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15 Delicious Summer Recipes Made With Cherries

The moment summer arrives, we start to get excited for so many different reasons. One of the biggest things that pumps us up about the warm weather that summer brings, however, is fresh fruit and ripe, juicy berries that tastes better than ever all season long! There are plenty of different things we love eating throughout the summer and we always have our eyes peeled for new recipes, but we also fully acknowledge that we play favorites a little bit when it comes to the berries. That’s because ripe summer cherries just might be the most delicious things we’ve ever eaten!

Just in case you love summer cherries just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the best recipes and cherry heavy tutorials that we’ve tried so far in our quest to enjoy as many cherries as we possibly can all summer long, every single year.

1. Cherry dumpling casserole


Even though the cherries are undoubtedly the stars of most dessert dishes you make throughout the summer, are you still intent on finding a recipe and idea that is filling and satisfying, even if it’s a sweet? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Savory Experiments made this fantastic cherry dumpling casserole that will fill your tummy up with sweet cherry goodness without making you feel too heavy.

2. Summer cherry wine sauce


If you’re going to enjoy something cherry flavoured this summer and go to the trouble of making in from scratch, would you actually prefer that it be something that’s much heavier on the cherries and cherry flavour itself, without all the elements of baking involved that you saw in the recipe above? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make a cherry wine sauce instead! A Squared shows you how to make a drizzle that’s juicy, sweet, and light, making it perfect to use for things like an ice cream topping.

3. Sweet and sour cherry ricotta with mint


One of our favourite things about how great cherries taste is that they can blend so well with just about any taste, whether it’s sweet, sour, or savoury. We’re sure you can imagine how excited we were, then, when we came across this recipe from Serious Eats that lets you combine the fresh taste of cherries with all kinds of exciting flavours in one place! This cherry ricotta with mint gives you a fantastic blend of sweet and sour.

4. Cherry hand pies


When we were kids, one of the things that made us happier than just about anything was when our grandmother made us deliciously flavour packed homemade cherry pies. We’ve learned how to make the old family recipe since then and we made it all the time, but we also have an active young family who don’t always want to sit at the table for extra time before running off to do things, no matter how much they love dessert. That’s why we were so pleased to learn how to make a hand pie version that’s a little easier to take on the go! Get the full details for making them yourself on Dessert for Two.

5. Vegan cherry pie ice cream


Have you always been very tempted to try making your own ice cream at home because you like the idea of making awesome flavours you probably won’t find in stores but you’ve hesitated because you have so many friend and family members who have dietary restrictions? Then we have a feeling you’ll be quite pleased indeed to learn more about this cherry pie ice cream recipe from Minimalist Baker because it’s made with completely vegan ingredients!

6. Grilled cherry, goat cheese, and arugula flatbread


Just because cherries do taste so incredible in sweet dishes and desserts doesn’t mean you have to make treats if you prefer savoury things. This completely delectable grilled cherry, goat cheese, and arugula homemade flatbread recipe featured on Recipe Runner is the perfect example of what we mean! We actually love this dish served hot and fresh out of the oven and cold as leftovers.

7. Burrata with balsamic cherries and basil


If you’re going to go to the trouble of preparing a savoury cherry dish from scratch, would you prefer it to be something very simple that you can serve to many guests at once but let them sort of prepare and snack on themselves? Well, if you’re a frequent party host then we’re sure you already know how satisfying a cheese and bread appetizer dish can be, but we’re pleased to let you know that Fox and Briar can show you how to take that to the next level by making this balsamic cherry and basil burrata.

8. Cherry chocolate oatmeal


Are you perhaps very into the idea of making a sweet tasting cherry dish but you’re still not sure an actual dessert is the direction you want to go it, even if you’d like to make yourself a bit of a treat? Then perhaps a mouth watering breakfast that’s great for special occasion mornings would be a preferable idea for you! We’d definitely suggest checking out how The Healthful Ideas made this cherry chocolate oatmeal that hits the nail on the head.

9. Pear balsamic salad with dried cherries and walnuts


Perhaps you’re a fresh foods lover or trying your best to watch your caloric intake this summer, since it’s bathing suit season and you want to look your absolute best on the beach… but you still really want to get creative with how you enjoy your beloved cherries? Then you simply must take a look at how Minimalist Baker made this deliciously crunchy and super satisfying pear balsamic salad with dried cherries and walnuts.

10. Mini cherry pie pops


Are you scrolling through our list to see all of the ideas but you’re actually secretly still thinking about the cherry hand pies we showed you earlier on, but you’re wondering whether or not there might be a bite sized version that will be even easier and quicker for your kids to snack on? Then we think you’ll be pretty pleased to see how Bird’s Party made mini cherry pie pops that we can guarantee are irresistible if the rate our kids inhale them at is any proof!

11. Sour cherry chia jam cornbread


Did we really make your ears perk up when we started talking about vegan recipes that will help you stay healthy this summer but ice cream has just never really been your favourite thing? Then maybe you’d prefer a slightly more solid cherry dish idea that will still let you stay nutritious. We’d suggest taking a better look at how Natalie’s Health made this sour cherry chia jam cornbread that’s gluten free, free of refined sugars, and low in calories.

12. Dark chocolate cherry S’more bars


Are you still thinking wistfully about the cherry chocolate oatmeal we showed you earlier on our list but you actually think it sounds so darn good that you’d rather just go ahead and made a dessert outright? Then maybe this cherry chocolate S’more bar recipe outlined in detail on Eat Love Eats would be a little more up your alley! We love the way the chocolate and cherries meld with the gooey marshmallow and crunch graham cracker for the perfect texture and flavour experience.

13. Coconut oil cherry chocolate chip scones


Just in case you’re so positively enamoured with the whole cherry chocolate theme we’ve got going on here, we’ve got yet another option for you! This time, it’s a fantastic scone recipe from Whole and Heavenly Oven that’s made with cherries, chocolate, and coconut oil, making them just sweet enough to count as dessert but also just healthy enough to be a tasty breakfast so long as you eat nutritional meals regularly.

14. Cherry cream cheese Biscoff delight


Have you actually been scrolling through our list hoping to come across something a little simpler to make and quicker to throw together because you work a lot, so you’re always in a hurry? Well, having a busy schedule doesn’t have to mean never getting to enjoy the delicious cherry treats you love so much. We’d suggest taking a look at how The Baking Chocolatess used Biscoff to make this mouthwatering (and wonderfully simple) cherry cheesecake dish that our kids can’t get enough of.

15. Cherry pie ice cream sandwiches


Are you actually scrolling through our list thinking about how there’s absolutely more than one option on this list you’d love to try but you only have time for a singular homemade treat today and you’re really having trouble choosing between cherry ice cream and cherry pie desserts? Then perhaps you’d prefer to combine the two in one place for something wildly delicious and unique! Take a look at how Delicious Table made ice cream sandwiches that feature cherry pie ice cream in the centre and perfectly textured pie crusts on the outside to make the sandwiches.