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15 Creative Decor Ideas Made From Plastic Cutlery

The best DIY projects are the ones that upcycle things into something new. It’s especially great when the thing you’re upcycling is something you might have otherwise thrown out! Plastic cutlery is a great example of something you can save from the garbage for creative purposes. DIY projects made from plastic cutlery help you reduce waste production and keep things “green”. They also look really cool!

Spoon vase


All You‘s spoon vase gives some urban contrast to the natural beauty of your flowers.

Spoon mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYFlower mirror from plastic spoons

This Yellow House shows you how to create your own textured mirror frame made of plastic spoons!

Tulip lamps


What’s more exciting than a DIY project that glows? A DIY project that glows and upcycles, of course! Check it out on Instructables.

Laurel wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYspoon-laurel-wreath

Try recreating The Nester‘s laurel wrath made of plastic spoons for a touch of delicate upcycled decor.

Hanging lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYhanging-spoon-lamp

Follow in DIY Masters‘ footsteps to create this gorgeous modern hanging lamp from plastic spoons!

Pineapple lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYpineapple-spoon-lamp

Perhaps you’d prefer a lamp with a little more personality than the chic hanging style? Check out Now That’s Pretty‘s adorable pineapple spoon light instead!

Candle holders

VIEW IN GALLERYCandle holders

Knock Off Decor shows you how to make a very unique flower-shaped candle holder from plastic spoons… that have been melted!

Rose tealights

VIEW IN GALLERYRose tealights

Sometimes plastic spoons make the perfect base for more delicate decorative elements! Check out how Smart Schoolhouse combined them with rose petals to make a gorgeous tealight!


VIEW IN GALLERYspoon-water-lily

Fab Art DIY gives you a great guide to creating your own lifelike waterlily decor out of plastic spoons and a green doily!

Fall Pumpkin

VIEW IN GALLERYspoon-pumpkin

Okay, so it’s not fall right now, but it never hurts to get a head start on your decor, right? Club Chica Circle‘s adorable tutorial for a fall pumpkin made of plastic spoons can help you out!

Christmas trees

VIEW IN GALLERYPlasticSpoonChristmasTrees

While you’re getting a jump start on seasonal decor, why not consider some Christmas trees made of plastic spoons too? One Project Closer has you covered.


VIEW IN GALLERYspoon-lantern

You’ve seen hanging lamps and desk lamps made from spoons, so why not some portable light too? Check out Hometalk‘s gorgeous spoon lantern project.

Christmas wreath

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas wreath

Okay, so Christmas doesn’t come again for almost a year, but you could create this Bizbash wreath for any time of year by switching up the colours!

Bird feeder

VIEW IN GALLERYspoon-bird-feeder

Even your local wildlife will appreciate your upcycling skills! Check out how Shabby Beach Nest used plastic spoons and a plastic bottle to make a gorgeous hummingbird feeder!

Decorative tulips

VIEW IN GALLERYplastic-spoon-tulips

Take a look at how gorgeous SS Arts and Crafts‘ plastic spoons look once they’ve been upcycled into tulip flowers!