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Getting Ready for Warmer Times: Best DIY Shorts Designs for Spring and Summer

When it comes to season changes, we feel nothing but excitement no matter the time of year. Not only do we love getting to celebrate different things with each season that comes along, but we also love that we get to change the way we dress too! No matter what season we’re facing, we like to roll our closets and drawers over so our cold or warm weather clothes are on top and we can pick our outfits accordingly. If we’re being honest, there’s another big thing we love about fashion changing with the seasons; we really like getting new clothes!

Being DIY enthusiasts, however, we actually prefer altering or making our own clothing whenever we can. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that a lot of our “new” clothes are really things we’ve upcycled or made from scratch. Just in case you’re a fellow sewing buff who loves making your own clothing just as much as we do and you’re looking for some fun ideas for what’s left of this spring and summer ahead , here are 15 awesome DIY shorts designs that you’ll love wearing!

1. Delightful daisy shorts


Are you a huge fan of jean shorts, wearing them whenever you can? We don’t blame you; denim is actually one of our very favourite things to wear! Just because we love jean shorts the most, however, doesn’t mean we aren’t open to giving them a bit of a twist every now and then when it comes to detail and aesthetic. Sometimes a simple alteration is the best kind! That’s why we love this little white flower idea from Hello Gwen so much! They’ve taken little white chiffon blossoms from a crafts or trimmings store and they’ll show you how to affix them all over your shorts for a whimsical, friendly summer look.

2. Jean short cut offs


Perhaps, like we said above, you do like denim shorts the most but you’ve actually never made yourself a pair before? Well, before you browse the rest of the list, here’s a great tutorial that will teach you about the basics! Once you’ve learned to make cute cuffed cut offs like Cella Jane did here, your possibilities will be practically endless.

3. Sparkly sequinned shorts


Perhaps you’re more of a “make it from scratch” kind of person and you’ve been hoping to make yourself something a little flashier than what you see in stores right now? Then this sequinned shorts pattern and tutorial from A Pair and A Spare  is the perfect project for you! Sewing with sequins can be a little bit difficult because the fabric is so textured, so their instructions are extra helpful because they give you tips on how to manage each cut and seam despite the little sequins.

4. Braided yarn shorts


Do you remember the adorable coloured floss friendship bracelets that everyone used to make as kids? We were always very proud of the little patterns and designs we could create simply by tying some knots and, since then, seeing things that mimic those designs has always reminded us of summer. Imagine how exited we were, then, when we came across these adorable colour braided shorts from Look What I Made! They show you both how to make the friendship bracelet style pieces and how to attach them to an old pair of shorts that you’ve been looking to upgrade.

5. Stenciled leopard print shorts


Perhaps you’ve got some shorts that need embellishing but you’d actually prefer to put your artistic skills to good use rather than just your sewing and detailing talents? In that case, you’re in for a treat with this hand coloured leopard print tutorial from Because I’m Addicted. They remind you that blending your crafting techniques is an awesome way to get creative by showing you how to stencil, draw, and colour an awesome visually textured leopard pattern across the front of your old shorts. No matter what colour of shorts you create the pattern on, they’ll make an awesome background colour!

6. Super lace trimmed shorts


Do you have a pair of shorts that you’re actually already quite happy with but you just wish they had a tiny touch more detail around the edges to give them that whimsical, pretty personality you love so much in your sense of personal style? Then adding some lace is definitely something you’ll enjoy doing! Lace might look intimidating to work with because it’s so intricate, but it’s really not as complicated a process as it seems. PS I Made This will prove that to you! We love the way their lace embellishments line just around the bottom hem of their shorts.

7. Delicate lace trimmed silk shorts


Were you absolutely intrigued by the idea of lace trimmed shorts but the ones we showed you above just aren’t really your personal style? Not everyone feels comfortable in more tailored shorts styles, particularly if your skin is sensitive to more structured fabrics. Perhaps you’re more likely to be found wearing soft silks and relaxing at home than dressing up? Well, lace is still a great detailing idea for you! Nothing says the lovely silk pyjama shorts you wear at home can’t be pretty. Check out how Project Twenty Two used a finer lace to class up their shorts.

8. Scalloped edge shorts


Are you feeling rather intrigued about the idea of embellishing the bottom edges of your shorts but you’re not sure you want to be adding pieces and layers simply because that seems a little overwhelming compared to the rest of your neat, simple style of dress? In that case, you might prefer the way Candi mandi actually altered the shorts hems themselves! We love the way they created a scalloped effect made from even, rounded arches in just a few simple steps.

9. Scrap fabric shorts from scratch


Are you experienced enough in sewing that you’re not afraid of the challenge of making your own shorts? Well, as fun as the idea of creating your own custom clothing is, hold up before you run out to the nearest fabric shop to buy more material. Shorts don’t actually take as much fabric to make as you might think, so they’re secretly a really great stash busting idea! Maycie After 5 shows you how they made these awesomely patterned shorts using scraps they already had in their home. The style of their pattern is simple and comfortable, making them a great garment for bright colours and loud patterns.

10. Pajama shorts from old sheets


Knowing how to make your own comfortable pajama shorts is a great skill to have no matter what. After all, one can never have to many pairs of comfortable shorts to lounge around in at home or at the cottage! Pretty Prudent will teach you how to make your own but their tutorial is actually even one step better than that because instead of using pieces of regular fabric, they actually teach you how to make shorts out of upcycled bed sheets! We love the kitschy look this gives the shorts, hearkening back to the décor style you might have seen when you visited your grandparents as a kid. Now it’s fashion!

11. High waisted shorts from a silk scarf


High waisted shorts have been in style for a number of years now and we’re thankful for that. We just appreciate the cut of a good pair of high waisted shorts so much because we think they suit any body type and complement curves and slender bodies. Our favourite type of this style of short, however, is definitely the kind made from smooth, silky fabrics that feel cool in the summer heat. Once again, though, we’ve found you a pattern that lets you repurpose something when you make your shorts, rather than spending money on the materials for something brand new! Check out how Syl and Sam made these lovely, silky high waisted shorts from an old patterned silk scarf.

12. Coloured ombre shorts


Is your favourite method of altering your clothing actually one that doesn’t necessarily involve sewing at all? Well, no one said you have to break out the needle and thread in order to create your own awesome custom clothing! Instead, try following in Dastrict 5’s lead and creating an awesome custom design using fabric dyes! They walk you through the process of concentrating the dye at the top and letting the colour fade down towards the bottom in order to create a beautiful ombre.

13. Pretty lace doily shorts


Have you been scrolling through the rest of this post since you saw the lace shorts, still thinking about how much you love that design but kind of wishing you could find a version that involves even more lace than what they showed you? Well, then A Beautiful Mess is here to save your day! Rather than using just regular lace, they show you how to use beautiful little lace doilies like appliques, sewing them to the surface of your shorts however you please. This project is a great excuse to raid the accessories and home décor section of your local thrift shop for vintage pieces!

14. Trendy tie dye shorts


Were you very interested in the idea of using fabric dyes to customize yourself a pair of fun summer shorts but you’ve made many ombre patterns lately and you kind of need a break from that technique? That doesn’t mean your options for dye projects are exhausted! Instead, take a leaf out of The Signature Bow‘s book and try your hand and tie dying instead. We love that this technique trends in and out of fashion because it’s so bright and fun that we get excited every time it comes back into style.

15. Hand painted black and white stripe shorts


Perhaps you’re the kind of crafter who’s always liked it best when people can actually tell that you made a piece yourself? There’s something comfortable and stylish about a clothing piece that actually looks DIY, rather than being absolutely perfect like it was store bought. We love that look too, which is why we liked this hand painted stripes idea from A Beautiful Mess so much! They walk you through the process of measuring lengths of tape and sticking them onto your shorts so you can paint between them in a fairly even way. Once the paint has dried, peel the tape off and voila!