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Dozen DIY Bar Carts: A Must-Have at Every House Party 

When you’re out with friends celebrating a special occasion you always catch the bar cart with the corner of your eye and silently wish that you could roll out the drinks so pompously in your own home as well, whenever you’re hosting a social gathering. Thanks to the lovely people of the internet who are always happy to share their creations, here are some epic DIY bar carts that you can make for your own home!

1. Ikea Copper Bar Cart 


Your chic and urban home deserves a bar cart that is going to feel like it was always meant to be a part of it. When you bring out the drinks, you want people to be more excited about the cart than the drinks – which is a big standard to set! Don’t worry though, a quick trip to Ikea and the instructions by Your Beauty are all you need!

2. Industrial Bar Cart 


Industrial decor elements carry a timeless charm that somehow never goes out of style. We’re always obsessed when a very functional furniture piece can add some charm to our interior and if you look at this brilliant industrial bar cart by MCLeano you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about!

3. Minimalist Bar Cart 


One of the main concerns you might have about making a bar cart for your home is that it’s going to stand out too much and so interfere with the balance of your interior. Angela Marie Made shares a tutorial for a minimalist bar cart that is going to blend right in!

4. Gold and Marble Bar Cart 


Gold and marble go together like peanut butter and jelly – it’s the dream combo! If you want to make a bar cart that looks luxurious and adds to the glamour of your house party, check out how Twinspiration created one by bringing together the said dream duo!

5. Rustic Bar Cart 


Some homeowners are more into modern decor while others get inspired by everything rustic. If you prefer the natural materials and earthy tones to shiny color shades and dynamic shapes, a rustic bar cart is definitely in the cards for you! Check out the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic!

6. Industrial Pipe Bar Cart 


Here’s another take on an industrial bar cart, this one built with black pipes that give the whole cart an eye-catching style that easily pairs with many other decor elements. Black is ever the safe color so this cart will never look out of place! Visit Homedit for the inside scoop!

7. Ikea Laptop Bar Cart 


We love a good Ikea hack, so we had to add another one to this roundup! You can purchase their simple laptop desk and turn it into an incredible bar cart in just a few short steps! Style Me Pretty shares the whole process and it’s the shortest list of instructions you’ll ever see for an Ikea project.

8. Wooden Bar Cart 


We get it, you love simplicity! You’re trying to navigate this world of modern design where metallic colors and geometrical shapes are taking over, but truly the only thing you want is the irreplaceable sight of a bar cart made from plain wood. The Nifty Test has got you covered!

9. Chic Metallic Bar Cart 


Copper instantly adds the element of chic to your living space, so it really pays off to make use of it! If you are somebody that loves to roll up their sleeves and dedicate an afternoon to a DIY project, Designs by Studio C can show you how to build this incredible metallic bar cart!

10. Retro Bar Cart 


Isn’t it funny how the more modern the world gets the more we’re starting to look back and seek inspiration from the previous eras? Let your intuition be the main guide and if this bar cart by The Flair Exchange in a classic retro green color calls to you, make it for your home without a second’s hesitation!

11. Modern Black Bar Cart 


Elegance is a powerful word when it comes to interior. What truly infuses one’s living space with elegance isn’t the lack of elements, but a careful selection of them. A bar cart may not sound like the most elegant piece you can have, but we actually think this modern black bar cart by A Beautiful Mess will do just fine!

12. Neon Bar Cart 


Can’t get enough of colors? You don’t have to! It’s your party and you’ll paint if you want to! Bring out your brightest and craziest neon spray paints – it’s creativity time!  Tattooed Martha shares the full tutorial for this eccentric bar cart that’s going to steal the attention at every house party you host until the end of all days!