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Wonderful DIY Amazing Garden Fish Pond

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy-Pond-in-Backyard-3Yards and gardens with sections that feature water are the dream of many a home owner. Water is a striking and beautiful addition to a yard, garden, or even interior. Have you ever fantasized about sitting in your living room or on your deck and looking over a clear, peaceful body of water? You may be dreaming of a backyard pond. A pond can reward your family with all sorts of benefits, from providing a peaceful place to meditate to attracting birds and other backyard visitors. Water features can be both soothing and eye-catching additions to homes, particularly when they feature running water.
Building a pond does not have to be an impossible dream. Nor does it require a pond-building specialist. Careful planning before installation lessens the work as well as the cost. Although some may cost thousands of dollars, many can be created easily and inexpensively with just a little elbow grease. Here is a nice DIY project to make an easy garden pond .
You will need:
a plastic basin
stones and other decorations
water filtration system

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy-Pond-in-Backyard-2Souce here

I also like to plant some flowers and vegetables in the backyard , but the space is very limited. Today we found this nice idea of making Besser (Cinder) Block Raised Garden Bed. Hope you like it too ~~

VIEW IN GALLERYBesser-or-Cinder-Block-Raised-Garden-Bed--wonderfuldiyClick here for the Raised Garden Bed Video Tutorial

VIEW IN GALLERYBesser-Block-Garden-Bed--wonderfuldiy

 Click here for the Raised Garden Bed Tutorial by I Save A2 Z

The above Concrete Block Raised Garden Bed ideas are very popular these days,
today we found more 10 creative projects to decorate with concrete blocks. You can make a sofa, bench, shelf unit ….with concrete blocks . That’s amazing ! Photo source:Goodhomddesign

VIEW IN GALLERYdecorate-with-concrete-blocks-1 VIEW IN GALLERYdecorate-with-concrete-blocks-4 VIEW IN GALLERYdecorate-with-concrete-blocks-6 VIEW IN GALLERYdecorate-with-concrete-blocks-8 VIEW IN GALLERYdecorate-with-concrete-blocksClick here for the details —  10 creative projects to decorate with concrete blocks

VIEW IN GALLERYCinder Block Garden Planter-wonderfuldiy

VIEW IN GALLERYTurn old Besser and Cinder Blocks into a brilliant Garden Planter WallClick here for the  Cinder block Planter Tutorial by Apartmenttherapy

VIEW IN GALLERYCreate-Your-Own-Cinder-Block-Bench-wonerfuldiy

  DIY Cinder Block Bench – Check Tutorial  HERE