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Handmade Air Plant Décor Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Air plants don’t need any soil as they survive on nutrients, which are absorbed through their leaves while the roots are used as mere anchors. This makes them the perfect indoor plants that usher in a hint of greenery even while taking away the hassle of meticulous maintenance. Check out the amazing selection of air plant DIY decor we have on display today and you will be tempted to give your home a green tinge as well.

1. Wall Air Plant


This fantastic looking air plant wall from Valley and Co Lifestyle is a wonderful way of incorporating some greenery into your home without worrying about your plants dying on you if you forget to water them. It’s also really easy to make too.

2. Framed Air Plant


If you’re searching for a way to include some of the charm of great outdoors into your home, then check out this lovely air plant from All the Good Girls Go to Heaven. It’s a plant that has been weaved into a frame giving you a different prospective as to how plants can survive without the usual ingredients.

3. Mini Clay Pot Magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYMini Clay Pot Magnets

If you don’t have much floor space, why not consider maximising your fridge space instead to include some plants into your home. This lovely idea from The Merry Thought puts mini clay pots on to the fridge with the help of magnets. What a great way of using your fridge for your plants. They are also super cute because they are so small.

4. Air Plant Centre Piece

VIEW IN GALLERYAir Plant Centre Piece

Why not make a lovely centre piece for your living room with the help of this great air plant centre piece from Alice and Lois? It’s really easy to make and won’t take up much space, and like all air plants you don’t need any soil to plant it in.

5. Cork Air Plant


Who would have thought that you could do so much with an old bottle cork? Well, it seems you can. Check out this amazing air plant design from Green Thumb White Apron who have used corks from bottles to hold air plants in. Genius!

6. Air Plant Shell Planter

VIEW IN GALLERYShell Air Planter

It seems that you can use absolutely anything to plant things in. Gina Michele has used a sea shell as a planter, which looks as if something is still living inside it. If you want to create something different, though, this is one planter to consider for your home.

7. Painted Air Plant Bell Caps

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted Air Plant Caps

These lovely looking air plant bell caps from Lovely Indeed will make an excellent addition to your desk or in your living room. As they are different they will be fun to make and you will be pleased with the end result when you have finished.

8. Driftwood Air Plant

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood Air Plant

Driftwood is an incredibly versatile piece of material, so if you happen to find some while walking along the beach you can use it to make your own air planter. Check out this creation from Joy Us Garden, who have used driftwood to make a unique planter for their home.