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10 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Make In 5 Minutes

Are you one of those too-busy-to-craft or I’ll-do-this-when-I-have-more-time people? Our lives can get so packed with errands, work and kids that we barely get any time to ourselves! But that’s no reason for crafting to suffer! If anything, it will relax you and take your mind off your busy schedule for a bit. Dedicated to all the busy bees, here are 10 DIY projects you can make in 5 minutes (or less)!

1. Geometric Metallic Vase

VIEW IN GALLERYmetallic vase

Nobody wants a boring vase. You won’t be able to believe what an improvement a little metallic paper can be! It’s a perfect project for last minute house touch-ups before your guests arrive! Visit The Craft Patch to learn more!

2. Superhero Snow Globe

VIEW IN GALLERYsuperhero snow globe

This will make a perfect Christmas gift for your little superhero enthusiast! (Or maybe you are one yourself, in which case, more power to you)! Find the how-to at The Shabby Creek Cottage and make sure a superhero theme song plays in the background as you’re making this!

3. Farmhouse Footed Tray

VIEW IN GALLERYfooted tray

If you’ve been getting ready to spend hours shopping for the perfect kitchen tray, stop right there. You don’t need hours; all you need is five minutes! Hometalk has all the instructions you need to make this rustic-looking, footed tray!

4. Chalkboard Wrapped Drinking Jars

VIEW IN GALLERYchalkboard drinking jars

These drinking jars will be a perfect addition to any summer slumber party! Fill them up with lemonade, then make them chalkboard labels and write your names on them! It’s a fun project to make together with friends, so check out Lemon Thistle for the details!

5. Bow Headbands

VIEW IN GALLERYbow headbands

We know what you’re thinking: “A bow headband in 5 minutes? That’s impossible!” Well, think again! These bows are no-sew and you can really get creative with them! Find the tutorial at A Mom’s Take and make one for every occasion!

6. Funky Bookmarks

VIEW IN GALLERYfunky bookmarks

Sorry classic bookmarks, you’ve been replaced. These funky looking bookmarks are the book worm’s new favorite companion! If you’ve always loved making dog-ears to your books, you’re going to love these! Find the tutorial at Ideas 2 Live 4!

7. Mini Succulent Jars

VIEW IN GALLERYmini succulrnt jars

Succulents are super popular right now, but if you’re not into big plant holders, try out these mini jars instead! They easily fit everywhere and even though they’re small, they will undoubtedly bring something special to the room! Details at Casa Watkins Living!

8. Ribbon Wands

VIEW IN GALLERYribbon wand

Oh the magic of childhood. You can pretend you’re a wizard all day long and get away with it, you can cast magic spells and save the world! These ribbon wands by Washi Tape Crafts are a must-have for every wizard (and their parent who loves crafting)!

9. Branches & Burlap Frame

VIEW IN GALLERYburlap frame

Here’s a fantastic idea, found at At The Picket Fence, for a unique frame made out of burlap and branches. It will fit great with the Halloween décor, once October rolls in, and everybody will be speechless once you tell them this was a five minute project!

10. Fabric Wrapped Bracelet

VIEW IN GALLERYfabric wrapped bracelets

We can’t complete this list without an accessory! Surely everybody needs a quick bracelet how-to on hand and this project by Crème de la Craft is absolutely perfect! These fabric wrapped bracelets will take your breath away and you’ll soon have an abundance of them!

Now that time is not the issue, which project are you going to do first?!