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Keep Your Feet Warm with These Stylish Free Crochet Slipper Patterns

Who doesn’t love kicking off their heels at the end of the day and putting on a pair of comfy slippers? Put your crochet skills to work by making yourself a different pair of crochet slippers for every day of the week.

Beginner Crochet Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYbeginner slippers

A no-frills slipper design is made more interesting with the use of variegated yarn. Create in Color has the free project.

Basic Crochet Wrap Style Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYsimple slippers

Versatile enough that you’ll want to make a pair to wear each day, these slippers from Good Knits are crocheted in one piece for a design that’s bold, yet timeless.

Two-Tone Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYbasic two tone slippers

A two-tone design gives this simple slipper pattern from Tampa Bay Crochet a bit of added visual appeal. You’ll need two colors of worsted weight yarn for this project. If desired, the finished slippers can be decorated with buttons, flowers, or appliques.

Heart Embellished Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYheart slippers

These adorable heart embellished crochet slippers were created as a Valentine’s Day project, but they’ll keep your feet warm and cozy year round. Visit My Hobby Is Crochet for the free pattern.

Loafer Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYloafer slippers

For a casual look, you can’t go wrong with loafer slippers from Whistle and Ivy. Experiment with different color combinations to add interest to the contrasting sole.

Mary Jane Slippers

VIEW IN GALLERYmary jane slippers

The Mary Janes you loved as a girl get a stylish upgrade with this cute crochet slipper pattern. Head over to Good Knits to learn more.

Tribal Moccasins

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet-tribal-moccasin

These tribal moccasins may look complicated, but the pattern is suitable for beginning crochet enthusiasts. Visit Just Be Crafty for your free pattern download.

Dressy Ballerina Flats

VIEW IN GALLERYballerina flats

If you’d prefer slippers that are a little on the dressier side, these ballerina flats embellished with satin ribbon bows are the perfect choice. Visit Nelly Handmade for the free pattern. (There is a link on the page to click for the English version of the project.)

Crocheted Booties

VIEW IN GALLERYcrochet booties

For times when warmth is a top priority, these crochet booties will keep your feet nice and toasty. This advanced level pattern takes three to five hours to complete and can be downloaded from Joann.com.

Slipper Boots

VIEW IN GALLERYCozy slipper boots

Embellished with tiny pom pom ties, these cozy slippers are just as comfy as your favorite pair of Uggs. Ravelry has the free pattern.