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DIY Hairstyles For The Perfect Springtime Look

If you ask us, one of the best parts about spring coming is that we can finally stop wearing hats everyday without freezing our ears off! Don’t get us wrong, we love a good sun hat or a fun baseball cap in warm weather as much as the next fashion enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean we want to cover our hair with a hat every single day like we have to in the winter, since we live in a very cold place. Springtime is a time for our hair to shine and wave free! It’s also a time for us to start practicing our hairstyling skills, since people will actually be able to see what we create and we won’t have to squish the style by putting a toque or knitted cap over our locks.

Just in case you’d like to try a few new hairstyling techniques this spring too, here are 15 of our favourite tutorials from our online foraging so far! We’ve actually tried these ones in real life and each one felt very springlike indeed, making us look pretty and fresh each day.

1. The tuck and cover


Do you have a lot of long, thick hair that you love to get up off your neck in warm weather but you’ve been keeping an eye out for some style ideas that are a little more interesting than just an everyday ponytail? Well, grab yourself some simple elastic hairbands in cute colours and take a look at how Missy Sue created this adorable “tuck and cover” style by rolling the ends of their hair up into the back of the band! We think this one looks old fashioned, but without looking outdated.

2. The messy French twist


In our opinions, springtime is a time for casual, stylishly messy hair because we’re always on the move, running around to see people and do things while the weather is nice enough to enjoy as we go about our day. That’s why we really liked the idea of this fantastically “messy” French twist, as opposed to the sleek, smooth twist we’d usually give ourselves in this way! Check out how Birchbox left a few stray hairs on purpose, tying up the bulk of their locks but letting some strands hang as they please so the style is a little less dressy.

3. The waterfall braid


We’ve always loved braids. Heck, before we could even do any fancy types of hair weaving and braiding, we’ve simply adored how they look on absolutely everyone! That’s why we were so pleased when waterfall braids started trending. Besides the fact that the name of the style is practically the most springtime appropriate thing we’ve ever heard, we like the way it adds simple detail that keeps the eyes of those around you interested. Get the full instructions for making your own waterfall braid on Luxy Hair.

4. The rosebud braided bun


If you’re going to go to the trouble of pinning all your hair up off your neck, would you prefer to create something really impressive on those mornings when you have a little extra time? Perhaps you have some spring weddings or graduations coming up that you’d like to look especially nice for. Well, if you’re feeling up to a challenge, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Makeup Wearables Hairstyles created this stunning, high-up braided bun that looks like a beautiful rose just about to bloom!

5. The two strand Boho braid


Perhaps you’re attending some fantastic music festivals this spring that you’d love to look your best for, but you’ve been thinking about sticking to a “Boho chic” aesthetic to match the outfit you’ve planned out? Then we’d suggest taking a look at how Our Body Book created this adorable double braid look that’s surprisingly simple to do! The beautiful part of this hairstyle (sides the very way it looks) is that the messier it gets while you’re in the crowd at the festival, the more it’ll suit your look.

6. The loose Bohemian side braid


Did we really catch your attention at “Boho chic” but you were actually hoping to find yourself a style that will gather all your hair up, rather than just half? In that case, we think you might prefer this stunning bohemian side braid style featured on The Wonder Forest! Their tutorial guides you step by step through the process of braiding the front of your hair back to frame your face starting at your part, and then blending that downward into a long, loose fishtail braid that will impress just about anyone.

7. The whimsical fish braid hairband


Were you quite enamoured indeed with the idea of a face-framing braid and a fishtail braid, but you’d prefer to let your natural curls hang loose around your shoulders after being cooped up all winter? Then we think perhaps we’ve found just the alternative for you! Fashion Trend Seeker teaches you how to braid only a section in a careful fishtail braid, but also how to loosen it up and make it a bit more casual looking when you’re done.

8. The cotton candy bun


Have you always loved being able to pile your hair high on top of your head in a bun but you’ve done so many “sock buns” at this point that you’re looking for something at least a little bit different now that you’re done wearing constriction winter hats for the season? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this bun idea from Nichole Ciotti that’s so stinkin’ cute we literally styled out own hair like this immediately upon seeing these photos. They wrapped their hair loosely and in a wispy way around itself so it formed a fun little ball on top that looks just like cotton candy wound around itself.

9. The lovely braided half updo


Are you actually still thinking about the braided half updo we showed you before but you’re looking for one that showcases the pretty braid a little more, rather than being quite so centred around the whole “stylishly messy” Boho concept? In that case, we have a feeling this cute braided half updo outlined on Yet Another Beauty Site might be a little more up your alley!

10. The fish tail mermaid braid


We’ve already mentioned that we love braids, but we’re not sure we’ve quite made it clear just how much we love them. For the record, we love them so darn much that we often search hairstyling tutorials online just so we can learn how to do a few more kinds whenever we have downtime! That’s why we were so excited when we came across this fishtail mermaid braid guide from More Beauty. They show you how to make the look every so slightly differently so it looks even more like an ornate fish’s tail than the ones we’ve already shown you.

11. The bouffant bun


Are you perhaps the most taken with the idea of making yourself a classic, neat looking bun because you’ve always thought the style timeless, but you’re not a big fan of pulling all your hair back tight because you don’t think it suits your face shape? In that case, we’d suggest taking a look at this beautifully old fashioned looking bouffant style bun instead! Freckled Fox shows you how to not only make a neat bun, but also how to add some simple volume at the front for balance and height in the style as well.

12. The simple daisy headband


Are you actually the kind of crafty DIY enthusiast who has taught yourself how to make hair pieces of all kinds because you’ve never felt that you were very good at styling hair itself? Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your hairstyle simple but augmenting it with a little bit of decor instead! That’s why we thought this easy DIY daisy hairband idea featured on U Create Crafts was such a cute idea.

13. The headband hair bow


We’ve already mentioned a number of ways to make what looks like a whimsical, face-framing hairband around your head from your actual hair woven in different ways, but this idea might be our favourite of all of them so far! Makeup Wearables Hairstyles guides you step by step through the process of

14. The faux blowout


Is your absolute favourite way to wear your hair in the spring in a simple, classic blowout because you finally have the freedom to let your hair be voluminous without putting a hat on, but you also think that the idea of using a blow dryer and subjecting yourself to all that hot air sounds like a nightmare on a hot, sunny day? Then we think you’ll feel very enthusiastic about the way Alex Gaboury created that same classic look with a curling iron instead! Sure, there’s still heat involved, but at least it won’t make you sweat so badly by blowing across your face while you work on your tresses.

15. The floral side sweep


Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about dressing your hair up with accessories rather than actually building complicated styles in the hair itself, but you’re worried the daisy hairband idea is just a little too childish looking for the outfit you’ve planned out? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Weddbook created a simple side sweep using a hand crafted faux floral hair clip! We love the idea of wearing this piece to a spring wedding.