this list, and now we’re excited to finish writing it so we can run to our kitchen and make these immediately.

12. Philly cheesesteak fries


If you’ve ever enjoyed a “deconstructed sandwich” in the form of a salad topped with sandwich ingredients minus the bread, then you’re already kind of prepared for what we’re talking about here. In this instance, however, replace the salad with French fries (of course) and throw on the things you’d normally use to make a delicious Philly cheesesteak! The Two Bite Club walks you through it.

13. Steak and gravy fries


Okay, we admit to knowing that this particular French fry recipe isn’t actually that wild in comparison to some of the other things we put on our list. Can you blame us, though? You’ll certainly never see us passing up a chance to enjoy juicy, succulent steak pieces on a bed of perfectly golden fries, just the way Dixie Chik Cooks has prepared them here!

14. In-N-Out “Animal Style” fries


If you live outside of the United States then it’s possible that you’ve never been to the burger chain In-N-Out before, but we urge you to look up what it means when you order their fries “animal style”. In fact, we’ll save you the time; it means that the fries come with a huge helping of juicy pulled pork dropped right on top! Dinner Then Dessert shows you how to make this delight at home, with the added bonus of a smothering cheese sauce option.

15. Sweet potato chili cheese fries


Of course, we couldn’t bear to end our list without including at least one sweet potato fry recipe! We know that you could technically make any of these recipes with sweet potato fries in place of classic ones, but we think that this particular dish, which we found on Gringalicious, is the perfect pairing with their unique taste. Once you’ve tried these, you might never eat regular old chili fries ever again.

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