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Wonderful DIY Super Cute Polymer Clay Animal

We’re absolutely huge fans of polymer clay for one simple reason – there’s almost nothing you can dream up that you can’t bring to life! Whether looking to make a practical piece of jewelry or just a curious little novelty to brighten up the bedroom, the sky really is the limit with this wonderful stuff!

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That’s why we thought we’d share with you a few of the most amazing designs we’ve come across while scouring the web for magic and marvels. Take a look below and you’ll find a whole bunch of examples to illustrate just what you can do with a little polymer clay and a touch of imagination. Better yet, each and every super cute polymer clay animal you come up with will be a wholly unique work of art – never to be repeated again!

Making Polymer Clay Animals

Made into earrings, key-chains and so much more, you’ll find these cute critters for sale in thousands of fashion stores and web outlets alike. But the way we see it – why buy when you can craft at home and have so much more fun in the process?

(Click to open each one of them, bigger)

We have to say our personal favorites are the cats, but then again we’re also totally in love with the owls! You really won’t believe how easy they can be to make, though just to help you along you’ll find a fantastic introductory guide a little further below. From turtles to toucans, there’s enough there to keep you busy for as long as you like!

And don’t forget that with adult supervision, polymer clay is also brilliant as a craft tool for kids. It’s cheap, it’s readily available from all good craft stores and there are limitless colors and styles to choose from! Arm them with a few bright colors and see what their imagination has in store – you might be more than a little surprised!

VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-shark-biting-your-ear-animal-polymer-clay-stud-earring-shark-week_grande VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-fox-fake-gauge-two-part-stud-earring-in-red-dotoly_grande VIEW IN GALLERYgiraffe-shaped-animal-themed-polymer-clay-dangle-earrings-dotoly_grande VIEW IN GALLERYbaby-chicken-bird-shaped-animal-themed-polymer-clay-stud-earrings-dotoly-jewelry_grande VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-kitty-cat-animal-two-part-polymer-clay-stud-earring-in-white-and-orange_large

VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-kitty-cat-animal-two-part-polymer-clay-stud-earring-in-black-and-white_grande VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-owl-bird-fake-gauge-two-part-polymer-clay-stud-earring-in-black_grande VIEW IN GALLERYhandmade-black-kitty-cat-animal-fake-gauge-clay-stud-earring-dotoly_grande

(Images courtesy of Animal-Jewelry.com)