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15 DIY Dog Food Stands Made from Scratch

When it comes to making sure our dogs are well fed and well cared for, we’ll do just about anything. Even if it means making the ideal piece of furniture to help make their lives better with our own two hands, then that’s what it takes! We happen to think that making things for our pets is a rather small price to pay for all the love, affection, and support they give us unwaveringly every day.

That’s why, when our oldest dog started having a bit of trouble leaning down quite so low to eat and drink water at mealtimes thanks to his arthritis, we decided it was time to get him a food stand. Not only did we hope that such a thing would it alleviate some of his joint paint by requiring him to lean and hold position a little longer, since the food would be right there at his natural level, but we were also convinced that it would cause less food mess all over the floor for us to clean up, since he wouldn’t have to eat at such an awkward angle.

Now, we do understand that we could have simply bought a dog food stand at our local pet or department store, but where’s the fun in that? We’re always a lot more satisfied with the way things look and function when we’ve been able to make them ourselves rather than just making a purchase. That’s why we’ve been on the lookout lately for the best quality DIY dog food stand tutorials that we could find across the Internet. We were pretty pleased indeed with just how many designs and tutorials we actually found and we couldn’t help sharing some of our favourites for other people with the same needs to check out as well.

Check out this list of the 15 very best homemade bowl benches, feeding stations, and dog food stands that we came across in our search!

1. Reclaimed wooden dog bowl stand


If you, like so many others, find that a reclaimed wooden piece just really speaks to your tastes and the home decor scheme you’ve built yourself, then we have a sneaking suspicion that you might get along rather well with this piece from The Daily DIYer. They not only give you some insight on where and how they actually reclaimed the wood they used (which really was authentically repurposed, and not just labelled this for the sake of a trendy tutorial), and they show you how to build this little stand step by step.

2. Custom wooden bowl stand for small pups


Are you feeling rather intrigued indeed by the whole concept of a dog food bowl but you’re also fully aware that your little pup is a lot smaller, or at least shorter in the legs, than the dogs you often see stands made for? Perhaps that’s why you’re trying to custom make one in the first place; the ones in the stores can be quite tall, from what we’ve seen. In any case, we’d definitely suggest checking out this slightly altered design found on PuppyFoodie and created by Remodelaholic that shows you how to make a wooden bowl stand from scratch, with dimensions that are intentionally measured out for smaller dogs to be able to comfortably eat at.

3. Dog feeding station with front storage


If you’re going to build your dog a feeding station, are you also starting to feel like it would also be very useful to have a place to store the food nearby? Well, what if we told you that it’s actually quite simple to build a place to store the food in the foot stand instead? That’s precisely what this tutorial from This Old House is here to show you how to do, with a tilt-out door for access to the space underneath the top where the bowls are held. This also encloses the food so curious pups can’t secretly snack.

4. Simple dog dish stand


Are you actually a little newer to the woodworking and structure building game, so you’re looking for something that’s very much on the simpler end of the spectrum in terms of skill level? In that case, we think you might get along a little better with something like this easy and simplified dog dish stand outlined in full detail thanks to Ugly Duckling House. Their instructions and design are straight forward and uncomplicated but the end result is pretty cute, especially with a coat of paint.

5. Large dog feeding station with drawer


Did we actually really catch your attention the best so far with this whole idea of a dog feed stand that also has a food storage unit, but you’re convinced that your furry friends could jimmy open a tilt-out drawer and get in there when you’re looking? Then maybe you’d have better luck with this drawer version of the same idea from DIY Creators instead! It’s easy for you to open but difficult for dogs to get into, and it keeps the food on hand while also supporting the bowls at the perfect height for larger, taller dogs than any of the designs you’ve seen so far.

6. Rustic inspired wooden bowl stand


Just in case you’re still loving that whole worn wooden, reclaimed idea but you’re looking for something even more rustic than anything we’ve shown you yet, here’s another tutorial (with wood reclaiming tips) from Shanty 2 Chic! They show you how to make a bowl stand that’s pretty basic in a charming way, as well as how to custom measure its height to your dog’s needs. It’s the perfect piece to suit a rustic chic home and a medium sized dog.

7. Raised bowl bench from scratch


Are you someone who actually already has a little bit of woodworking experience, knows how to work your own tools, and doesn’t shy away from a challenge? Well, this next piece from Workshop Addict isn’t actually very challenging with your kind of knowledge, but it is one that’s a little more based in proper carpentry technique than some of the others, which also might make it the vert best choice for you.

8. Small, simple painted bowl bench


Just in case you’ve been scrolling through our list hoping to come across something that’s made with slightly more affordable materials, here’s the perfect design and set of instructions! Centsational Style shows you how to make a little bench-style bowl stand made with minimal cuts and wood that’s cheap to purchase, but not cheap in its durability or quality. They also give you plenty of tips for wood painting in order to make sure your colour and coverage at the end are nice and smooth.

9. Dog or cat height bowl stand


Now that we’ve got you thinking about how great a feeding stand for your dogs would be, are you also feeling curious about whether your cats might actually benefit from using one as well? Then Making Stuff has you covered! They show you how to make a little bowl stand in a range of sizes, giving you even smaller dimensions than any of the other plants or tutorials you’ve seen so far in order to account for much smaller dogs and even cats, too.

10. DIY dog bowl chairs


Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who really likes unconventional and clearly upcycled ideas because you love thrifting or garage sale shopping and you think that giving these things a new lease on life gives your home character? Well, particularly if you’ve got some wooden furniture pieces that could use a change, then we think you’re going to adore the surprisingly simple way The DIY Village shows you how to make these dog bowl chairs where the bowl is set right into the seat. Obviously, these are better for slightly taller dogs (unless you have kids’ chairs, which would also work well).

11. Doggie name wooden stand


Besides just learning how to build a basic stand, are you also looking for a tutorial that has some suggestions and inspirations to help you decorate and dress up your feeding station a little? Then check out this adorable wooden name stand featured on Pinspired to DIY! They show you not only how to make the stand itself from scratch, but also how to do a bit of wooden lettering, which is a skill you can totally use elsewhere in your home as well.

12. Pallet wood food stand and storage


Just in case we’ve still got your attention with the whole idea of reclaimed wood but we haven’t quite hit the niche corner of that aesthetic that you like best, here’s a tutorial for the pallet wood lovers out there! Handmade on Half Street shows you how to make a dog food stand, complete with food storage underneath, that’s all made from genuine reclaimed pallet wood. They even show you how they gathered and improved upon the wood’s original state without losing its charm before starting.

13. Upside down crate dog feeder


Are you actually not a person who has any kind of woodworking experience but you can’t help feeling like you still want to make something with a rustic chic charm? Then you’re going to love the way Animal Wised made that happen by turning an old (but stable) wooden crate upside down and turning that into a dog bowl stand! It’s simple but still satisfying and their tutorial shows you all the steps they took to make something fantastic out of something that wasn’t otherwise being used.

14. Upcycled planter elevated dog bowl stand


Are you actually still on the hunt for dog bowl stands that will help you make things a little easier for your very large or tall dog, but you still haven’t seen anything that’s quite the right size and also simple enough for you to pull off? Then maybe this little bit of repurposed genius from DIY for Homeowners will work for you! They show you how they made an elevated bowl stand from an old planter that sat at a good, accessible height for their large four legged friend.

15. Easy self-refilling water bowl station


Of course, dog food bowls aren’t the only kind of bowls you can make stands for! This last design from Instructables can either be made low down to the ground precisely how to see it here, or very easily adapted to sit up on a stand like the kinds you’ve been checking out so far. This time, however, the real concentrate is on an attachment you’ll make around the bowl that shows you how to use an empty plastic 2L pop bottle to store extra water that will slowly refill into the bowl as your dog drains it, keeping them hydrated longer even if you have to step out during the day. The water pressure keeps it from overflowing and we love how simple it is to make something so impressive and useful.

Do you know another enthusiastic and very crafty dog owner who has been thinking about making their very own dog food stand but who could use a little but more guidance in the process? Share this post with them so they have all kinds of designs, instructions, and types of ideas to choose from and assist them along the way!