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Fashionable DIY Slippers That Will Also Keep You Cozy

Even though spring is coming, it’s still pretty chilly at night! A nice cozy pair of slippers is the best thing for keeping comfortable at home as you go about your evening. Store bought slippers are nice, but we all know life is more fun with a little DIY!

Check out these great DIY slipper tutorials to keep your toes warm!

Sweater slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYSweater slippers

This Sorta Old Life teaches you how to make comfy, cozy slippers from an upcycled sweater! What’s better than making something you need out of something you already had?

Slipper boots

VIEW IN GALLERYSlipper boots

These adorable slipper boots by Drawings Under the Table are made from an old sweater as well! Now you have style options for your upcycled slipper project!

Bath towel flip flop slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYBath towel flip flop slippers

Do you have an old pair of flip flops and a bath towel you’re not using? Follow Crafty Nest‘s tutorial and transform them into comfy fuzzy slippers!

Felt slippers


Your toes will love the soft feeling of felt if you follow the comfy slipper tutorial on Will’s Casa!

Ballet flat slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY ballet slippers

Of course, we don’t mean actual dancing shoes! Shabby Raggy Roses shows you how to make an adorable pair of slippers that look like feminine ballet flat shoes.

Jean slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYJean slippers

Do you have an old pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore but haven’t had the heart to throw out? The Guardian shows you how to transform them into slippers instead of getting rid of them!

Fuzzy bunny slippersVIEW IN GALLERYFuzzy bunny slippers

Kids love slippers too! Choose your softest fabric, felt, or old sweater and follow Merriment Designs‘ steps to create these adorable bunnies.

Fleece slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYFleece slippers

Few fabrics are warmer or softer than good fleece. Check out Vixen Made‘s tutorial for adorable kids’ slippers made of fleece!

No-slip slipper socks

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-slip slipper socks

Even though they’re called “slippers”, sometimes the point is to stop you from slipping on the floor! Martha Stewart shows you how to add a no-slip bottom on your favourite cozy socks to make sure you stay warm without sliding around.

Felt slipper soles

VIEW IN GALLERYFelt slipper soles

Whether you prefer to knit or crochet, the slippers you make yourself will probably need soles so you don’t go sliding across the kitchen floor! The Zen of Making has the tutorial you’ll need.

Sweater slippers with felt inside

VIEW IN GALLERYSweater slipper with felt inside

We Can Redo It‘s upcycling tutorial gives you all the guidance you need to make slippers that are not only cozy like a sweater, but also as soft as felt on the inside!

Fabric slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric slippers

Sewing enthusiasts will have an easy time making slippers out of fabric in their favourite colour or pattern. Try Megan Ta Da‘s pattern!

Sweatshirt slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYSweatshirt slippers

Maybe you don’t have an old sweater lying around, but you do have a sweatshirt you’d like to upcycle? Check out how Lately Reconstructed made these sweatshirt slippers!

Tie on slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYTie on slippers

Are you looking for an easy slipper pattern just to cover your feet on hardwood floors, rather than to keep them warm? Check out The Elle‘s unique tie-on slipper pattern!

Have you created DIY slippers in a style that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did them in the comments section!