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13 Thrifty and Clever Lamp Shade Makeovers

Lighting is a key component of your home decor, but purchasing new lamps and lamp shades every time you’re in the mood to redecorate can be quite expensive. Save money by transforming your tired old lamp shades into something new with one of these easy DIY lamp shade makeovers.

1. Painted Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYPainted Lamp Shade

Of course, the easiest DIY lamp shade makeover involves simply painting your existing lamp shade with a color that better matches your decor. Learn how at Creekline Creations.

2. Chalkboard Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYChalkboard Lamp Shade

This is another simple lamp shade makeover, courtesy of Eclectically Vintage. Use chalkboard paint to create a surface that’s perfect for doodling or leaving short messages to your family.

3. Chevron Pattern Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYChevron Pattern Lamp Shade

Painter’s tape makes this chevron lamp shade easy to create, even if you don’t consider yourself very crafty. Visit Pomp and Circumstance for the tutorial.

4. Mod Podge and Graphic Tissue Paper Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYMod Podge and Graphic Tissue Paper Lamp Shade

The next time you receive a beautifully wrapped gift, don’t throw away that tissue paper. With a little Mod Podge, you can easily use it to create a custom lamp shade. Saved by Love Creations shows you how.

5. Map Lamp Shade


If you love to travel, pay tribute to your favorite vacation spots with a lamp shade made from an old lamp. Visit Silver Boxes for the instructions.

6. DIY Glitter Lamp Shade


Stars for Streetlights teaches you how to add sparkle to your lampshade with a liberal coat of glitter. This is the perfect choice for adding extra interest to an already distinctive lamp base, such as the vintage owl lamp she chose for her project.

7. Woven Ribbon Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYWoven Ribbon Lamp Shade

Weaving together two contrasting colors of ribbon makes an interesting pattern on an otherwise boring old lamp shade. Head over to Midwest Living to learn how to handle this easy DIY project.

8. Sweater Lamp Shade


If you have an old sweater that no longer fits, take advantage of the garment’s beautiful texture by turning it into a pretty lamp shade. Visit Unskinny Boppy to learn how.

9. Instagram Photo Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYInstagram Photo Lamp Shade

Showcase all your favorite family photos with a beautiful personalized lamp shade made from printed Instagram pictures. Get the complete instructions at Million Moments.

10. 3D Butterfly Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERY3D Butterfly Lamp Shade

If you’re looking for something a little different, this lamp shade features 3D butterfly embellishments attached with straight pins. Visit Yesterday on Tuesday for the details.

11. Ping Pong Ball Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYPing Pong Ball Lamp Shade

This colorful ping pong ball lamp shade from Poppytalk is the perfect weekend DIY project to add color to your room. It would be especially appropriate for a teen’s bedroom if you used school colors or the colors of a favorite sports team.

12. Fabric Rosette Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric Rosette Lamp Shade

If you enjoy quilting and/or sewing, put your fabric scraps to use by making tiny rosettes to decorate an old lamp shade. Visit Brit + Co for the instructions.

13. Yarn Wrapped Lamp Shade

VIEW IN GALLERYYarn Wrapped Lamp Shade DIY

This mason jar lamp and matching lampshade from Pat Catan’s Crafts is a simple way to add color to any room in your home. All you need is your favorite colored bulky yarn, a wire lamp shade, and a mason jar light.