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8 Stylish Ways to Design a Home Library or Reading Nook with DIY Decor

Have you always wanted your own home library or reading space that you can enjoy as you look to escape your mundane life? Well now you can, thanks to the amazing selection of ideas we have unearthed for you; giving you all the inspiration you need!

1. Billy Bookcase


This IKEA bookcase is a cheap purchase, but A House Full of Sunshine have managed to transform the look of this bookcase to complement the existing decor in the room. It gives the room a touch color and character even while leaving the visual flow of the home unhindered.

2. Fitted Bookcase


Bliss at Home have created this lovely looking fitted bookcase, which has the ability to instantly transform a room into a majestic reading space. If you love reading books you’ll absolutely love this home library idea.

3. DIY Bookcase


If you have too many books scattered around you, then this fantastic design by Scrap Hacker is the perfect solution for your nerdy needs. Follow the ten-step process to make your own perfect home library and you would be amazed at what you have achieved at the end!

4. Mini Bookcase


Even if you don’t have many books you can still make a home for them that is stylish and space-savvy. Delia Creates has made a mini bookcase where the emphasis is on ‘less is more’. This is an ideal design if you don’t have a lot of space in your home, but would still like to fit in a bookcase.

5. DIY Colourful Shelves

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Colourful Shelves

Add a bit of vivaciousness to the interior with a selection of boxes that are easy to paint in different bright and bold colours. This creation by Live the MMA demonstrates that you don’t need to spend much on materials to create a cool, modular bookshelf. With styles such as Bohemian and eclectic currently a hot trend, these casually places bookshelves would seem even more charming.

6. Neon Yellow Bookcase

VIEW IN GALLERYNeon Yellow Bookcase

For a splash of colour to your home, look no further than this idea from Flax and Twine. This creation makes use of Panyl, which is easy to attach and doesn’t require as much effort as paint the shelf in a neon hue. It’s perfect if you want a bold stand out color that just won’t fade!

7. Rocking Chair


No home library is complete without the perfect spot that lets you catch up on your favorite page-turners. And what better way to create this spot than by adding a cool rocking chair? This DIY design from Interiors by Kenz shows how to make a rocking chair out of a chair you already own.

8. Upgraded Chairs

VIEW IN GALLERYUpgraded Chairs

If you fancy something a bit more sophisticated then check out this design idea from The Gathered Home that upgrades a pair of chairs you already own. It’s amazing what impact a simple addition can have on a chair, which is certainly the case here. You’ll be mesmerized by the transformation and how comfy these chairs actually are.