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Simple and Stylish DIY Pet Beds

If you own a pet you know that they can take up a lot of your time. Whether it’s taking them for long walks, taking them to the vet or simply dedicating your time to keeping them amused, they require a lot of work to keep happy. It’s also important for them to have something comfy to sleep in when they’ve tired themselves out. Check out our selection of simple pet beds that you can make and you’ll soon find it doesn’t take much to make one of these yourself.

1. Round Suitcase Pet Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYRound Suitcase Pet Bed

Do you have an old suitcase hanging around that would make the perfect pet bed? Then check out this amazing design by Camille Styles to draw some inspiration on how you can transform a simple accessory into a cute and comfy pet bed.

2. Upside Down Stool Pet Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYUpside Down Stool Pet Bed

This idea from Ki Nassauer Style takes a simple approach to creating a unique pet bed by simply using a stool and turning it upside down and placing a comfy cushion in the center. What could be easier than that? Whether it’s for your cat or dog, they are sure to love it!

3. Poochie Pillow


What could be comfier than a pillow to sleep on when it comes to a pet bed? This design from Bake Shop provides a stylish pillow that is sure to be loved by your pet and is easy to keep clean as well. Absolutely perfect, if your pet sheds a lot of hair.

4. Recycled T-Shirt Pet Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYRecycled T-Shirt Pet Bed

If you’re searching for a cheap way to make a pet bed, the easiest option is to make it with some old t-shirts. This is what Craft Stylish has done, which has enabled them to produce a lovely looking pet bed that will be great for your pet to snuggle up in. This is also the ideal way of recycling old clothes and giving them a new lease of life.

5. Fleece Pet Bed


Give your pet a cozy retreat that they will absolutely love jumping up and sleeping on. This design from Dog Under My Desk shows how to make your very own stylish fleece pet bed. It might look difficult, but the result will be well worth all that extra effort you put in.

6. Luxurious Pet Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYLuxurious Pet Bed

It is time to give your pet a bed that screams out luxury and style; something befitting for royalty! This creation by Weekend Designer is the ideal design to make and would also be a delightful addition to your home. If you want to make something different, this is certainly the design to try out.

7. Raised Pet Bed


If you want to keep your pet off the floor and away from the cold chill of winter, then a raised bed is the thing you need. This idea comes from Jezze Prints and shows that you don’t need much to make a delightful raised bed for your dog.