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Top 10 Ice Cream Crafts: You’ll Wish They Were Edible!

Ice cream is a treat for the soul all year ‘round, but as summer approaches we are already daydreaming about eating heaps of ice cream cones while sunbathing at the beach! There are always suitable DIY projects to go hand in hand with the changing seasons and as the weather gets warmer we find ourselves wishing to channel the ice cream vibes with these super creative ice cream crafts that will induce some serious cravings!

1. Gum Ball Ice Cream Cones 


Whether you are hosting or attending a party, trust our judgement when we tell you these tiny gum ball ice cream cones by Oh Happy Day cannot be missing from the table of treats! Their appearance alone screams fun, plus you get to pretend that your bubble gum is ice cream flavored!

2. Pom-Pom Ice Cream Cones 


Who could resist a cute, soft and fluffy little ice cream cone? Live Craft Love‘s pom-pom cones are going to be a total hit among the youngest members of your family or the most childlike members of your circle of close friends! Either way, bring on the pom-pom party!  

3. Upcycled CD Ice Cream 


Raise your hand if you still have old CDs lying around the house – guilty as charged! In light of spring cleaning, you can admit to yourself that they need to be repurposed. Make and Takes has a lovely project for kids that uses old CDs to create tasty-looking ice cream cones no matter the season!

4. Ruffled Fabric Ice Cream Cones


When your love for ice cream is so big you can’t imagine life without it, the next step in the relationship is pretty obvious: making ice cream decor pieces. The hanging ruffled ice cream cones, brought to you by Icing Design, are hands-down the most brilliant way to decorate a home or an event!

5. Ice Cream Headband 


Party hats are fun, but also mainstream! If you want to swap the part hat for something more original, try an ice cream cone inspired headband! It’s quirky and unique, drawing attention to itself with a witty look and perfectly matching your fun personality! Find the how-to at Oriental Trading!

6. Ice Cream Elbow Patches 


Elbow patches are making a comeback! Be the first in line to bring them back into your daily fashion by sneaking over to Studio DIY and learning all about these innovative ice cream patches that will easily cover any imperfection your favorite sweater might have!

7. Ice Cream Cone Garland 


Ice cream cones as home decor? Hell to the yes! It’s pretty simple to decorate our mantel for Christmas and other holidays, but during the regular days of spring and summer we are always brainstorming for ideas. Growing Up Gabel has a great idea for an ice cream cone garland that brings the factor of charm into the living room!

8. Ice Cream Piñata 


What’s a birthday party without a piñata? Making this giant ice cream piñata is a sure-fire way to make you the most popular parent or teacher in the world! The kids will absolutely love it – just don’t forget to fill it with their favorite candy! Visit Six Sisters’ Stuff for the details!

9. Balloon Ice Cream Cones 


One thing we are sure of: everybody loves balloons! They are a sign of celebration! Grab some balloons and paper and just like that you have all you need to make cheerful ice cream cones! Please ask your children to help you with this one – you know how much they love to lend a hand at decorating! See the simple tutorial at eVite!

10. Felt Ice Cream Purse 


If you are feeling the ice cream vibes to the point where you want to flaunt your love of this cold dessert everywhere you go, perhaps this ice cream purse is just what you need to show off your unique style! It’s soft, spacious and will happily hold ice cream money! Find out more at WikiHow, where all the best tutorials live!

Can you hear the ice cream truck?