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Crafty Ways to Keep Your Desk Organized

Whether you work in an office or from home, one of the best ways to stay productive is to make sure that you have a great work area. Giving yourself easy access to everything you need and freeing the environment of clutter will help you concentrate on the task at hand rather than getting distracted.

Like anything else, organizing your desk area is a lot more fun when you get crafty about it. Here are some great DIY solutions for getting your desk organized!

Stacked mason jars

Let’s be honest: mason jars are one of the most useful craft supplies out there. Use them to organize your desk (and look very upcycled-chic at the same time) by tipping them on their side and stacking them like a pyramid. Keep pens, pencils, markers, and other supplies in these new little makeshift shelves.

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(Photo source: Your House and Garden)

Binder clips

These handy little clips are useful for much more than just keeping papers in place in your binders! Try clipping them to the side of your desk and treading your various electrical cords through the handles. The skinnier part of the loop will hold the ends of  USB cords, laptop chargers, and cell phone chargers in place so the cords don’t get tangled under your desk!

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(Photo source: HGTV)

Jelly jar storage

You know jars make great storage, but you don’t want too many crowding your desk, especially if you’re already made a mason jar pyramid. For desks that have shelves, you can create space efficient extra storage by screwing the lid of a few jelly jars to the underside of the shelf. Fill the jars with small supplies, like paper clips or thumb tacks, and turn them into their lids to let them hang securely and keep things contained!

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(Photo source: Curbly)

Magazine holders

These are great for holding more than just magazines! Arrange several magazine holders on your desk or a shelf above it and dedicate each one to holding something important. Consider having one magazine holder for each class, or alphabetize your files in them.

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(Photo source: My Home Life Mag)

Cereal box drawer dividers

Does your desk drawer look like a tornado hit it? Cut off the bottoms of different sized cereal boxes and cover them in paper liner, wall paper, or construction paper in fun colours and patterns. Arrange them like tetris pieces in your desk and dedicate each little box to hold something. These dividers will keep your pencils, pens, scissors, and so on from rolling all over the place when you open and closer the drawer.

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(Photo source: The Chic Site)

A “hidden” desk

Do you work form home in a very small apartment? Maybe your best method of organization is to stash your entire desk away when you’re not using it! Face two equally sized bookcases together and attach them on one side with hinges. Place the back of one bookcase against a wall, but make sure there’s enough room in front and on the side for it to open. Use one of the bookcases as your main work surface and the shelves on the other side as storage!

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(Photo source: Martha Stewart)

Hanging recycled storage bins

If you’re like us, you can’t help but think about how useful plastic containers like shampoo, lotion, and Lysol wipe bottles might be before you put them in your recycling bin. Why not actually put them to use? Cut them into hanging storage bins to get clutter up off your desktop!

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(Photo source: Make it & Love it)

Window frame note board

If you know anyone doing home renovations, check what they’re getting rid of before they haul things to the dump. If you can snag an old window frame, then all you need is some cork board, some chalkboard paint, and some chicken wire to make yourself a multipurpose note board!

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(Photo source: My So Called Crafty Life)

Wine rack organizer

Whether you set it on the desk or screw it to the underside of a shelf, a wine rack with glasses, jars, or small vases place in each bottle space makes for great additional storage.

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(Photo source: Better Homes and Gardens)

“Office in a chest”

If you’re really looking for space efficiency, consider condensing your entire office into an old wooden chest! Okay, maybe not the entire thing, but your files, note board, and random office supplies will certainly fit neatly inside!

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(Photo source: Martha Stewart)

Shoe rack pockets

As long as you’ve got a blank space neat your desk big enough to hang the rack on, the pockets of a hanging shoe rack make a great alternative to throwing objects all over the surface of your desk!

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(Photo source: Curbly)

Muffin tins

Do you like the idea of keeping your drawers neat and tidy, but you don’t have time to cut and paste your own dividers? Simply pop a small muffin tin into your drawer and use each cup to hold something different!

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(Photo source: Better Home and Garden)

Toilet roll cord organizers

Maybe your work space is quite neat but your cords are the problem? Stop them from getting tangled up under your desk (and in your drawers, in your bags, or pretty much anywhere) by sliding them through a toilet paper roll. Decorate each roll however you please!

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(Photo source: Our Thrifty Ideas)

Dish rack filing

Do you need extra filing space without trying to squeeze a whole second cabinet into your office? Try sorting smaller items, like mail, using a simple dish rack!

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(Photo source: Brit + Co)

Window shutters

The spaces between wooden slats on an old window shutter make the perfect organizers for files, papers, and mail. Not only does this project upcycle, but it also looks super Bohemian chic!

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(Photo source: Curbly)

Have you tried other crafty ways to keep you work space clutter-free and productive? Tell us about them in the comments!