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Awesome Ways To Upcycle Old Drawers

When the time comes to say goodbye to your big old dresser, there’s no need to throw the drawers away! Eventually everything comes in handy. Even a big drawer, that seems useless on its own, can quickly be transformed into something beautiful and practical!

Here are some awesome ideas for upcycling old drawers and adding something new to your living space!

Drawer Shelves


Everybody needs shelves! Especially if you like to collect tiny things, whatever they may be, you’ll never run out of the need to place them somewhere. So why settle for the classic, monotone shelves, when you can make these unique and dynamic shelves from old drawers! They will absolutely liven up your living space and draw all the attention! Find more details at Shades of Grey.

Drawer Plant Stand


Coming up with creative plant stands can be a hassle, because often times they all end up looking the same. Well, Happy Together knows what’s up! Spice things up and make a plant stand that will not only do its job, but also end up being a stand out element in any room!

Under The Bed Storage


An idea that is perfect for children’s room, because there’s always a need for more storage space. Just think – what do kids usually do when they run out of space to store toys? They put them under the bed! But now they can do so with your blessing! This idea will make sure that all things stay organized, even under the bed! Head over to My Love To Create for instructions!

Sandwich Station

VIEW IN GALLERYsandwich station

Yes. You read that right. YES. Sandwich station. Your secret dream just came true! Sandwiches have saved our lives one too many times, so they deserve a station of their own! Plus, it would save you time when you’re in a really big rush; no more running around the kitchen, looking for condiments and foil! This idea is just an all-time win! Find all the details at Curbly.

Dog Bed


Our friends think us crazy, but those of us with pets absolutely know that our darling four legged companions love to get new stuff! Anything from toys to blankets to … beds! And if our pets are happy, we are happy! DIY Show Off tells you how you can make this glorious upcycled dog bed and then happily collect smooches from your happy pooches!

Doll House


Your little ones will be over the moon about this one! You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on overpriced doll houses; you can re-purpose an old drawer and make it yourself. Semiproper tells you how!


VIEW IN GALLERYUpcycled drawer bookshelf

Gear up, book worms! Time to make an awesome bookshelf! Want one that looks special and sophisticated with an antique touch? Go to Addison Meadows Lane to see how it’s done! It’ll save you a lot of space and give you an excuse to buy more books!

Jewelry Organizer


How annoying are the moments when we are in a rush, trying to pick out our favorite necklace, but it gets tangled with another 20 necklaces that we own. Here’s a remedy for this nightmare. Organize your jewelry in the coolest and greenest way possible: by upcycling! A Time For Everything will tell you how to achieve this amazing jewelry station that will always keep all of your favorite pieces at bay.



Every household benefits from a chalkboard! It’s both fun and practical, for kids and adults! Stop your search for the perfect chalkboard immediately, because it is already in your house! Dig up that old drawer that you’ve saved a while ago and turn it into an epic chalkboard! My Repurposed Life will guide you through the process.



Drawer-turned-ottoman. What a brilliant idea! Diary of a Crafty Lady has the how-to! Ottomans are currently the thing, so make one for your living room and claim your right to the ottoman throne!

Hopefully you don’t have to wonder anymore what to do with those old drawers! Let us know which idea is your favorite!